Phranang Cave Beach - the best in Krabi

I think this is one of the best beaches in Krabi, on Railay Peninsula, and maybe all over Thailand (just as good and West Railay himself).

Perhaps that is why quite a lot of people gather here both on weekends and on weekdays of the high season. The boats are close to each other and, practically, half of the beach is fenced off from the water. If you sit on the Ao Nang promenade next to the boat stations and watch how many tourists load into longtails and rumble towards Railay.

It becomes clear why there is such a crowd in Pra Nang. If it were not for this moment, it would be generally cool. But there is a way out of this situation - to come on weekdays. In low season.

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Beach description

The beach is very beautiful, clear water, almost white, very soft and fluffy sand, and cliffs rise around. Seen from above, Phra Nang is located on a small sandbank surrounded by mountains - like in a movie. The nature is awesome. She, of course, is good on the neighboring beaches, but somehow everything is combined together so that it is straight, in general, everything looks cool.

Krabi in miniature. Here you can see everything that is in principle in the province: caves, cliffs, a religious site, a bounty beach, an azure sea, and opposite Pra Nang, a rock island sticks out in the water.

Entering the water, depth and waves

Entry into the water is relatively quick, the bottom on the beach is clean, without large stones and corals, waves only occur in windy weather. You can swim at low tide, the main thing is to get to the beach before the tourist begins. «landing in Normandy», that is, until 8 o'clock in the morning.

Just at this time, boats with Ao Nang, Nopparat Tara and Ao Nammao. There is no beach equipment rental on Pra Nang, so you need to take care of this yourself and in advance.

Sun beds and shade

But there is a problem with the shadow. Part of the beach is occupied by private property and is fenced with a stone embankment, there is a shadow here, but you will not be allowed into it for free. There are separate trees on the shore, but they do not completely protect from the sun, and there may not be enough space. There is no shade from the bush on Pranang in the afternoon - this is the west coast.

On the right side of the bank, the trees smoothly turn into the forest and you can go deeper into it, leaving the coast and the sun, but this will not be very convenient. The best shadow is on the left side of the beach, it is created by the rock. But there are constantly crowds of tourists who need to take a photo against the backdrop of a grotto filled with phalluses of various sizes..

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There is no infrastructure on the shore. It is in this part of the peninsula that water and food can be bought only in longtails, which arrive in the morning and set off at sunset. The assortment there is meager - simple Thai salads, noodle soups and other products on sticks that are fried in boiling oil.

There are no hotels there either. More precisely, one resort goes to the shore, but there is no alternative to it, so live either in a resort or in hotels on the nearest beach East railay, what actually everyone is doing.

Houses and hotels on the beach

The best user-rated Railay hotels are Railay Village Resort & Spa and Sand Sea Resort. These are three-star beachfront resorts with swimming pools, restaurants and well-maintained grounds. They are located in the center of West Raily beach, right next to the sea..

There are practically no hotels on Prangang itself. The closest to him is Rayavadee, he is already on East Railay, there is super, but very expensive. In general, East Railay is probably the best place to stay, if you need to save money, there are the most hotels, including budget ones. And from there you can already go to Pranang or West Railay.

Hotels in Krabi>

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How to find the beach

You can immediately sail to Phranang Beach by boat from any of the three beaches: Ao Nang, Nopparat Thara (the ticket is more expensive) or Ao Nammao (the ticket is 20 baht cheaper). But if suddenly you sailed to another beach, then it doesn’t matter, it’s not long going here, 10-20 minutes, depending on where you are..

All the beaches of the peninsula are linked by footpaths. However, you can take a boat and it will take you wherever you say, the main thing is just pay money.

Road from East railay Phranang is quite interesting, although it only takes 5-10 minutes. I would even say - fabulous. The path is bordered by a steep cliff with mini-caves, and from time to time it is entangled with vines.

In the middle of the path there is a sign for the viewpoint and Princess Lagune, which is directed upwards. Along the ropes and rocks in that direction, after an hour and a half of hard work, you will see a stunning view of Railay and the lagoon hidden in the ring of mountains.

In front of the beach there is a hotel wall, on which hundreds of handprints are stamped - these are the traces of those who climbed the red clay to the Princess Lagoon. The path ends, abutting against the sea, this is the leftmost part of Prananag, if you stand facing the sea. There used to be a small warehouse of phalluses in a depression in the rock next to the water, but then it seemed to be removed.

And if you walk along the cliff, go into the water and go further, there will be a grotto. True, at high tide you will not have to go, but swim.

And one more place is not for everyone - on the far, from the cave of the phallus, the edge of Pranang, you can go deep into the bush, and following the path of climbers, get to a huge cave. It’s safe everywhere, there are bamboo ladders. Climbing the stairs, you can see all of Phra Nang at a glance - a fantastic sight, especially at noon, when the sun reflects off the white sand at the bottom of the sea.




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Riley Beaches Scheme

Riley Beaches Scheme

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Phra Nang Beach Map: