Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory - with sandy beaches on the Black Sea

It is believed that sandy beaches in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory are concentrated mainly on the coastline from Anapa to Taman. But there are also a few more pieces of the beach with sand. These are, for example, the city beach of Gelendzhik and the beach of the Plyakho village, which are located in the Tuapse region. In addition to the beaches with yellow sand, which we are used to on the coasts of the same Thailand, there are also beaches with gray / brown sand, which look more like small-fine pebbles than sand. True, usually such sand is found in places, stripes.

It is clear that you will not get the Maldives and bounty on the Black Sea, but it is possible to relax on the sandy beach. And I personally would go to the sandy beaches to have a rest with children, especially if the child is small and still crawling. Therefore, since there is a choice, it is better to know where there is sand, for this this review was written. If you have any more information on this, add in the comments.

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The best sandy beaches of the Krasnodar Territory

The best beaches of the Krasnodar Territory can be considered the beaches that are located along the coast to the north-west of Anapa and to Vityazevo, in the Gelendzhik region, in the village of Plyakho, Tuapse region. The sand in this large area is predominantly yellow and plentiful, with few stones and pebbles. In the Greater Sochi area, there are practically no such beaches, with the exception of a beach with artificial sand in the Imereti Beach Club..

The beaches of the Taman Peninsula, from Volna to Veselovka

On the Taman Peninsula, from the village of Volna and approximately to the mud lake near the village of Veselovka, several beaches can be distinguished. The area here is quite deserted, but there are recreation centers and children's camps near the sea, because here it is very convenient for swimming, with a smooth approach and good golden sand. True, in some places there may be an illy bottom, the closer to the Annunciation, the less often.

The outskirts of the Volna village are very beautiful: from the high bank you can see a yellow sandy strip stretching into the distance along the sea. This is a quiet place, with nature almost untouched by man, where the wind walks in the open, well suited for «wild» recreation, including with children. The village has some kind of infrastructure, you can find housing from private owners. There are also several recreation centers nearby where you can stay.

The Volna village is quite small and there are not so many hotels that can be booked online. Probably the most comfortable is the guest house Uyut Taman. But the beach of the Volna village is not crowded, with light sand and a calm shallow sea.

From the village of Volna to Veselovka there are kilometers of wild beaches, to which you have to go down from the road to the sea from a high sandy shore. In some places it goes around and falls into the sea, and not everywhere the strip of the beach is wide. Nevertheless, the area is popular with tent lovers by the sea..

The village of Veselovka is located not on the seashore, but a little in the depths. Near Veselovka there is a salt lake with curative mud, so one of the beaches is called At Salt Lake, it has the necessary infrastructure: sun loungers, umbrellas, booths, cafes, etc. The central beach of Veselovka is Yantar, which also has an infrastructure for a beach holiday, showers, a shop, a cafe, a camping site with places for tents. The entry into the sea is shallow, and the sand is fine and golden, but there is no natural shade at all. These two beaches - near the Salt Lake and Central, are the most equipped and comfortable for relaxation..

Lake Beach in Veselovka

Lake Beach in Veselovka

Further, towards the Blagoveshchenskaya, on the Bugazskaya spit, there are the beaches Bugaz and Kiziltash, wild beaches. On the Bugaz beach, the depth increases quite quickly when entering the sea. There are kite and wind surfing schools in the area and the beaches are popular primarily with those who practice these sports. The coastal strip here is wide, without vegetation, with fine and pleasant golden sand. The beach has some kind of infrastructure, a cafe. But in general, the area is deserted.

Beach on the Bugaz Spit

Beach on the Bugaz Spit

Beaches in the vicinity of Blagoveshchenskaya

The long and rather deserted sandy beaches of the village of Blagoveshchenskaya are popular with those who like to rest with tents, kiters and surfers. But there are also large resort hotels. This calm and quiet place is attractive for families with children. Entry into the water in this area is smooth and the depth is shallow, and the sea is cleaner than near the Kurp resorts. The beaches in the Blagoveshchenskaya area are wide, with yellow and fine quartz sand.

Towards the village of Volna, the beaches of the Bugaz Spit stretch from Veselovka. They are quite deserted and poorly equipped, suitable for those who like wild recreation and those who are engaged in kite and wind surfing. A long, several kilometers long strip of fine yellow sand is almost all that can be seen on the beach.

On the beach at Summerotel there is a cafe, sun canopies, rental of water sports and sun loungers. It is spacious, quiet, fine golden sand and shallow sea. On the territory there is a dining room and a playground.

The beach near the guest house and recreation center Eden is completely deserted, there is no infrastructure on it. A path several hundred meters long leads to the sea from the base. A cafe, a canteen, a shop, etc. can be found on the territory of the recreation center Edem.

Deserted wild beaches without infrastructure stretch between the Eden Recreation Center and the Solaris Recreation Center.

Even closer to the Blagoveshchenskaya from the Taman Peninsula is the Solaris beach, where there is also a camping. There is infrastructure, water activities, cafes and you can stay with a tent. Behind the Solaris beach in the direction of Blagoveshchenskaya stretch the beaches of numerous recreation centers. For example, there is a good recreation center Oka. On these beaches, sand is mixed with shells. There are sun awnings, sun loungers, showers and changing cabins.

The most popular beach in the area is the Central Beach of the village of Blagoveshchenskaya. Although it also does not look very crowded due to the large length and width of the strip of sand. There is a tourist infrastructure on the beach. Here you can find cafes, entertainment, sun awnings, sun loungers and more. The beach is considered to be very clean, the best in the area. One of the closest hotels to the Central Beach in Blagoveshchenskaya - a small and inexpensive hotel with a swimming pool Blue Roof.

Between the Central Beach of Blagoveshchenskaya and Vityazevo there is a long and wild «nudist» beach, deserted, with a gentle entry into the water, but practically without infrastructure.

Vityazevo beaches

Compared to small villages towards the Taman Peninsula, Vityazevo is a fairly large and popular resort village with many hotels. The beaches in the Vityazevo area are full of various water and beach activities, such as large water slides, banana rides, scooters. There is also a beach infrastructure. In general, it is a relatively busy tourist destination. But some parts of the coast can be more or less sparsely populated. Part of the coastline is fenced by hotels standing next to the sea. Sun beds on such «private» beaches for hotel guests are free.

At first, wild beaches stretch between Blagoveshchenskaya and Vityazevo in a long strip. There is good golden sand, untouched nature and almost no people..

The beaches from Vityazevo towards Blagoveshchenskaya are included in a protected natural area, the entrance to which is paid - 200 rubles per car. But here there is nice sand, not crowded, beautiful dunes and open space.

Of the beaches with infrastructure, the closest to Blagoveshchenskaya is the beach of the Tortuga Island hotel - good and equipped, but not crowded. The beach has sun loungers and umbrellas, a variety of attractions and entertainment for children, good beach infrastructure. Sun loungers with umbrellas are free for hotel guests, others can rent them for a fee. There is a free minibus from the center of Vityazevo to this beach.

Pirate Cove Beach (Captain Flint Cove) is a large sandy beach with sun loungers and a sun canopy. Here you can also rent jet skis and catamarans, there is a cafe, beach volleyball and other entertainment and attractions..

Beach Pirateskaya Bay in Vityazevo

Beach Pirateskaya Bay in Vityazevo

The list of beaches of Vityazevo itself can be started with the Iris Guest House beach. This is a private beach with good infrastructure, available to guests of Iris Guest House. However, the beaches in this place are spacious, so you can freely walk to the sea. The sea near the beach is shallow, which is convenient for swimming for children. The beach is not very crowded and at the same time is quite clean and well-groomed.

The beach of the Marina hotel is also well-maintained, there are playgrounds for playing beach volleyball, showers, sun awnings, sun loungers, and a cafe. First of all, the beach is designed for guests of the Marina.

The beach of the Astoria hotel is a wide and spacious sandy beach, there are cafe tables under a canopy, beach volleyball and football grounds.

Dunes beach is wide and well-maintained, with the necessary infrastructure, and at the same time, the beach is free and accessible to everyone. Among other things, there are beach volleyball courts and massage courses. There is parking near the beach. Compared to Central, this is a less crowded beach.

