Parking in Sochi is free and paid - is it all that bad?

If you got to this post, then you already know that «Sochi» and «parking lot» in one sentence are usually found in a negative way. That Sochi is the hell of a motorist and it may be convenient to drive here in your car, but in the end everything will turn into a permanent search for parking. But, firstly, it does not always work out that way, and secondly, it all depends with what to compare. You have to understand that this is a resort and the number of people in the summer season increases several times. It would be strange to expect empty streets.

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Features of parking in Sochi

Parking problems are caused by the mountainous terrain and the narrow width of the streets that have developed here historically. And also by the fact that half of Russia comes here in the summer, that is, by definition, there cannot be problems with the park. Sometimes I got the impression that Sochi is simply not designed for such a number of tourists..

If you plan to come to Sochi by car or rent it upon arrival (I recommend Economybookings), then you have 4 options for the development of events.

  • Hotel. Not all hotels have their own parking lots, for example, just an ordinary street is used. The smaller the hotel, the less likely it is to park. Also, if the parking is small, then there may not be enough space. When you book a hotel (I recommend checking the discounts through RoomGuru), always look in the list of services if there is a private parking and read reviews, how it is in fact.
  • Private sector. Private houses where rooms are rented now also usually have several parking spaces in their own backyard. Do you have enough space, the question, you will find out upon arrival. Also, cars often stand one after another, which somewhat complicates logistics and prompt exit from the yard..
  • Apartment in a new building. In new buildings of the elite class, private adjoining or underground parking lots may be provided, and if the owner of the apartment bought a place there, then you can use it. But this is not always the case, because it is not cost-effective..
  • Apartment in an old house. This is usually a pipe. Residents of old houses are forced to solve parking problems in illegal ways, being carried away by self-seizure, hanging chains and setting frogs. End-to-end parking is practiced everywhere in the courtyards, when one car closes the other, and the drivers call each other on the phone left under the windshield.

In short, parking in the courtyards of residential areas in the evening can be problematic for you, but this is a normal phenomenon in any city and Sochi is not something outstanding in this regard. The elite is all fenced off from the outside world, and there is no way for you there, and the old quarters are bursting with the personal equipment of old-timers and you will have to circle well in search of free or paid parking. I remember, in the city center, I could not find a place in the evening even on a paid one.

Types of parking in Sochi

Sochi is a beautiful town with a complex road system that underwent significant improvements in preparation for the 2014 Olympics. However, these changes mainly affected the outskirts. The central area of ​​the city in terms of expanding the carriageway and increasing the number of parking lots has not acquired as much as we would like, but still people are not left to fend for themselves. In addition to parking in the residential sector, which you will need in terms of night parking, there is a wide selection of parking in the center of Sochi.

Municipal parking

The most popular streets, where the width of the road allows parking, have been declared municipal parking. Naturally - paid. All this farm is marked on the ground with road signs and equipped with parking meters. Among the features of municipal parking: the price is 50 rubles per hour, the fine is 1000 rubles (hello from Sochi residents to Muscovites, with their 2.5 thousand fines). Payment must be made in 15 minutes, otherwise a passing photo-fixation car will send your number to the database.

Payment for municipal parking is made at the parking meter using a bank card (cash is not accepted), via SMS or via the application «Parking space in Sochi». A bonus from the city of Sochi is a paid parking time from 8 am to 8 pm, that is, living nearby you can park for the night for free. All municipal parking lots are drawn on the map of the official website «Parking space in Sochi», you can see everything there in advance.

Private paid parking

In addition to collecting money for the city budget, private entrepreneurs are also engaged in taking banknotes from the population. In the center of Sochi, on the patches that prevent the construction of a residential building here (the land is golden there), paid ground parking is organized. There is just a fenced area, there are parking lots with awnings and car washes, there are small buildings of several floors, multi-storey parking lots with lifts, or even automatic platforms. They are scattered throughout Sochi and the most useful of them I mapped at the end of this post..

Features of private parking: price - from 100 rubles per hour, convenient location, protected area, in some places it is more profitable to park for a long time. The fact is that at some parking lots you will be allowed to get up for 12 hours for 200 rubles. On especially expensive plots of land or in special parking complexes (in the construction of which a lot of money was invested), you can run into a high price tag and even a kind of price list with a system of discounts or subscriptions. But these parking lots are often empty due to their unhealthy pricing policy..

Free parking

As you have already read above, in the center of Sochi, free parking is municipal parking until 8 am and after 8 pm. There are large free parking lots in the new districts of Adler, in the Olympic Park, but so that the same ones can be found in the center of Sochi - alas. It's just that physically there is no such area, but no one bothers you to drive away from the center for a couple of blocks and leave the car in the private sector: there is a place there during the day, because people are leaving for work.

Features of free parking: it is free and it takes a long time to find it If you don't know the city, it turns into an exciting quest, so here's a hint - the Winter Theater. Parking on the square in front of it is free, but you need to arrive there in the morning, no later than 8-9 hours. Leave the car and walk calmly around waterfront or around the city. Otherwise, you will have to leave your car somewhere on the outskirts of civilization and walk a lot. What is good for health, but not in the forty-degree heat and not with children.

Parking at Sochi Airport

Parking on Pryvokzalnaya Square (stands Nos. 1,2,3): free 15 minutes, then 200 rubles per hour, full or incomplete, and 1000 rubles per day.

Service (daily) parking (counter number 4), where the first 15 minutes are free, then 150 rubles per hour or 700 rubles per day.

Parking of the VIP terminal: the first 10 minutes are free, then 200 rubles per hour or 1000 rubles per day.

Parking on the territory of the VIP terminal: the first 10 are free, then 3000 rubles per hour.

How a parking meter works in Sochi

Payment only by bank transfer - parking meters in Sochi do not accept cash.

Payment via SMS is possible only hourly and if the phone number is issued to an individual, so the happy owners of work sim cards are in flight. Payment for parking in Sochi via SMS is performed by sending the message park to 3116. Extension of parking is done by sending a message park to 3116. The end of the parking is carried out by the message park * s to the same number.

To pay for parking with a card, you need to select the item «Parking payment», enter the number of the parking zone (although by default there is always the number of the zone where the parking meter is installed). Then enter the license plate in the format, indicate the parking duration (multiples of 15 minutes) and pay with a bank card or parking card (attach to the validator for 5 seconds).

Parking in Sochi is free and paid - is it all that bad?

Parking meter in Sochi

Parking meter in Sochi

Parking in Sochi is free and paid - is it all that bad?

Parking in Sochi is free and paid - is it all that bad?

Fines in Sochi

The evacuator service in Sochi is a little faster than the response team at the nuclear power plant. The roads are monitored by traffic police officers, video cameras, specially trained vehicles and even local residents with a special personality.

In short, if you left your car in the wrong place, even «walk to the store», «for five minutes» or «didn't see the sign» - in three minutes you will be politely pasted over with candy wrappers from a special parking lot and sent by parcel post to one of the Sochi car parking lots. What is typical - you have a chance to cancel the problem if you find yourself next to the car even at the moment of loading - Sochi traffic cops are very loyal in this matter.

If it so happens that the car is still taken away, start looking for it. If it is rental, then it is better to call the rental company and report the problem. It is possible that a GPS beacon is installed in the car, and then they will tell you which of the many car parking lots you need to go to. If the car is without GPS, then you have a new quest - find a car. To begin with, look for people in police uniforms with your eyes and ask them to find out by the license plate and make - where they took the car.

Well, or call «Unified evacuation service» +7-862-266-06-36. You will have to redeem the car for five thousand, which, together with the time spent, makes the obvious simple thing - no need to park in the wrong place.

The penalties for Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana are indicated on the map below. Dispatchers' phones can be found in the description of the marker.

On the map

In general, the situation in Sochi is quite standard for the center of any other city with a population of over one million. Just one of the problems is that people often do not want to pay for parking while it is possible to get up somewhere for free..

Well, the second feature of motorists in any country is that they will try to park as close to their destination as possible. Rarely does anyone like to walk 15-20 minutes from the parking lot and back to it.

Parking in and around Sochi

Parking at Magnet:
Parking on Vorovskogo:
Parking near Amfibius:
Parking on Ostrovsky:
Parking Mercure Sochi Center:
Parking on Lazarev:
Parking Millennium Tower:
Parking at Fabricius:
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Parking at the Car Market:
Parking at the sanatorium Yuzhnoe Vzmorie:
Parking on Tsvetnoy Boulevard:
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Parking on Olympic Street:
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Two-storey parking on Ordzhonikidze:
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Parking in front of Sochi Park:
Parking near Sochi-Park:
Parking in front of the Ice Palace:
Parking near the Iceberg Palace:
Parking at the Parus cafe:
Parking on Tsimlyanskaya:
Parking fine:
Parking fine:
Parking fine:
Parking fine:
Parking fine:
Parking fine:
Parking fine:
Parking fine: