Medical insurance in Thailand according to reviews 2019 - which one is better to choose

If you are reading this post, then you are interested in health insurance in Thailand for travelers. As well as me, because I myself go to Tai every year. And when you start to study information about insurance, it seems that now your head will explode from the abundance of conflicting reviews. Which insurance to choose? What is the best insurance in Thailand?

It is imperative to make insurance, medicine is terribly expensive! After I hit 3 million rubles, I advise everyone not to save, otherwise you can specifically get into debt and loans.

For several years now, I have been collecting the most relevant information for you, trying to write it in understandable language. Every few months I sit down and update this post. To do this, I read the most famous forums where there is an insurance topic: Vinsky's forum,,,, Otzovik, etc. To find out the whole truth, I call insurance companies, read insurance contracts, communicate with insurance agents and victims.

Since I have a child and I travel often, you may or may not want to, but I had to plunge into the question. And unlike other authors, I and my family members have applied for insurance more than once. Personal experience is always more valuable than theory.

The content of the article

Which insurance to choose in Thailand (briefly)

Briefly for the busy. Next there will be a long post, so if you are too lazy to read, then here is my resume for choosing insurance.

The best, but more expensive:

  • ERV (by link the price is 12% lower). BEST FOR THAILAND. Dengue fever, loss of luggage, exacerbations of chronic diseases, riding a motorcycle are included. Online consultations with Russian doctors, if you take the link. The best option for a child, as there is no price increase due to age. Insurance for complications of pregnancy and childbirth up to 31 weeks, the only such insurance for pregnant women.
  • Allianz. Good assistance Mondial that no one else sells. A lot of positive reviews about insurance. Dengue fever comes in, riding a bike without adding value. You can buy insurance while you are traveling. Affordable price.
  • Inexpensive, but working:

    • Sberbank Insurance (promo code LIFETRIPRU for 9%). For the price, there are no alternatives now. Dengue fever is covered, a complication of chronic diseases, allergies, sunburn. When adding an option «Riding a motorcycle» the cost does not increase. No price increase for children from 3 years old.
    • Tinkoff. Low price, no problems with payments and a lot of good reviews. Dengue and chronic diseases are included.

    Please note that travel insurance to Thailand and Southeast Asia in general is constantly growing in price due to the fact that Asia is considered a loss-making region. Well, the growth of the exchange rate is not in our favor, because the cost of insurance depends on the exchange rate. So don't hesitate to buy.

    Rating of insurance companies (updated 01.2019)

    TOP5 - the best insurance for Thailand

    I listed the insurance companies with their assistants and a note where there is a good connection Insurance-Assistance. I told the pros and cons of each specific insurance and gave a link where it is cheaper / better to buy.

    TOP 5, which you should think about first.

    1. ERV (Evro-Center)

    Objectively TOP-1. You can and should take, at least a child! The best insurance for Thailand and Asia now. There are a lot of options included. The price is not the lowest, but everything will be fine. I myself have already used ERV - I got 3 million rubles, when my son ended up in intensive care. The insurance company promptly organized and paid for everything without any problems. Even a child was transported by plane from Phuket to Bangkok.

    Life hack. If you buy using the link, it will be 12% cheaper and you will be given the option "Telemedicine" as a gift. This is an online consultation with Russian doctors, you can always find out whether to go to the hospital, clarify the prescription of a Thai doctor, ask about medications, etc.. detailed instructions.

    ERV insurance with a 12% discount>

    Pros: No multiplier for children due to age! The insurance includes exacerbation of chronic diseases, sunburn, Dengue is insured, there is baggage insurance, emergency dentistry. The only ones who normally insure pregnant women (the best insurance) are pregnancy complications, premature birth, newborn care. There are a lot of options. By the way, if you initially look at insurance with amounts of 100 thousand ye, then ERV will be cheaper than Allianz, keep this in mind.

    Cons: Price, especially for an annual policy. The insured amount is at least 100 thousand ye, if this can be attributed to the disadvantages. Although in Tai (and especially for children), I would only do 100,000 ye.

    There are also bad reviews, but this was due to the purchase of several annual policies in a row, which was contrary to the rules of insurance. Many hospitals themselves say they work best with ERV..

    2. Allianz (Mondial)

    Insurance with assistance Mondial, which is now called Allianz Global Assistance. The combination of price and quality. Mondial is also in the TOP among assistants. Exclusive on the Russian market, as all insurance companies have stopped working with Mondial one by one due to its high cost. In fact, this is a kind of analogue of Tripinsurance now. Works well both in Thailand and in the Schengen area. A lot of positive reviews and the price is not the highest.

    Allianz pricing>

    Pros: medical insurance includes Dengue fever (useful for Thailand), emergency dentistry, and riding a bike without increasing the cost (also needed in Tai). You can buy insurance while you are already traveling (here is a list of such insurances). Also, they definitely do not mind if you buy this insurance for the second (for example, for the second part of the vacation). This happens when you already have other insurance and it ends in the middle of the vacation..

    Cons: exacerbation of chronicity and sunburn is not included. Although the latter is easier to prevent than to deal with later.

    3. Tripinsurance

    Insurance with its own assistance from Tripinsurance, which in fact means that they entered into contracts with several assistants at once, including Mondial, in order to direct them where it is better. This company has had a positive reputation for more than one year. The insurance itself will be from the insurance «Absolute Insurance», but, of course, there is no such program on the website of the insurance company itself, another exclusive. LIFETRIPRU promo code for 11% discount.

    Discount Tripinsurance>

    Pros: huge sums insured: $ 250,000, $ 500,000, $ 1,000,000, I have not seen anything like this anywhere else, you can get very sick with such amounts, with expensive operations. Exacerbation of the chronicle in case of a threat to life is covered up to $ 3000, they provide assistance in terrorist attacks, Dengue is insured, if possible, a doctor will be called to the hotel (doctor on call), riding a bike is included by default. They are not afraid of publicity, their representatives are on all forums, where you can draw attention to your situation and solve it. You can find out which hospital will be sent to in a particular city. There is a free service «Doctor online», round-the-clock consultations from Russian pediatricians and therapists.

    Cons: sunburns are not covered and for policies lasting more than 34 days and purchased already during the trip, there is a $ 50 deductible (except for Schengen, it does not exist there). But the franchise is easy to get around by buying several policies in a row, they themselves advise doing this.

    Details about all conditions.

    4. Sberbank insurance (Europ Assistance)

    LIFEHACK. By my instructions, you can buy insurance from Sberbank for a penny at once for 90 days.

    I already had experience with this insurance: in Chiang Mai sent to excellent Chiangmai Ram, in Bangkok to the good Vejthani Hospital, in Phuket to the so-so Siam International Clinic, and in Hua Hin to Bangkok Hospital itself. Why such a spread, I do not know. They wrote to me that in Phuket, people were also sent to the Bangkok Hospital ... In any case, this is the cheapest insurance in Thailand and in Asia in general now (tariffs have been reduced). Its main plus is the price, therefore in the first place among the inexpensive ones. Based on personal experience and reviews, they work. Not ideal, but again PRICE! LIFETRIPRU promo code for a 9% discount.

    Sberbank Insurance with a discount>

    Pros: the default insurance includes a bunch of options, more than others: sunburn and allergies are covered, exacerbation of the chronicle with a threat to life for the entire insured amount, Dengue fever. Options «riding a motorcycle / moped» is already included in the contract by default (relevant for Ty), you do not need to add it separately. I'm not a fan of Sberbank and its products, but there are no more budget options and workers now. I bought it myself.

    Cons: the main problem with Sberbank + Europ Assistance is that they sometimes delay the answer. However, there are also completely positive reviews that everything was really cool and people asked to go to the Bangkok Hospital, although initially they offered another one. I also had a positive experience.

    More about all insurance conditions.

    5.Tinkoff (Europ Assistance)

    I think everyone knows Tinkoff Bank. There are few negative reviews, you can buy. Tinkoff Insurance now has only one assistance - Europ Assistance. However, you can see Mondial on the official website of Tinkoff Insurance. I hasten to upset you, policies with this assistance have long ceased to be sold (information remained for those who bought policies earlier, they will soon be removed). It is about the work of Europ Assistance together with Tinkoff that the reviews are best..

    Prices for Tinkoff>

    Pros: Dengue is insured; for children under 3 years old, a doctor can be called at home. Cover the exacerbation of the chronicle with a threat to life. The insurance can be bought already while traveling, but only without being in the insurance territory.

    Cons: the price is higher than that of Sberbank. Burns cover only for children under 14 years old. Riding a bike increases the cost of insurance. You can stay in the insurance territory for a maximum of 3 months.

    Other insurance

    6. Consent (Best Service)

    Cherehapa sells Best Service Consent policies for Thailand (you need to choose any country from Southeast Asia). It was the Russian people who organized assistance in Thailand and Indonesia. They have their own local call center there. They communicate using all forms of communication: all messengers, phone, mail, skype. They have representatives in all major cities and they have the opportunity to independently drive up to the clinic to resolve issues. But there are very few reviews, it is not clear how Best will work. But the insurance company itself has a good reputation for many years..

    If you do not choose any of the Southeast Asian countries, then there will be AP Companies, the average proven assistance. But for other countries, I'd rather take Allianz, the price is good there.

    Consent Price (Best Service)>

    Pros: the threat to life is covered in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases up to $ 5,000, when the majority gives only $ 1,000. Allergies are covered. A good combination of price and quality, in my opinion.

    Cons: Does not insure sunburn and Dengue fever. However, if you believe the statistics, then the probability of getting dengue is 10 times lower than the flu, especially if you do not climb into the jungle. But I removed it from the TOP. There is a multiplying factor for children depending on age. And for some countries, policies may not be sold at all for such children under 5 years old (Thailand, for example). Riding a bike adds a lot to the cost.

    7. Consent (Balt Assistance)

    Polis812 now sells Consent only with Balt Assistance (it used to be Savitar). Like Consent decided that he works better for them in Thailand. The insurance turned out to be inexpensive, comparable to Sberbank. And cheaper than Best Service. The insurance company itself is good and has not been seen in obvious negative. Budget insurance, the price is low. LIFETRIPRU promo code for a 9% discount.

    Discount Consent>

    But as for me, it's better to take Arsenal with Balt, the bunch is better. But Arsenal, unfortunately, made a franchise. But Consent does not insure Dengue.

    8. Alpha insurance (Best Service and Class)

    There is such a life hack with insurance from Alpha: if you buy a policy from their website directly, there will be a GVA, but through partners you will get better assistance. I specifically wrote to them and this is what they answered me, I quote: «We cooperate with various assistance companies. When registering a policy on our website, our partner GVA. Our partners can sell policies from other assistance.»

    Insurance with Best Service assistance can be bought now only through Cherekhapa. Thailand and / or Indonesia - Best, other countries Class.

    Alpha Price (Best Service)>

    Pros: by default, medical insurance includes Dengue, relief of chronic diseases and allergies. You can take out insurance while abroad. At the same time, there is no temporary deductible and no restrictions on stay, like Liberty has. But I think you should not go to the hospital on the day of purchase, they will be strictly checked.

    Cons: confusion with assists, when what. And there are no really reviews about Best yet. Sunburns are not included. Riding a bike adds a lot to the cost.

    9. Ergo (Savitar)

    We abandoned AXA in favor of Savitar, they say, it works better. Previously, there were few complaints about insurance, now you have to look. If anyone does not know, then Ergo is almost the same ERV. You can buy a bundle of ERGO + Savitar from a reseller, a separate product.

    Only policies with insured amounts of 35,000 and 50,000 euros are available for purchase, regardless of the choice of country (I recommend doing exactly 50 thousand).

    Ergo price>

    Pros: the travel insurance includes an exacerbation of the chronicle up to 1000 euros, if possible, there will be a doctor on call. The policy can be bought while already abroad (list of such insurances), the cost does not increase, but the policy will take effect on the 6th day after purchase.

    Cons: Sunburn does not cover or insure Dengue. In order for the insurance to include riding a bike (relevant for Ty), you need in the search form, where the country and date are, enable the option «Motorcycle / moped driving», but the price goes up.

    10. Zetta (AP Companies)

    They are very friendly with AP Companies and have very good approval processes. So it is possible to buy insurance with AP Companies Assistance from Zetta, a good and working option. The cost of the policy is normal. Zetta stopped selling insurance to Thailand for a period longer than 30 days, apparently optimizing costs.

    Zetta Prices>

    Pros: insurance includes Dengue, emergency dentistry and exacerbation of the chronic.

    Cons: Does not include allergies and sunburn. Made a franchise of 50 ye (except Schengen), so removed it from the TOP.

    11. Arsenal (Balt Assistance)

    Despite the fact that few people know this insurance (not on hearing), it has existed for a long time. They just didn't do much retail. Now we have decided to actively promote this direction as well. There are few negative reviews. Despite the average assistance, it is in the Arsenal + Cherehapa + Balt combination that they work well. That is, you need to take only through Cherekhapa, since they are one of the main sales channels for them and will listen. Insurance is inexpensive!

    For Thailand, they sell policies only with insured amounts of $ 50 thousand and $ 100 thousand.

    Arsenal prices>

    Pros: by default, the insurance covers the costs of exacerbating the chronicle with a threat to life for the entire insured amount. To do this, you need to check the box in Cherekhapa «Relief of complications of chronic diseases». Includes Dengue insurance, riding a bike (relevant for Ty) without increasing the cost of the policy with this option, emergency dentistry. They have a lot of options for a small price..

    Cons: Sunburn insurance only for children under 15. The deductible is $ 50, so I removed it from the rating, like all insurances with deductibles.

    12. Hyde (Savitar)

    Inexpensive insurance available for purchase through Polis812. Savitar is a mediocre assistance and insurance is normal, but there are few reviews on insurance. It is not clear how good this bundle is, but the price pleases, of course. LIFETRIPRU promo code for a 9% discount.

    Discounted price on the Guide>

    By the way, Savitar is good because it can tell the clinics to which it sends in this or that city. But I must say right away that you can also ask Tripinsurance, and sometimes Europ Assistance is able to ask. The main advantage of Gaide is the price. The main disadvantage is that they do not insure Dengue (but this is important only for Asia).

    13. Liberty (Class assistance)

    Previously, Liberty was a Class insurance company and it included Class-assistance. The company was resold several times and eventually became Liberty, while Class-assistance became an independent company. But ties with Liberty remained, they serve the entire insurance portfolio of Liberty and have a direct impact on Class-assistance, that is, issues are resolved faster and better, so if you take Class, then only Liberty.

    There have been a lot of bad reviews lately. I used to buy them in Thailand, Europe and China, but now I don't recommend them. Nevertheless, some people still like Liberty. Low price.

    Liberty (Program B)>

    Dengue, sunburn, allergies, chronic exacerbation are insured for $ 2000 (program A) and $ 3000 (program B). Insurance can be bought already from abroad, while there will be a temporary delay, the policy will take effect 5 days from the date of purchase in order to exclude fraud.

    There is a $ 30 deductible for insurance for Asia, which is bad. Up to 8 years old for children a multiplying coefficient, the younger, the more expensive.

    You need to know that Liberty has a rule: «Maximum 182 days within 365 days in the country of insurance». The exception is a student visa. Accordingly, you can not return to Russia for years, but it is important to change the host country, at least once every six months..

    14. Absolute Insurance (Balt, Europ Assistance and Savitar)

    In the last year, in all directions, they raised prices by 2-3 times and made a franchise of 50 ye (except for Schengen). The company suffered heavy losses due to its Asian destinations, so this is how it is. So, I would consider them a maximum in Schengen, and for Thailand or «The whole world» would take other policies. LIFETRIPRU promo code for a 9% discount.

    Discount Absolute>

    Absolute used to be called Europolis, so in fact they have been on the market for a long time, they have an old team from Zetta. The coverage is good and there are no particular problems with them. Exacerbation of the chronicle with a threat to life is insured up to $ 1000, Dengue and allergies are insured. And sunburn and riding a bike do not cover.

    15. Ingosstrakh (Asiser, Remed and Balt)

    Several assists and they differ depending on the country. They have been very clever. Remed Assistance from Turkey, Bulgaria and Egypt. Asiser Assistance for Andorra, Spain, Italy, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. For the rest of Balt Assistance, including Thailand.

    Ingosstrakh price>

    Assistance for Ty is mediocre, and the price of insurance is very high, very straightforward. And at the same time there is also a deductible of $ 50 for Asia, does not cover sunburn and allergies, the exacerbation of the chronicle covers only within 5% of the insured amount. It's a mystery to me why buy them at such prices. It would be more logical to take then Allianz or Tripinsurance, cheaper and better insurance.

