My review for Siam Bay Resort - hotel on Koh Chang with private beach and seaview

Well, so I got to Koh Chang. I visited the resort I chose several years ago. At that time, I was looking at different options and generally looking for a different type of housing, so I stayed here with my gaze, but not my body. But then it was still in my head that it was necessary to drop in here on occasion, and for a couple of days.

Well, after years, I still found myself at Siam Bay Resort again and it turned out to be very unusual to return to the place where I had already been. Return, but a completely different person, with changed thoughts and circumstances in life.

This part of Koh Chang is quiet, if I may say, «backstage place», where there is almost no one, all the roads are sideways, and to get to the resort you need to climb up a serious hill and then go down it from the other side. There, on the side facing the sea, only two hotels are built..

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Siam Bay Resort

Price and booking

The price at Siam Bay Resort depends on the type of accommodation (there are only 5 types here) and the season.

During the peak season (December-January), the price is always higher. In low season, the price starts at 1400 baht for simpler houses, which, although they are on the first line, belong to the rocky part of the beach. And the most expensive ones are rented for 2,900 baht, and these are already solid, good houses with access to a sandy beach and with their own private mini-pool.

I chose the middle option - Sea View Villa, a house on a hillside overlooking the sea. In high season, prices rise by one and a half times and for the simplest house they already ask for about 1800-2000 baht, and the price of a villa with a private pool jumps up to 4 200 baht per day.

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For example, here is a direct link to the hotel: Siam Bay Resort . Or here's another link to the second, neighboring hotel - Sea View Resort and Spa , everything is about the same there, or maybe better, I don’t know, didn’t go.

If you book online in advance, there are discounts, and, in principle, often in this case, it is cheaper than you will be told at the reception. I booked my accommodation for 1,500 baht in advance, but on the spot they offered me it for 2,500 baht. My house is cheaper during low season. Key deposit 500 baht.


Unfortunately, on my arrival, the weather in Koh Chang was cloudy and therefore the photos were not as bright and beautiful as they could have been, so try to add the sun to my pictures with your imagination.

My villa is one large room with a hefty airfield bed, about 2.5 meters wide, with two mattresses docked under one sheet..

If you face the sea, then in front I have as many as one and a half walls - glass, with a panoramic view of the inner territory of the resort and the sea, and in the back there is a corridor with three small rooms: a shower, a toilet and a sink around the corner. Yes, the sink is in the hallway around the corner. Original solution.


View of the main and only room from the terrace


One base, two mattresses. Pure Thai


One and a half walls - glass.



Shower room with water heater





The windows have blackout, sun-protection curtains that do not show through, but provide privacy and sound sleep in the morning. Some of the furniture in the room is made purely in Thai style, of concrete, into which wooden interior details are installed. There is a small safe, shower with water heater, air conditioning.

From household appliances in the bungalow there is a TV, a small refrigerator for drinks in which there are two bottles of drinking water - a compliment from the hotel, a kettle and a hairdryer. The room looks, to be honest, a little tired of life and people.





On the terrace there is such reliable, condo furniture and, to which I noticed, the whole terrace is kind of multi-level. There are many steps, in some places there are no railings where they are supposed to be - in general, if you come here with children, then with those who are older. At the same time, the stroller will not need to be dragged along the stairs. Although, if you live at the very bottom, you won't have much. Another drawback should be noted - weak lighting in the evening inside the bungalow. Saved on bulbs. But Wi-Fi is caught even from the outermost bungalow, and there are access points throughout the hotel. I checked it myself - it catches perfectly both in my room and in the lobby at the reception - the quality of the channel can be seen in the screenshot.


Exterior and Facilities

The Siam Bay Resort reception is open from 7 am to 10 pm. The territory of the resort is very pleasant, the atmosphere is soothing, the paths are paved with stones, two swimming pools, one near the restaurant, with a black wooden floor around (I can imagine what it would be like to walk on it barefoot on a hot day). And the second is surrounded by a bungalow and one side overlooks the sea - it turns out, you know, this cool «infinity pool effect». It also has a paddling pool for children and an underwater sofa for aesthetes who like to sit in the water with a glass of something refreshing. All bungalows are facing the sea, but the view is not ideal because of the trees..


Siam Bay Resort






And I will not hesitate to repeat - a quiet, calm place. Now, when I write this post, I am sitting in a bungalow looking at the sea, I hear this sea, how it turns and makes noise down there. In general, Siam Bay Resort is a suitable place for relaxation between the sea and the jungle, for relaxation of the soul. It is categorically suitable for those who yearn for a relaxing holiday..



All buildings of the resort are somewhat authentic. Obviously, all these houses were built even before Thai hoteliers went into a rampant fashion for perfectly smooth shapes and surfaces made of concrete, glass and thermo-tiles..

At Siam Bay Resort, bungalows also have concrete parts, but with characteristic wooden roofs, straw and bamboo inserts are often used. On the shore there are the main attributes of carelessness - a swing on the palm trees.

The sea itself is relatively swimable and only at high tide, the depth will be approximately shoulder-length. And at low tide, swimming is unrealistic, you have to go hundreds of meters. But, we can say that it has its own beach, since there is no one else here, except for the guests of the hotel. If anything, then in general there are no hotels with a private beach on Koh Chang..



We can say that this hotel on Koh Chang with its own beach

We can say that this hotel on Koh Chang with its own beach

The exterior of the resort indicates that the renovation took place several years ago. All these ladders to the bungalows from the sea, and their shabby wooden railings ... But in general - it all corresponds to Thai realities and Ko Changu. Siam Bay Resort and does not position itself as a five-star luxury, it should not be seen as something extraordinary.

I believe that for that kind of money, the price is quite adequate. I would completely stay here, it is possible that I will come here again.

Breakfast is included in the price of accommodation. Quite good by Thai standards. It includes several hot dishes: Tom Ka with chicken, sweet and sor with chicken, wide noodles with something that usually no one eats, sausages, ham for toast, traditionally - cornflakes and muesli with milk, pancakes with honey, toast with butter, scrambled eggs, fruits, a set of chopped vegetables from which you can stir up a salad.

Coffee, tea, some kind of chemical juice - it is quite possible to have a normal snack. And this is convenient, because in the morning, in order to eat outside the hotel, you have to cut somewhere far enough (on Kai Bay), because there is nothing nearby.


Breakfast Sets


My humble tropical breakfast.

Hotel on the map and location

Siam Bay Resort is not far from Kai Bay Beach, which has everything you need, including minimarkets, bike rentals, cafes and other amenities with ATMs. You can get there in two ways: either along a steep road through the hills; or by walking along the beach. Of course, the latter is relevant when you have already settled in and you do not have a suitcase.

A twenty-minute promenade along the sea, IMHO, will be more interesting and physically much easier to overcome the mountain passes. But in the presence of rented transport, in front of you the whole island of Koh Chang opens.

Siam Bay Resort

Siam Bay Resort
Decent room from 1400 baht with kondeem, sea view. Private beach, no one else, the place is secluded, everything is clean and decent.
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Decent room from 1400 baht with kondeem, sea view. Its own beach, no one else, the place is secluded, everything is clean and decent..

P.S. By the way, this is not my first resort on Koh Chang, I have already visited two more, but this one is still most remembered for a combination of factors.