How to change your life for the better or what prevents you from traveling

Do you want to travel but stay at home? Maybe you just don't want it that badly? You don't have enough money, but hitchhiking, registration and reserved seats don't suit you? Hmm, think again, do you really need to travel?

Do you dream of a comfortable trip somewhere? Have you already done something in order to save / earn money for the trip? After all, if you cannot deny yourself a movie, cafe and extra clothes, then this is more important to you, and not a trip. And the sooner you understand this, the faster you will answer the question of how to change your life for the better.

The content of the article

Options why travel «impossible»

  • You want everything at once and do not want to infringe on yourself in something.?
    - Everything is in your hands, do something to make your dreams come true.
  • You have a family, you need to feed everyone, while there are also debts and loans?
    - Who made you create such a life for yourself? Probably, you yourself wanted it, so do it, solve the existing problems and only then set new ones..
  • You are poor and unhappy, and it all happened so by itself that everything is bad in the city (village) and there is no work or salary?
    - I do not believe in chance, everything in the world happens for a reason, and all responsibility for where you are now lies only with you.

It is clear that there are difficult situations, but most often people themselves do not know what they really want and are engaged in substitution of their desires. Because it's easier that way. It's easier to tell myself that I want this and this, but I can't (I have to do something else) for one reason or another, thereby making myself a victim.

Man only does what he wants

Once, I read somewhere that a person does only what he wants. Always. No matter what happens.

At first, I had indignation, how so, because there are circumstances, debt, and so on and so forth. But if you think about it, there is only truth in this very simple statement. You may not agree with this, this is your right, your opinion, because people are different and what suits one person does not suit others. But at one time it helped me a lot..

Take an example, you are annoyed or offended. And in fact, you do this not because you cannot do otherwise, but because it is easier for you to experience negative emotions in this situation than positive ones, because you yourself decide how to react.

It's the same with travel, if you don't, then you don't want to. Well, or to put it another way, you want something more than travel, for example, stay in a good job, make money, buy a new computer. And that's okay. Not everyone needs to travel, on the contrary, many succumb to just fashion. Therefore, do not suffer, but rather focus now on what really comes first for you - work or shopping. And only later, when you want to travel much more, you can reconsider your priorities. You look, by that time, you will have several goals at once..

How to change your life for the better

Why am I writing all this? It is important, very important, to understand what you really want. So it is much easier to prioritize, make plans without succumbing to momentary and unchanging desires, it is much easier to save / earn money, and change your life for the better, if necessary. Of course, this applies not only to travel, but in general, because in the world there are not only trips to different countries..

But how and where to make efforts to make a dream come true is already a personal matter for everyone, and there are no ready-made solutions.

Why does nothing stop us

UPDATE, 6 years later. You know, everything worked out. It was difficult, there were a lot of ups and downs. But in the end, the movement in one direction bore fruit. I have a good remote work and do not live in Russia.

Not to say that I am an example to follow, but this is how it happened for me. Once I realized that it was time to change something in my life, it was time to start trying, that it was enough to wait for ideal conditions. I always wanted to see the world, live in other countries and move from office work to remote work, so as not to be tied to Moscow, from which I wanted to leave.

Now I have chosen the option - to travel a little, spend the winter in thailand and try to learn how to make money remotely, while living on the earned earlier. Why not? Why not try it? And even if you have to return to your regular job a year later, it will be just a small step back to gather strength again and start over..

Cappadocia National Park. Goreme

Cappadocia National Park. Goreme

Go for it! If I can do it, then you can do it. Considering that I don't really have talents and not seven spans in my forehead. Dreams will definitely come true, if they exist, just sometimes you have to go to them a little longer. And then there is such a nuance, the process of achieving the goal should also ideally please, then it is much more difficult to quit everything.. How it all began.

P.S. I do not claim to be true for everyone. If your worldview is different from mine, and at the same time you are happy, then there is another option to fulfill your dreams. Maybe share it with others? ))