    From the pros - Dengue is insured. Another important point for Asia is that the policy must be issued no later than 5 days before the trip, and its duration should be from 7 days. Previously, Ingostrakh sent to the Bangkok Hospital, now it is rare.

    Renaissance Insurance (FIRSTassist, GVA and Class)

    Here is what the insurance call-center replied to me: «When registering a policy on the Renaissance website, there will be one of 3 service companies: FIRSTassist, GVA and Class. FIRSTassist for Turkey only. On what basis will the GVA be appointed or the Class call-center does not have such information». Hmm. If the insurance company itself does not know, then how should travelers know.

    If you take it, then through Cherehapa, there will definitely be a Class. Although I don't see much point in this purchase.

    Insurance for children under the age of 1 year is cheaper than that of other companies (except for Sberbank, it is cheaper than everyone else). Includes Dengue, exacerbation of the chronicle, allergies, sunburn, assistance in terrorist attacks. The policy can be bought during the trip. Of the minuses - a deductible of $ 50.

    Rosgosstrakh (GVA and others)

    A little strange situation with this insurance, the assistance is not known in advance and will be appointed when an insured event occurs. These can be: GVA, Europ Assistance, Fidelitas Assistance, Savitar Group, Balt Assistance. Good or bad, depends on how lucky, apparently. Insurance is not very popular among travelers.

    But, according to the insurance contract, this company covers the costs of exacerbation of chronic diseases with a threat to life in the amount of 1000 ye by default and in the amount of 10% of the insured amount, if the option is selected «Relief of complications of chronic diseases». In the latter case, if you insure yourself for $ 100 thousand, then the exacerbation of the chronicle will be covered for $ 10 thousand. Moreover, it did not matter whether it was known about the chronicle in advance or not. Burns and all sorts of allergies also cover.

    Reso-Garantia (Europ assistance)

    We used to work with AXA, but with the crisis we turned to cheaper assistance. Technical support is so-so. About assistens, that's what they answered me «If you purchase the policy at the RESO office, then the service company in most countries is Europe Assistance, Bulgaria - Fidelitas, Turkey and Egypt - Remed». In Tae there will be Europ Assistance. For the high price that they offer policies, I would have thought 10 times whether it is worth buying with such an assistance.

    Reviews, both positive and negative. Dengue is insured. $ 50 deductible, does not cover allergies and sunburn.

    VTB (GVA)

    The price has risen greatly (once one of the cheapest), so it is no longer worth considering, at such a price there are much better options. Moreover, they have GVA assistance, which is not very good and many hospitals have stopped working with GVA altogether. As far as I know, they had problems in Asia, so when choosing Thailand in Cherekhap, you will not see VTB in the results at all. In short, if you take it, then for Schengen only.

    Alpha Insurance (GVA)

    I will separately mention the Alpha with GVA. Such assistance will be available when buying on the official website, so I would not consider this option at all, it is better to use Alpha through Cherekhapa, as I wrote above, if at all. Alpha insurance can be bought from abroad.

    UralSIB (Savitar, Coris and GVA)

    Assistants are so-so and there are a lot of negative reviews for Urashiba in 2018. I would not take, but you yourself see.

    Military insurance company VSK (MedAssist International)

    Quite a murky company with vague terms of the insurance contract. They used to work with Class, but now they have MedAssist. And if you come to the office in person, then in different cities you can be sold a policy with other assistants, the list of which cannot be seen anywhere. Reviews are bad, they often write that the insurance company offers to pay for everything on the spot, which is why the meaning of such insurance is lost.

    Online insurance comes without a deductible. But if the policy comes with the tour, then it may be «not working» - $ 200 deductible for children under 2 years old and for those over 70.

    • If you want an inexpensive working travel insurance - we buy Sberbank. For the price, there are no alternatives now.
    • There is an opportunity to take it more expensive - we buy ERV. She is BEST FOR THAILAND.

    What is assistance and why is it important

    Few people know, but not only the insurance company is important, but also its assistance.

    Assistance is a service company that will deal with you abroad in case of an insured event and send you to the hospital. Each insurance company has an agreement with a specific assistance, and the assistance will already have contracts with hospitals. It is the assistance phone number that is specified in your insurance policy. You will only call and communicate with assistance. Assistance does not sell policies.

    Therefore, you need to choose assistance too, or rather, even a bundle of Insurance + Assistance. It's best to read country-specific reviews, but the top ones work fine in all countries. But be prepared that there will be a negative for each assistance and insurance. This is a normal situation and must be taken for granted. Such is the insurance business, all within the framework of an insurance contract. I didn't take into account something, your problems.

    Assistance rating

  • Evro-Center Holding
  • Allianz Global Assistance (AGA), formerly Mondial
  • Tripinsurance
  • Axa assistance (AXA)
  • Europ Assistance
  • AP Companies
  • Savitar
  • Best Service
  • Balt Assistance
  • Сlass assistance (Class)
  • Global Voyager Assistance (GVA)
  • MedAssist
  • For example, there are a lot of bad reviews about GVA. And over the past few years, I see that many insurance companies have already ceased to cooperate with them. They write that Bangkok Pattaya Hospital does not work with GVA due to their debts and non-payment. For myself, I decided not to mess with the GVA, at least for Asia, and you decide for yourself. MedAssist is somewhere at the bottom too. And Allianz, on the contrary, is in the TOP.

    You need to know that not all hospitals in a particular city will have an agreement with your assessment. Therefore, you will be directed to the one with whom there is a contract. In very small towns, there may not be such a hospital at all. I experienced this myself in China. The situation will be resolved on the spot: they may offer to go to a neighboring large city at their own expense (with subsequent reimbursement), or they will offer to pay for the treatment themselves and receive a reimbursement upon their return to Russia. The latter should be avoided! You may not receive anything, since the necessary piece of paper will not be enough.

    Unfortunately, knowing in advance for sure where you will be sent will not work, insurance and assistance will not tell you anything. Perhaps it all depends on the complexity of the case, economic feasibility, etc., so as not to be bound by obligations. they don't say anything. Only Tripinsurance answers such questions and it is very convenient.

    Where to buy insurance in Thailand

    I recommend checking insurance prices for travel to Thailand in several services at once. There may be discounts. It is absolutely safe to buy through them, I have already checked it several times, I constantly buy for myself and my friends / family. The policies are always in the databases of insurance.

    Insurance prices are usually lower than on the websites of insurance companies. Due to the large number of sales, they can afford it..


    Polis812 is an agency that has been dealing with visa processing in Moscow and St. Petersburg for many years. They have been on the market for a very long time. Polis812 have knocked out special prices for insurance and are now offering several very good options (they are in my TOP). Few filters, but the most important options are shown right next to each insurance.

    Check prices for Polis812>

    All policies purchased on Polis812 can be returned without penalty before the start of their validity. Everything is done online, you don't have to go to the office of the insurance company.


    Cherehapa - I've been using them since 2012, and I'm not ashamed to recommend them, really a very high-quality site without glitches and very thoughtful. There are a lot of filters to find the right insurance. I wrote detailed instructions for Cherekhapa.

    Check out Cherehapa prices>

    • A very convenient filter by options, no one has one. You can quickly select insurance for specific options, including Dengue, chronicle insurance, etc..
    • Insurance purchased on Cherekhap can be returned (online!) Before the trip without fines, that is, you can get all your money back. And some insurance companies may require you to cancel the policy directly at the office..
    • Cool technical support, knows the answers to all insurance questions.


    Another service where it is worth punching the cost of insurance. The cool thing is their option «Telemedicine», which allows you to communicate with a Russian-speaking doctor 24 hours a day online through the application (I recommend to put it right away). Not only therapists and pediatricians are available, but also specialized specialists, including nutritionists. It is useful if you do not know whether it is worth going to the hospital, to understand whether the correct diagnosis was made, to check the doctor's prescriptions from the hospital.

    You can consult not only before and after visiting the hospital, but also during the appointment to ask any more questions or clarify something. Very helpful.

    The option is included in all policies over 5,000 rubles and in any ERV policies, which are now top-ranked in Thailand. You can also buy Telemedicine for a ridiculous 100-250 rubles, which is very little by modern standards..

    Check Instore prices>


    And this company used to be engaged in comparing prices for OSAGO and CASCO. But then we also made a tour of insurance. Sometimes they have discounts, so we check here too..

    Check prices for Sravni>

    Frequently asked Questions

    Is insurance compulsory when traveling in Thailand?

    • No matter how some bloggers refer to Law 132-FZ on compulsory insurance, insurance in Thailand is voluntary. But having learned from my experience, I highly recommend doing it, it is your health and your children. Compared to the cost of medicine in Tai, insurance costs a penny. 1-2 appointments with a doctor will easily pay off the insurance, and 1 day in the hospital will exceed its cost several times.

    Is medicine expensive in Thailand??

    • Very. You may simply not be able to pay off the hospital if something serious happens, as I once did: the bill was 1.5 million baht (3 million rubles). 1 day a day in the hospital for a child to drip a drip at a high temperature (which often happens) costs $ 500-3000. If you fall on a bike, then calmly pay for treatment from 10 thousand dollars.

    Do I need an original stamped policy?

    • The original is not needed, an electronic file is sufficient. There is no need to go to the insurance office. I went to the hospital many times, they didn't even ask for a printout, I always sent them an email and that's it..

    What is a franchise?

    • Deductible means what a fixed amount you will pay each time an insured event occurs. And only the invoice in excess of this amount will be paid by the insurance company. Usually the deductible is 30-50 ye.

    What is an annual policy?

    • A policy that is valid throughout the year. But there are always limitations. For example, in total for all trips, you can stay abroad for 45 days. Another option is that the number of trips is also unlimited, but the insurance only works for the first 45 days of each trip..

    Is it possible to buy insurance while in Thailand?

    • Not all insurance companies are allowed to do this. When buying, be sure to check the box «I am already traveling», then in the list you will see only those who allow. Here I have list of such insurances. I recommend taking Allianz.

    How to use travel insurance

    I have applied for insurance many times while traveling: to Thailand, Hong Kong, Poland, China. So experience is enough. I have many posts on how this or that insurance behaved, but the most serious experience was in Phuket with ERV. The son ended up with pneumonia in intensive care (post about this experience). There was even transportation by air ambulance to Bangkok, oh how.

    The main rules: When you call the assistance, you should say that you feel very bad and you definitely need a doctor! And do not try to say that you got sick back in Russia.


  • After the occurrence of an insured event (for example, a fever has risen), you need to call your Assistance phone number indicated in the policy (usually it is in Moscow), and not go straight to the hospital. It is the assistance that will tell you where to go..
  • As a rule, in the assistance they tell you that the search for the hospital will take 1-2 hours and they will call you back and send you an SMS. If possible, give your local number, and not a Russian one, so that it would be cheaper. Or ask if it is possible to communicate through the messenger. If you are not contacted after the agreed time, call yourself.
  • Go to the designated hospital. Don't forget your passport and smartphone. At the reception, say that you are under insurance and you were told to come here. You may be asked to show a printout of the policy or send the file by email (so always keep the policy file on your phone or in the mail).
  • If the staff already knows about you, then everything is fine. If not, then the assistance has not yet sent a letter of guarantee (or it has not arrived). We call the assistance again and say that let's hurry up, I'm already in the hospital.
  • After receiving a letter of guarantee by the hospital, you may be asked to leave your passport as a deposit. This is a common practice, but it happens more often when buying cheap insurance..
  • You go to the doctor for an examination. Then you go to the hospital pharmacy, where you are given medicine. All of this should be free. Then your passport is returned (if you took it) and you go back to the hotel.
  • If the passport is not given, then take the phone number of the hospital, where to call to find out when you can pick up your passport. And call the assistance and tell the situation. If they tell you to wait, wait. If you wait a long time, then you go to the hotel and from there call the assistance again and rush him - they say, you will soon be flying away. In the worst case, you will be given it in 3 days.
  • Do not self-medicate and it is better not to tell the assistant about it. Antipyretic maximum. The insurance company may refuse to pay if you decide to drink some pills yourself or refuse to take those prescribed by the doctor.

    How to call Russia cheap>

    If suddenly a situation arises that your insurance company does not give the hospital a letter of guarantee for payment of expenses for a long time, call not only the assistance service, but also the insurance company itself, swear with them. The insurance company may offer to pay for everything on its own, and upon return, pay you compensation. Better wait and disagree! Let them pay, otherwise it will be difficult to return the money later, you may not have some important piece of paper.

