How to live economically or a list of our mini life hacks

After the post How to survive in Moscow for 15 thousand I was not left alone by the thought of somehow showing that this is quite real. And then I went to the Russia Today TV channel, where I was asked to list what makes savings in everyday life and in life, and I was very thoughtful and could not do it outright. Indeed, we are writing about spending, but at the expense of what they are achieved, we have not yet told and this information has not yet been posted. It is difficult, of course, to try to remember everything, since most things arose spontaneously, and I do not know how it happens in other people (maybe everyone does this). But nevertheless, I will still try, although I am afraid that the list will not be complete..

The content of the article

List of our life hacks

Lifehack is literally a life hack. Usually means some action that differs from the usual (or accepted), allowing faster / cheaper / easier to realize your goal. I can't say that everything from this list is a life hack, but some part is still relevant, at least in my opinion.

At first I wanted to write in detail on each item, how it happened and what are the advantages of this option, because most of it was taken not at all because of savings (this is a side effect), but by trial. But I thought it would be too cumbersome. Therefore, if someone becomes interested, I will explain in the comments. And remember, no one is forcing you to do this! 🙂

Household chemicals and cosmetics

- Instead of dishwashing detergent, we use mustard powder (it removes grease well) and ordinary soap. More often I just wash it with plain water.
- We have one shampoo for two, there are no shower gels, rinses and other things. There is regular soap for washing hands and body. I love tar (like a cat valerian), my wife loves handmade, which our friends make.
- We use one universal cleaner for everything (we use Lock from Amway), it's really enough.
- We hardly use creams, cosmetics, perfumes and deodorants. Daria only has eyeliner and a stone deodorant from Thailand (it's eternal for a hike).
- For shaving, we buy Gilette disposable machines and do not use shaving products and afterwards. And I also recently found myself such a machine recently, which suits me much more than the Mac3 and other disposable ones. Costs 40 rubles for 5 pieces.
- Instead of an air freshener, we light a match, much more efficient and more pleasant.
- We squeeze the toothpaste with a pea on the brush, otherwise you have to spit it out right there because of the large amount of foam. The paste itself - any, from Forest Balsam to Splat.
- Pour a little washing powder into the machine, otherwise then there is a strong smell. Currently liquid «powder» Ecover for baby clothes and Eared nannies for ordinary.

Superb razor from Auchan (nothing gets stuck)

Superb razor from Auchan (nothing gets stuck)

Food and food

- We try to cook, not buy ready-made food. It includes everything that can be eaten right away (semi-finished products, sweets, yoghurts, chips, all sorts of sauces, canned food, etc.). As a rule, there is nothing good in such food, and I will not exchange what my wife has prepared for anything. True, now Yegor takes a lot of time and my mother cooks for us.
- We try to buy only seasonal vegetables and fruits, and preferably from Russia. Apples so generally only Lipetsk Aport can eat, the rest are such rubbish.
- We buy in several stores, not in one (Monetka, Auchan, Platypus, a couple of local supermarkets). Since the assortment is different, the price of products, as well as the quality (especially, concerns vegetables).
- We buy in 50% of cases according to the list. Although in Auchan I type everything in a row, but I also go there not more than once a month. And it is best to go there when well-fed, although not always it works.
- Periodically we look at the products in the refrigerator so as not to spoil, since we really do not like to throw away products, this is wrong.

Leisure and sports

- We do not go to cafes, restaurants, cinema, spa, and other establishments. I do not want to at all.
- We also do not visit hairdressers and beauty salons (well, maybe once a year). I first grow my hair to very long, then I cut it short and regrow it again. Daria gets her hair cut a couple of times a year by some acquaintances.
- We like more ordinary walks, trips to nature, visits to museums and estates, music concerts of our friends (shareware), travel and hiking.
- Instead of fitness and a gym - running, horizontal bar, exercise, yoga, dousing (according to your mood). Now the truth is much less likely to study.
- We can travel by train, hitchhiking, with tents, for a long time (it makes it cheaper) and on hot tickets.

