The finstrip of the fall 2012 travel blog is real!

As promised, I am writing an up-to-date finstrip for the autumn months of 2012. Perhaps this will motivate someone to do something. Since my blog time has become much less with the birth of a new family member, I cannot say that I have made much progress compared to 2011 (for comparison finstrip 1, finstrip 2), although it may not be connected with time at all. But the good news is that even if I began to work less, there is still a positive trend, so there is growth, and this is the most important thing..

The figures are for blog earnings only. Website development and other small earnings are not taken into account here, otherwise I even once filmed a video for a wedding. Doesn't have anything to do with blogging 🙂 However, this would not change the picture too much, given that I have almost stopped doing anything other than blogging.

The content of the article


Travel blog finstrip

Travel blog finstrip

September 35 350 RUB

Attendance 2874 people / day

Profit-partner: 5740 rub
Google Adsense: 14970 rubles
Travelpayouts (Aviasales): 13 400 rub
Stitching Daos: 140 rubles
Donate: 600 rub
Consultation: 500 rubles

October 51550 rub

Attendance 3202 people / day

Profit-partner: 6050 rub
Google Adsense: 17100 rubles
Travelpayouts (Aviasales): 23400 rub
Stitching Daos: 2000 rubles
Donate: 1000 rub
Sponsored articles: 2000 rubles

November 42620 RUB

Attendance 3568 people / day

Profit-partner: 6550 rub
Google Adsense: RUB 19 702
Travelpayouts (Aviasales): 14 870 rub
Stitching Daos: 1500 RUB

Refusal to sell links

As you can see, I refused to sell posts on all exchanges (,,, sell articles through, affiliate programs. Now income is related only to the context and the sale of air tickets.

I never liked the guards because of how stupid they look at the end of the post, and the earnings from them are not so big, and it takes time. Well, it seems to me that the search engines also somehow do not really perceive them, although I may be mistaken. I would be glad to remove all the sentinels from the exchanges now with a refund to advertisers, but there is no such possibility on the exchanges yet. Yes, and probably if I only posted thematic posts, then everything would be much better, but something very rarely offered..

I also sold links at this year. From experience, the earnings turned out to be higher than through, but also not very significant, several thousand per month. Now almost all links have been removed, as I am afraid of any sanctions from search engines, and even it is not worth it for this site.

Travelpayouts affiliate program (Aviasales)

I know that for many, even with significant traffic, the affiliate program did not work. I am not an analyst, and I do not know what exactly this is connected with. My only assumption is that just traffic is not enough, you need targeted tickets, as well as trust on the part of users to your site. In other words, this is not an affiliate program that you can simply put on the site and the money will flow by itself, you need to work with it. Well, on blogs (it's about blogs) that post not their own content (rewrite, copyright), it seems to me that it will not work either..

In the fall, I had a surge in sales, but in December and January everything dropped several times. Moreover, until now I have not understood the pattern, you never know how much will be in the current month, sometimes a lot, sometimes quite a bit, the spread is large.

I am glad about this affiliate program that I myself use this service, that is, I do not sniff anything. While I was in Thailand for two months, I monitored tickets through them. Yes, of course, I looked at other sites, but this one was always the first on the list..

Liberty Affiliate (Kit Finance)

Although this form has been standing for six months, it is too early to draw conclusions. Judging by the reports, only from the middle of autumn there have been sales of policies and the accumulation is about 2,000 rubles a month. I have not entered this amount into the report, since I have not withdrawn it yet. Everything is complicated there, you need to go to the center of Moscow, get money in cash, or issue a plastic card from them, for which you also go. Because of this, as well as due to the fact that you still need to draw up a contract and send it by mail, provide a bunch of documents, then this affiliate program cannot be called an affiliate program in the classical sense. It may well be that I will refuse her too, although the insurance itself is normal and not expensive..

Stitching Taoist

Sluggish earnings, then 100 rubles, then 2000 rubles. Moreover, if you look at the statistics for the whole year, then large amounts are rare, so I have removed the line from the site for now, but I may return it somewhere else. I want to gather my strength, make a small redesign ...

Hosting affiliate program

For almost a year now I have been on the new hosting and so far I am happy with everything. I recommended the same hosting to everyone who made websites, so there was also a small amount of money. Most likely, it will not be displayed, and I will simply transfer it to my own account to pay for hosting services. There, too, you need to draw up contracts and send by regular mail, there is no simple withdrawal of funds.


For me, it's not bad at all for a travel blog. Considering that you can do something else besides this, for example, provide services that are directly or indirectly related to the topic of the blog (and advertise this activity on it). And, of course, those who have time can do completely non-themed things - create custom-made websites, knit socks for sale, have a cow, etc. True, I did not have time for the first two years at all, I sat, day and night, and now, too, almost no. So these lines are more related to those for whom everything is done quickly and everything is in order with time management..

P.S. So go for it and you will succeed! Have questions?