Internet, communication and SIM cards from AIS (1-2-Call) in Thailand

I finally bought an AIS SIM card, drove around Thailand with it, and now I have experience using a third mobile operator. I usually write large and informative posts, but now there will be a short note, since about DTAC and True move already told in detail, then I will not repeat myself, much is exactly the same.

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Where to buy an AIS SIM card

Simka can be traditionally bought at the airport, at the 7-eleven minimarket and at any AIS office. Sims are different, but in general, everything is about the same. Sims at the airport cost 300-700 baht and they already have one of the Internet packages connected (these are). An ordinary SIM card without a package of 50 baht and then you need to connect an Internet package to it. Call rates are similar for the tariff plans and if you are an ordinary tourist-winterer, then they will not matter to you, the cost is about 1 baht / min..

Simka DTAC is 2 times cheaper, Bangkok>

Simka DTAC is 2 times cheaper, Phuket>

Sims are sold in small envelopes. Usually there are all 3 at once: mini, macro and nano. You just need to squeeze out the one you want. Passport required upon purchase.

Simka AIS, sold at the airport and 7-11, cost depending on the package

Simka AIS, sold at the airport and 7-11, cost depending on the package

AIS internet packages

Mobile Internet packages are different. If you are in Tai on a tourist visa, then you need to look at all tariffs in the Prepaid section, because Postpaid is for those living on other visas. I will not post a table of tariffs here, here is a link to them. Each of these packages is one-time. And here's another link, for packages that will then be renewed every next month. Just keep in mind, links can become outdated, Thais like to change the structure on their brain-transferring sites.

Traffic packages are different, for 1 day, for 7 days, for 30 days, etc. And, accordingly, the number of gigabytes included in the package also differs..

These are the AIS rates I was offered at the airport

An example of tariffs from AIS (now there is more traffic for this money)

Please note that these tariffs, although they are supposedly called unlimited, are not. Marketing is like that. After the traffic is exhausted, the speed is cut to 128 or 384 kbps. The cut speed depends on the connected package. The speed of 128 is not enough for almost anything (consider there is no Internet), on 384 you can surf slowly, rewrite in social networks and instant messengers, but also not very.

The packages also include unlimited AIS WiFi, which can be found in some shopping malls or other public places. There are a lot of similar points in Bangkok, not only from AIS, but in general from all operators.

Unlimited Internet from AIS

Not so long ago, all Thai operators have really unlimited tariffs. That is, indeed, without traffic limitation. But there is a catch and it already lies in the speed limit: 384 kbps, 512 kbps, 1 Mbps, 4 Mbps or 6 Mbps. Depends on the selected tariff. I would not consider below 1 megabit, but it would be better to take 4 or 6. Then it will be enough for everything and will not slow down. The prices are quite reasonable, for example, 6 megabits for 30 days costs only 550 baht. Very much.

And there is also a tariff already with a speed of 300 megabits, but it will work only in 4G networks. In 3G networks, the speed is only 4 megabits. The cost is 1500 baht for 30 days. I wonder how wide AIS has 4G coverage.

Unlimited tariffs, see the link on the official website.

How to disable AIS internet package

This question arises for those who have exhausted their traffic before the expiration date. For example, you bought a plan for 30 days, and your traffic ran out in 2 weeks. And you either turn off this package and connect a new one (the same) again, or wait another 2 weeks (until 30 days are over) until the subscriber is written off again and you will not be given a package for the next month. Moreover, if there is no money on the account, that is, the subscriber cannot be charged for the package, the package will be disabled. But you can turn it off earlier..

  • The easiest way is to go to your personal account on the AIS website and disable it there..
  • Call the call center 1175 and deactivate the Internet package.
  • Find the AIS office and ask the Thais there on the spot to disable you.

Internet settings (access point)

For some reason, after you insert a new SIM card from AIS, the Internet settings do not come automatically in the message, and immediately they are also not wired to the SIM card. They must be added manually and the envelope should contain instructions on how to do this. But if you do not have it for some reason, then here is a photo for you. There is also MMS settings, if you need them..

For android: Settings -> Mobile networks -> Hotspot -> Add new.
For iPhone: Basic -> Network -> Cellular Data Network -> Cellular Data (APN, Username, Password). And then enter everything that is written below.

Name: AIS
Access Point (APN): internet
Authentication type: CHAP
Access Point Type (APN): default or internet
Do not touch the rest of the fields.

Instructions on how to set up the Internet from AIS

Instructions on how to set up the Internet from AIS

Coverage area

Usually I buy myself a DTAC SIM card, but this time I decided to play it safe and buy AIS as well. Therefore, when I was driving from Phuket to Bangkok by car (via Khao Sok), then switched from one SIM card to another, checking which is better. So the conclusions are as follows: in the mountains and far from civilization, AIS catches better, that is, its coverage is wider, including 3G Internet. AIS even worked on Similans, where there was no DTAC. But in terms of speed, DTAC was faster, well, it is in those places where it has a steady reception. In general, I made the following conclusion for myself: when traveling around Tai, if you definitely need fast Internet, then it is better to have two SIM cards.

In large cities and tourist places, by and large, no matter which SIM card to use.

How to make cheap calls to Russia from Thailand

003 is the code for low-cost calls to other countries. Use this way: 003-7-926-123-23-23. That is, you need to dial 003 instead of «+» before the seven. A call to Russia costs 4 baht / min..

005 and 009 - exactly the same codes, only the call will be more expensive than 9 baht and 7 baht, respectively.

And here's another whole post on this topic - how to call from abroad.

Useful codes

* 121 # - balance check
* 121 * 3 # - check the remaining traffic
* 700 # - change the language of all informational SMS
Here is this link for a list of all codes on the AIS website.