Usually a contrast shower, but douches are rare

Usually a contrast shower, but douches are rare

Clothes and footwear

- Once a year we thin things out and give them back. And they give us things too. Now they gave a lot of things for my son, they didn't buy it themselves. Thank you very much to everyone who gifted us with these things.!
- We buy clothes a little, buy for a long time, for us its functionality and service life are important. True, this concerns me more (all my clothes will fit in a small box).
- We often buy tourist clothes and footwear, they are more tenacious, more comfortable. My shoes are all tourist shoes. For example, the previous sandals for 3000r served me 5 years, bought new ones, they will serve for another 5 years.
- Sometimes we buy clothes in secondhand. Who does not know, but there are completely new and branded things.

Clothes really last for a long time, and the appearance does not suffer

Clothes really last for a long time, and the appearance does not suffer

Household stuff, apartment, appliances, etc.

- Instead of special garbage bags, we use ordinary store bags, which are given with almost every purchase.
- We do not leave water and light turned on in vain. We have meters for water, and as many as 3 tariff meters for electricity. Nowadays, light bulbs are all energy-efficient, although in my experience they burn out so often that it is cheaper to use conventional ones..
- We have a preferential rent. Earlier, due to the fact that the grandmother is registered, now we will apply for a benefit because of Egor.
- Repair in the apartment is cosmetic, not major. The latter, for example, in the kitchen cost only 6,000 rubles, and I made it myself (wallpaper, linoleum, platbands, plinths, sockets, lamp).
- Mobile communication is free between me and my wife and some friends (special corporate tariff). In addition, we communicate with the majority via ICQ and Skype..
- We don’t go to work, we don’t need suits and money for transport.
- We often go on foot, instead of taking a minibus or bus. This is useful.
- We can buy a used item. For example, a car or a kitchen stove (recently they took almost new glass ceramics from a neighboring house for half the price).
- We do not drink or smoke.
- The purchase of equipment or expensive things is very careful (we choose a couple of weeks on the forums), so that later you will not be disappointed and not change.
- We buy universal devices. For example, my phone is enough for me to make calls, access the Internet, drive in a car like with a navigator, read books, listen to music. He has been serving me for 4 years.
- We sell or give away unused items.
- Sometimes we buy something at a discount. Either she just is in the store, or one of her friends can contribute.
- We don't have a TV and we don't watch ads, which allows us to want less crap.

Budget redecorating in the kitchen

Budget redecorating in the kitchen

How to live economically is my philosophy

Finally, I would like to say a few words about our philosophy. We have a level of necessary comfort (established empirically) and in fact we have been living in it constantly for the last couple of years. This level is influenced not only by spending, but also by everyday activities (this is very important for us). That is why, when you are not stressed and do favorite thing, then you do not need to please yourself additionally. Why, if it's so good. That clear contrast between work and rest is not needed, since there is nothing to rest especially from. It's a pity I could not convey this idea in that my sensational post, although that was the main message. But this article does not at all pretend to be philosophical reflections, but just in case I want to repeat myself, and the concept will be slimmer from repetitions.

We personally do not think that we are limiting ourselves in something, on the contrary, the less we need something, the more free we are. And, as I already said, a lot of the list arose by itself, something brought to automatism, such as family budget management, and basically you don't have to make any effort or spend extra time on such savings. Only when we buy something large (especially equipment) do we have to read the forums and carefully choose so that the purchase meets all the requirements and there are no disappointments (but I think this is the case for most).

We save not for the sake of economy, it would be stupid, but for the sake of increasing freedom and reducing consumption itself. It may seem strange, but it makes me happy when I understand that I can do without something, and saddens when I have to «roll back» and buy new things, especially if they are rarely used. Yes, and in my mind, the idea that there is a benefit for the world as a whole, or, to put it more modestly, a decrease in harm, has become firmly established in my mind. Of course, I understand that we can never become 100% independent of things, but such a goal is not worth it..

Also, in addition to saving, I try to increase my earnings, thus, going to freedom with «two sides». While the classic way «increase in salary + increase in comfort level» entails even greater lack of freedom - extra funds do not appear, but if you lose a source of income, then write it up. On the other hand, why make money if you don't spend anywhere? I will answer: in fact, there are a lot of options that are much more interesting than spending on everyday comfort in the form of new furniture in the apartment, clothes, cars, etc. For example, travel 🙂

P.S. Met in the open spaces: «Statistics say that we began to consume 26 times more, but polls show that we did not become 26 times happier..» (with)

P.P.S. In no case do I impose anything on anyone, these are just my thoughts, and you need to live as you see fit. Since 2014, our expenses have increased quite a lot (every 5-10), but this also has its own reasons, life is changing and does not stand still.