How is Thailand or Thailand correct? A mistake to be?

Let's arrange «holivar» on the topic of how to write Thailand or Thailand correctly? 🙂 Or rather, not even that, but is it allowed to write with an error. So it seems that everyone knows that exactly the letter I is needed, instead of Y, but they write with an error, including me.

I started this post after I was once again pointed out my mistake, although I know about it from the very first post about Thailand. And you seem to explain to people later why you do this, but they do not understand. Well, or they understand, but do not agree. So I would like to know from our audience what opinions prevail among the masses. How do you write and what do you think about it?

Which is right Thailand or Thailand?

How to correctly Thailand or Thailand?

How to write Thailand or Thailand correctly?

To be honest, I did not specifically look for what various gurus say on this topic, and what the etymology is, but judging by the echoes on the network, not everyone agrees with «official» writing. Officially, the spelling is Thailand with the letter I, Wikipedia says about this, referring to the large Soviet encyclopedia. However, if you transliterate from English Thailand by ear, then you can already get the letter Y. True, I checked, and not a single transliteration site gave it to me, but it gave me «Thailand», which is also not ice. Rather, Y arises, simply from «what I hear is what I write», that is why the second spelling is quite popular with us, sometimes even more popular than the official one. Well, and out of habit you can write, because «Thai» same, not «thai».

How to deal with misspellings?

On my own behalf, I am absolutely calm, because I have never pretended to be a leading figure of the Russian language. Unfortunately, I have a lot of random errors in posts. Previously, Daria checked the texts, but now there is no one, and I still cannot afford an editor. By the way, I never said it, and I think not everyone saw that we have a function here to indicate an error. If you select a piece of text with an error and press Ctrl + Enter, then I will receive a message in my mail. Then I can fix the error. Only «Thailand» I will not edit, do not be offended, and now I will explain why 🙂

Personally, I admit the incorrect spelling of certain words for the sake of search engines. Oh my god, but yes, I support that 🙂 If it was a Russian language blog, a book or documentation, that is, something serious in terms of journalism, then yes, it would be worth writing correctly. And here I have mainly information and the meaning is in it, and it is important for me that it is found. If I write correctly, then the articles may not be found, then the question is for whom am I writing? Only for the literate, and the rest go to the forest? And the point is not only about making money, but about being read, because if no one reads (because they did not find it), then there is no point in writing. And besides this, I also have jargon here, that is, words that are not in any dictionary.

In general, in my opinion, the mistake is not serious and you can not drive a wave on those who write incorrectly. And, for example, I don’t pay attention when they call me Olezh / Oleg / Aleg / Leg, etc., so Thailand will not be offended, I think 🙂 But knowing how to spell it correctly is, of course, worth it.

P.S. I have both spellings, so the search engines Yandex and Google have not yet equated these words. And my primary task is for people to find information, let them learn the Russian language in literature lessons.