Surely, everyone noticed that for a certain kind of articles or topics on the forums, whole discussion threads from the series, «what did you do yourself», «Who are you, start with yourself». Observing similar verbal battles on our blog, I made one very unexpected conclusion for myself: presenting «Begin with yourself» in this format is the same extreme as «everyone owes me», and in general does not make sense. I wonder if I'm the only one who thinks so?

I clarify right away, these are only my conclusions, I do not impose my point of view. Let's try to figure it out together.

Be positive!

Be positive!

The content of the article

All responsibilities are in the law

Look here. Once upon a time people gathered for a general council and organized the state. It's easier when everyone is assigned a certain role: one is an ordinary citizen, the other monitors the implementation of the order (all professions are needed, all professions are important (s)). In addition to the fact that the roles were distributed voluntarily (no one was forced to go to the police / social protection / duma), a set of rules was adopted, or, in our opinion, laws. Accordingly, the rights and obligations of every citizen of a particular country are spelled out in the law and the Constitution, and in fact are signed by each of us..

From here follows the main conclusion - any person is obliged to do only what is prescribed in the law and nothing beyond that. After all, we ourselves once agreed on this. Therefore, if Vasya suddenly ceases to act in accordance with the law, then to whom should the claims be directed? Vasya or Pete, who passed by and spoke? As a rule, those who shout the most about «Begin with yourself», they bring down all their flurry of indignation on Petya, who simply expressed an opinion (or even, oh my God, demanded) that since Vasya violated him, then he should be brought to justice. No, for some reason it becomes taboo to talk about violations of other people and demand only to live according to the law. It is much more fashionable to shout at every corner that you need to start with yourself. Vasya got dirty? So be quiet, don't demand anything, collect a volunteer cleanup and take away Vasya's trash. This is how the civic position should be manifested! 🙂

And only if you have a lot of regalia, you have collected a dozen subbotniks, built a couple of shelters for pets, are a volunteer in an orphanage, then only then will our patriotic community allow you to demand something. And just an honest life according to the law does not give such a right. It does not roll, alas.

To be honest, this attitude makes me deeply bewildered. At first, people agreed, drew up the Constitution, signed it, and now for some reason some have the right to violate it, while others should not hum and rake after others. How so?

About taxes

Still touches about taxes. What do they have to do with it? They say that the taxes that we all pay are not enough to pay for the police, medicine and so on. Are you offering to pay in excess of that? That is, you are proposing to break the law? Are you willing to pay more yourself? Or you propose to introduce a tax on «requirement»? If you want to demand something, pay additional tax.

There is the state, there are structures that determine the rate of income tax and other contributions. Surely, if we have such a rate, then it is enough for the police, and for taxes, and for benefits for disabled children. Otherwise, they would have made a different bet, isn't it logical? After all, the problem is different, that part of the funds goes not for their intended purpose, that's all.

«Begin with yourself» can only recommend

To make it clearer, I will also state my position. So, I myself also advocate «Begin with yourself». Yes, you need to do something, you need to write to the authorities, you need to say hello to your neighbors, you need to resolve issues with parking and improve the entrances. But you need to understand that this should be voluntary! This cannot be demanded of anyone! You cannot, with every expression of dissatisfaction, spread rot on another person with your «and what did you do». Yes, he is not obliged to do anything, he is not obliged! To do this, there are other people who also voluntarily assumed obligations, went to this job, no one forced them. Therefore, it is possible and legitimate to express dissatisfaction with the violation of the law, but to demand «Begin with yourself», in fact it is impossible. Here is such a paradox 🙂

Naturally, there is nothing wrong with doing something beyond what is described in the law (subbotniks, helping other people), no, on the contrary, it is very, very cool. But! «Begin with yourself» should be, in my opinion, a purely recommendatory nature, the matter is voluntary. In the end, you need to inspire! Not to demand, do you understand the difference? It is much more efficient. And here you need to understand that everyone has the right to refuse a voluntary business. For example, I now have a desire, but now all my strength is spent on my son and work. Therefore, the maximum that I can do is occasionally go to the authorities when our personal interests are offended (and then I write small instructions on the blog - 1, 2), as well as give away things for free, which we do regularly. We wanted to somehow stir up a cleanup in the Butovo forest, but they did not pull the organization in time.

P.S. To summarize, forcing (heh, what a strange word) everyone to live honestly and obey the law, we will get a completely different country and state. How real is a completely different question. Therefore, I would suggest going in two ways: voluntarily fight against lawbreakers (even the dissemination of information) and inspire others to do good deeds..

There is a mistake in my logical reasoning?