Central is the most famous and crowded beach in the Vityazevo area. It is open to all comers, so during the season there are a lot of tourists. On the beach you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, there is a cafe, a lifeguard station, water attractions and entertainment. Near the central beach, the Emerald Hotel is located, convenient for families..

Vityazevo Central Beach

Vityazevo Central Beach

Near the Central Beach in the direction of Dzhemete, there are beaches of different hotels that are approximately the same in infrastructure. All of them are with yellow sand, comfortable, with good tourist infrastructure, so they are crowded in season.

Adjacent to the Central Beach of the Red Rose, Corona and Simona hotels, intended primarily for hotel guests. The beach has all the necessary amenities and infrastructure, a cafe.

The beach of the recreation center Lyudmila is also well-maintained, with sun loungers and umbrellas. Next to it you can find a variety of attractions for children and adults..

The beach of the Dvoryanskoe Gnezdo hotel is equipped in much the same way as the previous one..

The beach of the Aquamarine sanatorium is also available primarily to the guests of the sanatorium. On the beach there are sun loungers with umbrellas, a cafe, a toilet.

From Vityazevo in the direction of Dzhemete and a little further from the numerous beaches of hotels in Vityazevo is the beach of the Pearl of Russia sanatorium. The resort's beach is wide, several hundred meters long, with infrastructure and yellow sand. Next to this beach there is a good hotel with a swimming pool - guest house Dyuny Dzhemete.

In Vityazevo, the closest to the sea of ​​the high-rated hotels are the Olymp guest house and the already named Dunes Dzhemete.

Djemete beaches

The beach between Centralny in Anapa and Dzhemete starts from the Anapka river and stretches along Pionersky prospect towards Nizhniy Dzhemete. The beach is a rather wide strip of yellowish sand, but the sea in this area is shallow and the depth is growing slowly. During the season, the beach is very crowded, but it is well suited for families with children..

In this area are the Dzhemete Hotel and the Grand Cruise Hotel, both well-rated and close to the sea.

Dzhemete beach

Dzhemete beach

Sandy beaches of Anapa

The central beach of Anapa, about a kilometer long, starts from the confluence of the Anapka River into the sea and ends at the Water Stadium. The sand on the beach is yellowish gray. During the season, this place is very crowded, there is all the tourist and beach infrastructure: rental of sun loungers, sun umbrellas, attractions and entertainment. There is a Bohema hotel near the beach with good guest reviews.

Anapa Central Beach

Anapa Central Beach

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The beach of the Zolotaya Bukhta hotel is a well-equipped beach at the Zolotaya Bukhta hotel. Non-hotel guests can get to the beach for a fee. The entrance costs 300-500 rubles, but on the beach there are not only sun loungers under beautiful umbrellas, showers and a children's playground, but also a large pool with a jacuzzi.

To find out where you can stay in Anapa, you can see our post here on the blog, with my selection of inexpensive hotels - Where to stay in Anapa.

Beaches of Gelendzhik

The beach of the Tonky Mys boarding house in Gelendzhik is sandy and comfortable, with a long breakwater and a smooth entry into the sea.

From Hydrobaza to Camping «Breeze Base» stretches a sandy strip of the beach, which is called the Sandy Bottom. In this place, the strip between the embankment and the sea is narrow, and in some places it is not at all, but the entrance to the water is very shallow and the sea near the embankment is shallow, hence the name of the beach. Near the embankment, you can hide from the sun in the shade of trees, the water is usually clear, so this place is well suited for families with children.

There is a sandy area near the beach of the Primorye hotel in Gelendzhik. It is a well-equipped and popular beach with a separate area for hotel guests and a part of the.

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Central is the largest beach in Gelendzhik with yellow sand. The entry into the sea is gentle, smooth, the infrastructure is just perfect. A multitude of hotels, boarding houses, cafes, canteens, all kinds of beach and resort activities, attractions for children and other benefits of civilization make this beach one of the most popular and crowded in the season. The beach is quite long, about one and a half kilometers, and mostly wide - several tens of meters. Admission to the beach is free, but umbrellas and sun loungers are paid for rent.

Central beach of Gelendzhik

Central beach of Gelendzhik

Also a popular comfortable sandy beach, adjacent to the Central, is located in the area of ​​Grinchenko Street, this area is called Kamyshi. The infrastructure of the beach is very developed, there is everything you need for a comfortable beach holiday.

