How to get discounts on flights, hotels, insurance and transfers

The principle of operation of the Travelpayouts affiliate network is easiest to compare with a bank card linked to the account of any of the loyalty programs. By paying for purchases, you collect points. The only difference is that instead of Travelpayouts points, it offers real money, which will probably come in handy on your trip. Let's take a look at how the affiliate economy works. By registering in the program, you will receive a unique link. When buying a ticket, you need to type in your browser not just, say,, but your own address The marker at the end allows you to track purchases and credit commissions.

And here's how it counts: one of the cheapest summer tickets from Moscow to Barcelona and back will cost 20,564 rubles for two. The same ticket on the airline's website costs about 28 thousand rubles more. To the seven thousand savings we add another 500 rubles in commission. Already at the very first stage, you are in the black by 7,500 rubles.

Next, you need to find an apartment. Airbnb is one of the best short-term rentals in Europe. As a rule, apartments are cheaper than hotels, moreover, it is more interesting. The Travelpayouts affiliate program has offers from Airbnb and you get about 4.5% off your check. Thus, an apartment for $ 780 will cost you $ 39 cheaper..

Insurance will bring another 140 rubles. And if you do not have a valid Schengen visa, you can arrange documents for home delivery. For this you will receive another 520 rubles from the VisaToHome service for each visa.

In order not to get lost in an unfamiliar city, we will add a transfer from the airport for 2200 rubles. At the same time, the partner's remuneration is 50% of KiwiTaxi income.

Putting it all together (flights, accommodation, transfers, visas and insurance), a week's vacation in Spain for two “pull” for 71,000 rubles. Affiliate payments will amount to about 4500 rubles. That is, the whole vacation will cost 66,500.

A ready-made tour for similar dates in the simplest hotel in Barcelona costs from 69 thousand rubles. And even if you choose a hotel without any special whims, you will get no less than 83 thousand.

The difference will definitely be enough for you for more than one dinner, and even more impressions from an independent trip! I wrote this in more detail in my life hack.