Bang Por Beach - fine sand, muddy bottom, muddy sea

Bang Por beach is located in the northern part of the island, between the bay beach Tong Plu (Thong Plu Bay) and the beach Bang Tai (Ban Thai). Bang Po is about 3 km long, stretching from east to west between the coastline and the Ring Road. In the west, the road runs literally 30-50 m from the sea, and near a small mountain in the middle of Bang Po, the road goes further from the water up to 200 meters.

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Beach description

The width of the beach is about 20 meters and almost does not change along its entire length, as well as the angle of inclination to the water. There are two areas with reclaimed soil, where the channels of two drainage systems go out into the sea, which are empty in the dry season, and during the rains they turn into rivers and wash away the beaches with sewage water. Shoals formed on the beach in these places.

Covered with coarse yellow sand, Bang Po has in places rocky and sometimes muddy, shallow seabed that cannot be walked on with bare feet and a pleasant smile on your face. Only special footwear and distance from the shore by 50-10 meters to enter the water up to the waist

Despite the fact that the sea on Bang Po is not the most convenient in terms of swimming, a large number of hotels and resorts are built near the beach, the owners of which maintain cleanliness and order across from their territories. There are a few empty, unbuilt plots in front of which the beach has an unspoiled view, and debris in the surf. But in general, Bang Po leaves a pleasant impression of well-groomed and civilized.

There are no grandiose hotels on the beach, dense buildings create the impression of being closed, the sea is not for everybody - all this favors the small number of tourists on the shore.

In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Koh Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Entering the water, depth and waves

At low tide, the sea moves away from the coast for a dozen meters, coral thickets and shallow waters along the Bang Po beach extend for 150-200 meters. When entering the water, small stones come across under your feet, the viscous bottom interferes. There are boulders so large that they can be seen even a hundred meters from the shore (on the left side of the beach, on the right there is none).

On the left side of the beach in the water, in the surf, there is a brown suspension and black spots on the bottom.

The best time to swim in Bang Po, especially for children, is in the morning, when the tide has not yet begun, and the sea covers the very 10 m of sandy beach. Waves on a regular basis are absent here, and appear only during bad weather and strong winds.

It is worth noting that in autumn-winter there is much more water, and during this period the beach becomes better: it is a little deeper, up to a strip of coral it becomes 10-20 meters further.

Sun beds and shade

Beach equipment for recreation is presented in the form of sun loungers, placed on the private territory of hotels, sometimes on a public beach. There are no sun loungers and parasols for rent.

But there is a large number of palms and deciduous trees, which allow you to calmly organize your leisure time on the beach, doing just one straw rug..

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Due to its shallowness and low population, Bang Po has not acquired beach activities such as renting jet skis, water bananas and bouncy castles. In some places there are massage houses and kayak rentals, but the main activity available in Bang Po is the beach «Dolce Far Niente». The location of Bang Po between the most popular northern Samui beach - Maenam, and the very hermitic Tong Plu, has formed a liquid infrastructure around the beach.

Along the road you can find a couple of mini-markets, many Thai cafes and makashniki, a number of restaurants overlooking the sea, several laundries, bottled gas stations, in general - the minimum set for such a beach. Bang Po is attractive in that being away from the main life of the island, it did not turn into a sleepy kingdom like Taling Ngama, but life in him is not in full swing. Maenam in this regard will be more active.

Hypermarkets are located within half an hour's drive, to Lompraya and Sitran Ferry piers about 15 minutes by car. It takes about forty minutes to get to the airport, provided that there is no accident anywhere on the route. Traffic on the Ring Road along Bang Po is quite intense, and cars rush at a higher speed than on Maenam.

Attractions closest to the beach:

  • At the highest point of the pass, there is a viewpoint gazebo overlooking Thong Plu, Bang Po and neighboring Koh Phangan..
  • A hundred meters from the gazebo there is a road that goes steeply up to the villas on the mountain. There is a playground with a stunning sunset view.
  • Closer to Nathon, in the interior of the island there is an unpopular with tourists, but unusually pretty waterfall Zong Raue, in Russian transcription by Song Rya.


Houses and hotels on the beach

The development of the coast along Bang Po is quite dense, especially in the eastern half of the beach, after a turn in the road. If in the west along the water there are single buildings-restaurants, then the east is occupied by full-fledged resorts with 10-15 houses in a territory closed from prying eyes..

The main selection of homes starts behind the Ring Road, with a wide range of prices. And if you are an unassuming person, the lack of a pool and green area does not bother you, then you can easily find a one-bedroom house without renovation, with the Internet and 5 baht per unit of electricity, costing 7,000 baht per month.

Although the choice is not very rich, hotels near Bang Po Beach can be found for all tastes and budgets, from the luxuriously chic Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui Thailand and the pleasant green Natural Wing Resort to simple wooden Bangpo Village bungalows and ordinary houses on stilts. New Sunrise Village Bangpor .

All these are hotels with accommodation in bungalows or detached houses. Panalee Resort Koh Samui is an example of a hotel with a building of several floors, with pleasant interiors and green territory..

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How to find the beach

The bathingness of the sea is the same throughout its entire length, so if it is not important for you where to get to the beach, go to its middle, where there is a large wasteland where you can get almost to the water by car.

In general, beach access is possible anywhere, including resort areas.





Beach Map

Bang Po Beach Map

Bang Po Beach Map: