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Kamala Beach - this beach can be called urban in the full sense of the word. It is located in the central part of Phuket Island on its western side and north of the famous beach. Patong. In fact, this is the coast of the town of the same name, consisting not only of tourist buildings, but also of houses of ordinary residents..

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Beach description

This beach is not small, its length is about 2 km, while it is very narrow in width (20-30 m). For a long time Kamala was a quiet and peaceful place. The beach served as a marina for fishing boats and for the rest of the Thais. There were very few tourists on it. However, in recent years, more and more often you can meet older people who have chosen this quiet and peaceful place as a second home..

It is understandable, all the benefits of civilization are at hand, at the same time the sea is at hand. In addition to those who moved here, there are now a lot of package tourists..

The sand on Kamala is white, like grains of salt. There are many hotels on the beach line and the beach area next to them belongs to them. Accordingly, the quality of the sand and the purity can vary significantly..

The beach is popular, but much less noisy than Patong or Karon.

In my opinion, it is somewhat similar to Bang Tao, that is, it is relatively calm and a little rustic here, but there are enough people. Cleanliness in Kamala is also all right. Only in the south «wild» parts can be a lot of rubbish.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Phuket, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Entering the water, depth and waves

The southern part of the beach is not very suitable for a beach holiday. The shore there is dirty, there are a lot of stones and boulders. Local fishermen often park their boats there. Also on the southern part there is a rather shallow entrance, you can walk for a long time to the depth. And in the central and northern parts, where there are umbrellas and sunbeds, the entrance, the closer to the north, the less shallow.

The wide line of Kamala Bay favors winds that create large waves. To the north of the beach, they rise to heights of up to 3 m, and when approaching the coast, they stumble upon a network of underwater reefs and rise even higher. Red warning flags appear on the beach during the monsoon season. Swimming at this time is dangerous. You can be hit by strong waves and carried away from the coast.

Sun beds and shade

There are not so many sun loungers on the beach. In the most visited areas of the beach (center and north), you can rent a sunbed with an umbrella for the standard 100 baht. Hotels that have their own private areas of Kamala often put up additional rows of sun loungers that are available only to guests of this hotel..

The beach can vary greatly in different seasons. In high season, the entire beach from the center to the north is one large field of sun loungers. There are many people swimming in the water, the waves are quiet and smooth. In the low season, there are few sun loungers, even in half an hour of walking you can not find a single one..

There is practically no natural shade on the beach, only if the extreme row of sun loungers, adjoining the trees, and in the morning, when the sun is still not so high.

Beach photo

North Kamala (right)













South Kamala (left)







The beach itself contains all the Thai attributes of the beach. Massage parlors, tent cafes, mini markets and hundreds of sellers of cheap souvenirs, clothing, beach accessories. There you can not only shop, but rent a scuba diving machine and explore the northern reefs..

In addition, steep waves are considered by many surfers to be an excellent source of adrenaline, but only experienced professionals should conquer them. If you are an excellent surfer, Kamala will be your Everest during the wave season. Many available boats, boats and kayaks are also waiting for you on this beach..

Some tourists rent a boat and sail to one of the neighboring, more attractive beaches for recreation. But you can ride not only on boats, but also behind them with a parachute or on «banana».

Holidays in Kamala are not limited to typical entertainment. Yoga schools are available at the hotels (it costs a lot to meditate on one of the stones of Kamala against the background of the rising sun), real Thai massage salons and schools for training Thai cooks, where you will really be taught how to cook Thai food perfectly.

The combination of beach and civilization gives Kamala undeniable advantages. You can walk around the village, go to the Friday Market, where you can find a large selection of goods not only of the beach theme. There is also a mini-Tesco and a small Big C..



Travel to the Temple of Kamala will also not leave you indifferent, but the most interesting place is Show Fantasy (Phuket FantaSea) is the incredible and biggest show on the island. In my opinion, it is more designed for children, although adults will also be interested.

Hundreds of artists, elephants and other exotic animals will tell you an interesting story under the arches of the evening sky. But Phuket Fantasy is not limited to the show. It claims to be the largest amusement park in Phuket. There are many cafes, attractions that look like fun carnivals of games and, of course, shops.

The architecture of the Palace of Elephants and other buildings pleases the eye and amaze. The park itself is filled with helpful staff who will take care of you (tell you where the most interesting entertainment and other joys of life are). This park is located in the central part of the beach, just 300 meters from the coast..

Houses and hotels on the beach

The entire coastline (1 lane) is occupied by expensive hotels when it comes to the central part of the beach. And hotels occupy the entire space from the coast to the main road that goes far from the coast. In the northern part of the beach there are almost no hotels along the coast, instead there are wastelands fenced with fences (future hotels?). And there the hotels will all be across the street from the beach, and their density is also small..

For prices - the farther from the coast, the cheaper, which is logical. You can even find a hostel starting at 200 baht per bed. On the other hand, elite hotels, the rooms of which offer an unrivaled view of Kamala Bay, can cost more than 15 thousand baht per day..

In addition to the price, the appearance is also an important factor. Here Kamala also provides a wide choice. There are modern grotesque hotels made of glass and white stone, and there are cozy mini-coves-pools with wooden houses that form their own special system..

In the very north of the beach, on a promontory, among the greenery, is the excellently located four-star Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach, with new interiors and a nice pool. Next to the Fantasy show, you can find fairly democratic hotels, for example, Dengs Kamala Beach Resort and Kamala Beachfront Apartment, to the south there is also a simple but cute Clear House Guest House. .

Closer to the southern part of the beach there is a rather spacious resort Kamala Beach Resort A Sunprime Resort with a large swimming pool and stylish new interiors. Further south, already far from the center of the beach, several secluded hotels are scattered: the magnificent five-star Andara Resort Villas Phuket with an excellent view and exquisite interior, no less attractive, with a modern design Cape Sienna Hotel & Villas, approximately from the same category - Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort and Aquamarine Resort & Villa. Far from the center of the beach and the hustle and bustle - secluded and quiet Ayara Kamala Resort .

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How to find the beach

You can get to the cozy city beach Kamala from airport by taxi in about 40 minutes. If you rent your own vehicle, then you need to be guided by the signs located on the main roads of the island. As a guide, it is worth remembering that Kamala is located north of Patong and northwest of Phuket town.

Beach Map

Kamala Beach Map

Kamala Beach Map: