Review of Liberty Insurance - insurance event in Europe

Another review of the work of Liberty Insurance and Class-Assistance. The scene is Warsaw, Poland. The situation is this: Yegor's temperature, snot, cough and suspicion of otitis media. This time we became smarter and bought an otoscope, so we can, as far as our skill allows, control the condition of our ears. A useful thing for deaf children prone to otitis media. But nevertheless, you must definitely contact a doctor, especially in vain that you bought insurance. The previous time applied in Thailand on Koh Samui and also Liberty was, then everything went fine and just the same otitis was.

The content of the article

First insured event

Unfortunately, since 2016, Liberty has deteriorated badly. Be sure to see my main post on insurance, compiled after analyzing a huge number of reviews and my personal experience (plus a little insider information). I try to promptly update so that you can always choose working insurance.

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Let me remind you that it is very convenient to compare and choose insurances through the Cherehapa service, because there you can immediately compare 16 insurances, both in terms of price and conditions. In addition, they provide support, both before purchasing a policy, and in case of insured events. They are well versed in all the intricacies, you can ask any questions in the online chat.

But of course you can buy the same Liberty directly on the official website, as they say, the choice is yours..

What to do first

I called Klass-Assistance in the morning, they asked me for all the data of the policy, and they said within an hour they would call and tell me where to go. It is a little strange that several times they clarified whether we had applied where, and whether we had applied for this policy before, as if they did not have it in the database. After 20 minutes they called back and said that the doctor would come home, there was no need to go anywhere. Be sure to read my mega useful post about assistance and other nuances of choosing insurance.

In general, it is surprising that for the first time I came across the fact that a doctor came to my house on insurance. No, I heard, of course, that sometimes it happens, but people directly ask themselves to come to their house (when, for example, a very serious condition), and they themselves offered us. I don’t know whether it’s always like this in Warsaw or not, maybe it’s so accepted here, but it’s convenient, especially with a child..

Home examination

About an hour later they called back from Poland (apparently from a local clinic), clarified the address. It is convenient that they spoke English, I immediately imagined how many English speakers there are in the registries in Moscow, and what would be interesting for a foreigner to do in Russia if he applies for insurance. After another half hour, the doctor came. That is, the total waiting time is about 2-3 hours, it is normal in principle.

The doctor did a fairly routine examination, confirmed our concerns about otitis media, wrote out a list of medications and a prescription for an antibiotic. Antibiotics are not sold in Poland without a prescription. We spoke a mixture of Polish and Russian, in principle everything was more or less clear. The doctor left his phone and said to call if something is not clear. Didn't pay anything, the admission was covered by insurance.

It is interesting, of course, that there are prices for appointments with doctors in Warsaw. I only know that a friend of my mother's child fell ill at about the same time and they went to the clinic for insurance. They had other insurance, so they were not offered to come to their house. So, she said that the price for an appointment with a pediatrician was about 120 zlotys, that is, somewhere around $ 32. Thus, Yegor's policy has already fought back for this trip..

Prescription and Drug List

Prescription and Drug List


We bought medicines at our own expense in the pharmacy. In theory, we were supposed to compensate for their cost upon arrival in Russia. Asked a question to the Liberty support service, they replied that if there are checks, and the drugs are written on a form with a seal or signature, they will compensate. And you must apply within 30 days after returning. Our form is not quite a form and the seal is not quite a seal, and I gave the prescription at the pharmacy, but Liberty promised to reimburse it in this case too. It would be necessary to check, but the amount is very small, so I did not want to fool around with sending a certified letter with checks, a questionnaire and copies of documents.

And in Thailand, in this regard, it was very convenient, you leave the hospital with a bag of medicines, you don't need to run to the pharmacy, and everything is included in the cost of the examination and is covered by the insurance. On the other hand, there doctors do not come to the house or do not come, but in sooo rare cases.

Two checks for 85 PLN, did not compensate

Two checks for 85 PLN, did not compensate

Another insured event

I will update the post. A month later, I had to apply again, as Yegor fell ill again. This time the doctor came an hour later, because they asked him to hurry up, he was very ill because. So the doctor was different, a young guy, equipped like this (box with tools, uniform), who spoke excellent English. Likewise, examination, and a list of prescription drugs.

Based on the second case, I can conclude that everything is happening quite quickly. Still, two times already an indicator of at least some kind. I hope everything will be so with Liberty and Assistance Class.

P.S. Of course, I understand that the insurance company needs to be checked for more serious cases, but you yourself understand, I really don't want this, so I wrote in the review what I actually encountered, my personal experience. I won't wish anything serious to anyone.