Laem Sala Beach

Beach Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, therefore, the entrance is paid. Located near the village Bang pu, and it is separated from it by a rock, that is, it is impossible to get directly to Laem Sala beach by transport (you can take a boat).

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Beach description

The beach sand is white with an admixture of shells and casuarin needles. There is practically no garbage, so sporadically. Most likely they are cleaning it, because the national park. People are also very few and mostly tourists who came to see the cave. Also, some of the visitors stay overnight, but there are also few of them and they are mostly Thais..

If you go to the right (if you look facing the water), then the beach ends with a rock with grottoes. And a little further there will be two more pieces of the beach, where you can go only at low tide, or by jumping on large boulders.

Entering the water, depth and waves

Entry into the water is smooth, the depth does not change quickly. At low tide, the water leaves and becomes shallow. You can swim in not all places, or rather, only in front of the houses of the National Park. There are signs in other places «do not swim, it is dangerous».

Sun beds and shade

The shade on the beach creates a casuarine forest. It is not right at the water's edge, but very close. Moreover, in the part where the buildings of the national park are, there is ordinary sand under the trees, but if you go a little to the right, then there is a litter of needles, and the sand is not visible. No sun loungers.

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Two pieces of the beach to the right:



Shops and attractions on the beach

The infrastructure on the beach is represented by one cafe from the national park. The assortment is small, and there is also water and ice cream. For other products you will have to go / sail to Bang Pu, or even go to the city..

There is also only one attraction here, but quite famous - Phraya Nakhon cave. Actually, most likely because of her, they made a paid entrance and territory with a bungalow.

Houses and hotels on the beach

There is no accommodation on the beach, except for the bungalows of the national park. This is related to their high cost - from 1,500 baht. Bungalows are simple, but there are also air-conditioned bungalows. I did not know in detail. Often in national parks there is an opportunity to stop in a tent, for this there is a Camp Ground and a tent rental, but I have not seen anything like this here..

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How to find

First you need to come to the Bang Pu village, it is located near the coast and also has its own beach. You need the very right edge of the coastline, there is a toll booth, and there are boats for crossing. Laem Sala is located further to the right across the cliff from Bang Pu. You can get there, either on foot, overcoming the rise, or by boat for 100-200 baht. Walk 20 minutes, swim 5 minutes.

Laem Sala beach on the map

Laem Sala Beach

Laem Sala Beach
Laem Sala beach belongs to the national park. Here you can stay in a bungalow. The main attraction is the Phraya Nakhon cave.
Read about the beach.

Laem Sala Beach

Laem Sala beach belongs to the national park. Here you can stay in a bungalow. The main attraction is Phraya Nakhon Cave. Read about the beach.