East Railay Beach

East Railay (or Railay) is «technical» beach on the peninsula of the same name. Although, I'm even at a loss which word to put in quotes - «technical» or «Beach». In fact, it is just an embankment, a concrete footpath laid along the coast, along the sea.

In some places, artificial stone embankments were created for it, and in part - they defaced the shore with cement, strengthening the natural embankments. The main purpose of East Railay is to serve as a pier. Passenger and cargo boats arrive here from Ao Nam Mao, Krabi town and from here they sail somewhere else to other beaches of Railay.

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Beach description

If you set yourself this goal, then you can walk the entire concrete path from edge to edge in about 30 minutes. And, practically along the entire length of the concrete, you will observe a rocky shallow bottom overgrown with mangroves.

Mangrove roots trap debris, which makes dull landscapes appear at low tide - plastic, polystyrene, bags, boards, flooded boats. Only the most drunk or crazy comrade can swim here, and most likely only at high tide.

In fairness, it should be noted that there is a small bathing beach on this coast, it is located at the end farthest from Pra Nang, on the territory of the Railai Great View Resort & Spa .

Both the beach and the bottom under the water are covered with large stones and coarse sand. At high tide, the beach is completely hidden under water, and at low tide you can sunbathe here and, relatively comfortably, swim, preferably in swimming shoes.

Entering the water, depth and waves

Trust me, you won't want to go into the water here. The depth is by eye, knee-deep at low tide and shoulder-deep at high tide, but most of the beach lies against mangroves or rocks. There is only one section where you can go down to the sea and sit on the beach, which is more or less like a beach - the place is marked on the map at the end of the post.

Sun beds and shade

The shade is created by coastal dense vegetation and high mountains, among which the resort is hidden. There can be no question of any sun loungers, umbrellas and other attributes of a beach holiday - there is nowhere to put them here and for nothing.

In the presence of Pra Nanga and West Railay, there is simply no need to be on this rocky beach. Therefore, the main visitors here are boatmen, who have their own small pier, and the security of the resort during a smoke break.

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Bubble lot on East Riley

Bubble lot on East Riley


On the East Railay, most of the cafes and small shops of the peninsula are taken out, there are still several hotels, and a couple of resorts go here. On the East Railay there is the only pharmacy on the entire peninsula, there are special ramps to the sea for machinery - tractors that are engaged in the delivery of goods over mountainous terrain.

Also, all tourists who want to get to Phra Nang pass along the concrete path, because there is no direct path through the territory of the hotels..

Houses and hotels on the beach

East Riley, although uncompromising, is where the bulk of hotels, both budget and not so much, are concentrated. And if it doesn't interfere with walking to the beach for 10-20 minutes, then the location is quite good, one way you go - you will come to Railay, in the other direction - to Pranang.

Top rated hotels on the beach, the three-star Avatar Railay has great grounds, nice cabins and a fairly large pool, which is a big plus on this beach..

Another good hotel is the popular four-star Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa. Not a budget option, but there is excellent service, nice clean rooms, a well-groomed area and a spacious pool. Railay Princess Resort & Spa is another well located four star hotel very popular with tourists.

It is less expensive than the previous one, but the service and the rest are also at a high level. Roughly the same in terms of price ratio, quality nice green hotel with spacious rooms Sunrise Tropical Resort .

Hotels in Krabi>

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

How to find the beach

Like the rest of the beaches of the peninsula, East Riley is accessible by boat from anywhere in the Krabi-Aonang resort, Nopparat Tara and Ao Nimmao. Some brave people make their way to the very beach in the resort, walking along the stones along the coast at low tide, thereby saving on a one-way ticket.

From Riley West, Ton Sai and Pra Nang can be reached in 10-20 minutes following signs. In fact, there is only one road that connects all four beaches of the Railay Peninsula. It's hard to get lost)

Beach Map

Riley Beaches Scheme

Riley Beaches Scheme

East Riley Beach Map

East Riley Beach Map: