Laem Thong Beach - a distant paradise on the island of Phi Phi Don

Laem Thong Beach (also known as Laem Thong Beach) is located on the northernmost, elongated as a sausage, edge of Phi Phi Don Island, and faces east. Considered the most remote major beach on Phi Phi Don, reachable only by boat or (for jungle trekking fans) walking across the island.

The beach is very beautiful, not crowded, with a decent, but simple infrastructure and even with its own pier, which is hidden on the back side of the island - the width of the sausage there reaches 180 meters, no more. It so happened that I saw only the reverse side of Lam Tong - the very pier on the rocky coast, and even then in passing. So you only get a textual description of the beach and pictures of rocks, and I planned a visit to Lam Tong on my next visit to Phi Phi Don..

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Beach description

The best beach in this part of the island. Laem Tong Beach is nine hundred meters of white, with a yellowish tint of sand, almost without impurities and debris. Near palm trees it is softer and shallower, and under water and further - to the reef, stones of different sizes and shells come across.

The beach is in demand among wealthy and calm people. There is no movement on Laem Tong, as in Phi Phi Town and there are usually not very many tourists here, but in the peak season the people crowd quite densely.

The beach is closed on all sides by dense vegetation and is an almost perfectly flat straight line. Almost the entire length of Lam Tong under water - clean bottom.

Entering the water, depth and waves

The coast on Laem Tong is shallow, in contrast to its rocky neighbor opposite, where the pier is built. Gentle to such an extent that at high tide the beach is almost completely hidden under water, and after low tide you open a football field, about 150 meters wide and almost a kilometer long.

Along the edges of the beach, large flat stones are hidden under the water, and if you walk to the end of the field to the horizon, then the remains of a coral reef begin further - it is better to swim here in high water.

Waves during the high season are usually small, within comfortable limits, shallow water affects. In the monsoon season, it is not comilfo to swim here, and the coast suffers from storms, so in some places it was reinforced with concrete rings.

Sun beds and shade

There are sun loungers mainly in the adjacent resorts, of which there are only four. Swimming is most comfortable when the water rises to the maximum, and then another two or three hours after the beginning of low tide.

It turns out that the sea comes close to the trees on the shore and all the people are drawn out under the beach umbrellas of the resorts and under the natural shade of a rather dense greenery on the shore. As the day progresses, the sun goes west, and the shadows on the beach lengthen, but not enough to cover the entire 150 meters of empty space..

Beach photo

There is more likely not a photo of the beach, but a photo of the pier.

Laem Thong Beach, Phi Phi Don Island

Laem Thong Beach, Phi Phi Don Island

Laem Thong Beach - a distant paradise on the island of Phi Phi Don

Laem Thong Beach - a distant paradise on the island of Phi Phi Don

Laem Thong Beach - a distant paradise on the island of Phi Phi Don


The infrastructure of the beach includes all the services of the four resorts (massage parlors, spas and restaurants), boaters who moor directly to the beach and thus bring a certain inconvenience to the swimmers. There are a couple of kayak rentals and a full concrete pier on the back of the hill behind the beach..

There are no chain and private stores on Lam Tong due to low traffic and specificity «isolated» beach. It makes sense to come here for the entire vacation, and spend it entirely on the beach and hotel grounds. There are no iconic places or attractions here, but if you wish, you can wander around the surroundings, once is enough.

Houses and hotels on the beach

There are four resorts with an excellent rating on Laem Tong, and excellent not against the background of a Pipi disgrace, but at the level of serious hotels in Thailand. Phi Phi Natural Resort, Zeavola Resort, P P Erawan Palms Resort, and Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi Island .

Combined with a coral reef where you can snorkel right from the shore, and with little beach traffic, Lam Thong can be considered one of the best places on Phi Phi Don for a quality beach holiday. The link below will take you to a general list of hotels around Phi Phi Don.

Hotels near Phi Phi>

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

How to find the beach

I don't think you will be interested in a walking route, so the easiest option is a boatman. On any beach, come up to the boatman with a tourist map and show him where to swim with your finger. Then you bargain and swim, in this sequence, and not vice versa.

Beach Map

Laem Thong Beach Map

Laem Thong Beach Map:
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