Hiking as a lifestyle

I once went to my first camping trip... And when I returned home I realized that what a devil I had missed so much in my life. Beach holidays have become completely uninteresting. Now on vacation or weekend only with a tent, to the mountains, to the sea, to the lake. In the end, there were friends and a company with whom you can go somewhere. And now I do not understand at all how it can be interesting to lie like a seal on the beach for a week, sucking on beer. I’m not a fan of carrying a backpack either, so I walk without fanaticism. But I have nature, aesthetics, forest forests, clean water and air, but what about beach-goers? Cafes and bars. But okay, here, as they say, to each his own. Although initially, I also did not understand this «kind of people» - tourists. How is it possible without comforts, but with a heavy burden on your back. But one had only to try ... and that's it.

After swimming in mountain rivers, climbing a mountain peak, observing the surrounding horizons from a height, you no longer want to go just to the beach, in all inclusive, build up another layer of fat, spending money at the same time. After such a rest, the feeling remains as if you were cheated. He seems to have traveled, but did not seem to have rested, and the impressions are dull.

Every second person likes mountain views, and you can see them almost for free. After all, the main thing in any trip is impressions, a person goes on vacation after them. For the nervous system, it is simply necessary to change the environment, change the rhythm of life, it is also desirable to gain health. And where, no matter how on a tourist trip, all this can be obtained. For people who are not at all prepared, living in a tent (or a small house) in a mountainous area, with daily walks in the surroundings, may be quite a suitable option. It is no secret that it is in nature that a person receives a charge of energy for the whole year ahead. And, most likely, therefore, on weekends, people run from megacities away from man-made, for a breath of fresh air to nature, to the clean water of local rivers, to the rustle of green forests. Paradox, but for many even «swell» more pleasant in a clearing in the woods.

Among other things, he deduced a coefficient for himself - a certain efficiency of rest, so to speak. The pleasure you get in relation to the money spent. It turned out that for me this is the very efficiency, the highest in a tourist trip. Especially when hiking in the mountains. Costs only for transport and food (equipment is usually bought once, and does not change over several seasons). It turns out that with minimal cost, maximum pleasure. The same can be said about hitchhiking, minimum transport costs, and already an adventure. Of course, it is not always convenient, so combining the hitchhiking with trains and planes is a more flexible way of travel.

Understanding how much the trip costs and how much pleasure you will get, you will think several times whether it makes sense to pay for this or that tour. Or it is easier to go on a hiking trip, even if it is in the neighboring region, or you can drive a car across Russia or Europe. The issue of accumulating funds for recreation is also fading into the background, since independent travel, and even more tourist trips with accommodation in a tent, is much cheaper.

P.S. As it turned out later, hiking trips are not just another type of recreation, they also begin to change the lifestyle..

Tourist hike.

Tourist hike.