    If you are in a small town where there is no hospital with which the assistance works, then you will have to pay yourself. This is a common practice. The same is the case if you want to go to another hospital and not to the one assigned by the assistant. In this case, a refund is made only through compensation upon return to Russia. However, remember that you must notify the assistance of all your actions..

    If the doctor has appointed you a second appointment or procedures, then it is imperative to call the Assistance before the next visit to the hospital and agree on everything, having learned whether they will pay for them or not..

    What you need to know before buying

    Important conditions in insurance

    • Almost no one insures on the current day, so buy insurance at least a few days in advance. It is better if the day of the flight is also included in the insurance. Always check the terms of the annual policy: how many insured days are included during the year, is the number of trips limited.
    • Find out if your insurance has a deductible, typically $ 50.
    • It is better to choose the amount of insurance coverage of $ 50,000 or more, especially for a child. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.
    • No travel insurance is valid if alcohol is found in the blood. But one insurance company may say that in any case, there should be no alcohol, another - that there will be no payment if the insured event was a result of alcohol. But for colds, a blood test for alcohol is definitely not taken, it has been checked many times. So we are talking about the refusal of insurance when driving while drunk or in some other cases associated with injuries (like a drunk walked and fell).
    • Few insurance covers infectious / tropical diseases such as hepatitis or yellow fever that must be vaccinated against. Dengue fever, on the contrary, many.

      Chronic diseases are insured only in case of a threat to life and often for a limited amount of the order of 1000-5000 ye. If certain options are important to you, then be sure to ask a question in the chat of Cherekhapa or Polis812, they will give you an exact answer. It's just that operators who don't know anything often sit in the insurance call-center. With insurance for disabled people in general everything is complicated.

    • Indicate all countries where you intend to be during your trip. But keep in mind that if the maximum tariff is used for a particular country, then all insurance will be held at this tariff. Sometimes it's easier to choose right away «The whole world»,
      what to list.
    • If you are going to a specific wilderness (village, small town), then be prepared to either pay for everything yourself (and then demand a refund), or go to the nearest large city to the specified hospital. In general, the main rule here is that if you want qualified medical care, go to a large resort, and not in the first place. This is especially true for families with children. And yes, you shouldn't really save on travel insurance, it will come out sideways.
    • If the insurance was purchased while traveling, then it can take effect only after 5-6 days. Such protection from those fraudsters who buy insurance after the occurrence of an insured event. But the right travelers buy insurance back in Russia, then it starts working from the moment they cross the border. But here list of insurance, which allow purchasing from abroad.
    • With maternity insurance separate story, few people want to take such risks. Follow the link for my list of insurances with normal conditions.

    Additional options for insurance

    • One of the most needed options is luggage insurance. Although it increases the cost of travel insurance a little, it is quite useful, especially if your luggage is not only shorts and T-shirts, but also some less valuable things. Please note that if you buy this option, the start date of insurance must be on the day of departure from the country of residence in order to «to seize» flight.
    • Accident insurance actually means payment upon returning home, and with a small percentage of the sum insured. That is, upon death, 100% is given, in case of a bruise and fracture, 5-10% is paid. At the same time, she does not cover medical expenses and, in fact, does not help you in any way abroad. Very detailed about the need for accident insurance. Read and decide if you need this option.
    • Also read about the option travel cancellation insurance. In my opinion, it is rather dubious for independent travelers and greatly increases the cost of insurance, but in some cases you can buy it.
    • If you are going to ride a bike in the same Thailand, you will have to select the option «Leisure» or «Sport» (the names may be different for the insurance companies). Although, for example, Tripinsurance initially takes into account falls from a bike, but this is a rarity. True, their insurance is more expensive than the rest. But any other insurance with such an option becomes more expensive. It is important to consider that you must still have category rights. «BUT» driving a motorcycle, and there should be no alcohol in the blood. That is why those travelers who do inexpensive insurance, do not have a driver's license and options for bikes, then get stuck in history. Yes, there is a possibility that the insurance will cover even without a license, for example, if you say that you were traveling as a passenger, or even on a tuk-tuk, and the driver fled the scene. But whether this option will work, no one will tell you in advance.

    P.S. Do not be ill! Ask questions if something is not clear.