There is no shortage of hotels in Gelendzhik, there are many of them for every taste and budget. The most popular hotels near the sea in Gelendzhik are Compass Magnolia (quite far from the Central Beach), the Khata Kazaka guest house in the very center and the Grand Hotel Kempinski - one of the most luxurious on the coast.

And on top of that, we have a whole blog post with a selection of inexpensive hotels in Gelendzhik.

Beach in Dzhubga

The central beach of Dzhubga with warm gray-yellow sand and small pebbles. There is a well-developed tourist beach infrastructure, a lot of entertainment. Entry into the water is smooth and even, so the beach is well suited for families with children. The usual beach chairs, umbrellas, awnings, cafes and shops are available. Since the beach is comfortable, it is crowded and noisy during the season. In the Dzhubga area there is a new hotel complex with a swimming pool - Grand Paradise.

Beach in Lermontovo

The central beach of Lermontovo is rather long and wide, covered with sand in an isthmus with pebbles. When entering the water along the beach, there is a strip of pebbles, but it is not wide, entry into the sea is gentle and smooth. A promenade with tourist infrastructure runs along the beach. From the pier starts the camping beach, also sandy and with pebbles. It contains a large number of entertainment and attractions for children. The children's health complex Morskaya Tazka has its own beach, it is equipped with everything you need to relax. It even has a small fenced area of ​​the sea for bathing very young children, sheds that give shade, an embankment and gazebos, a first-aid post, etc. There are more pebbles and less sand along the edges of the central beach. And wild beaches are completely pebbly.

The closest to the sea in Lermontovo from more or less popular hotels is the Marseille hotel.

Central beach in Lermontovo

Central beach in Lermontovo

Beaches of the village of Plyakho

On the territory of the children's camp Orlyonok there is a camping «Rainbow», which has free access to the sandy beach. The beach has a lot of entertainment for children and adults, good infrastructure, on the campground there are cafes and shops, showers with warm water, toilets. The disadvantage of this place is its popularity - during the season it is very noisy, crowded, the beach becomes littered.

Beach of Camping Rainbow in Plyakho

Beach of Camping Rainbow in Plyakho

The beach in the village of Plyakho has real yellow sand, like the beaches in the vicinity of Anapa (Vityazevo, Dzhemete). The village is located on the outskirts of Novomikhailovsky, which in turn belongs to the Tuapse district. It is here, in the vicinity of the Plyakho village, that children's camps are located, including the famous Orlyonok recreation center for children. Plyakho beaches are mostly paid, as they are assigned to children's health camps. The cost of entry to the beaches is low, but they are clean and they are not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol, beach vendors do not go. The water in this area is also clean, it warms up faster than in other places, since the depth near the coast is shallow and grows slowly. Plyakho beaches are wide and covered with yellow quartz sand.

Popular hotels in Novomikhaylovsky: Hotel Del’ Mar in the village itself, Eko Dom in Plyakho and further north - Yug Alliance Hotel.

Beach in Plyakho village, paid entrance through Eaglet

Beach in Plyakho village, paid entrance through Eaglet

Imereti Beach Club in Sochi

The most complete yellow sand beach in the Greater Sochi area is the beach of the recently opened Imereti Beach Club. Bulk sand there. The beach is quite extensive, with new tourist infrastructure. On the beach, in addition to sun loungers with umbrellas, there is a cafe, sports grounds, playgrounds for children. This beach is paid even for guests of nearby hotels. Entrance fee from 200 to 400 rubles per day. The beach club is located with a large complex of the Imeretinsky apart-hotel, the prices in which are very humane, taking into account the infrastructure and service provided. Hotel guests receive a discount when visiting the Beach Club. But you need to know that the beach is not right on the seashore, but through the sidewalk-embankment, that is, the sand was poured not on the shore with pebbles, but 10 meters from it.

Imereti Beach Club

Imereti Beach Club

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Sandy beaches of the Krasnodar Territory with gray sand

Gray sand beaches begin on the Black Sea coast, approximately in the Gelendzhik region, and there are more and more of them as you approach Sochi. These are mainly small islets and sand spits, but sometimes the beach itself and entry into the water and the bottom of the sea mainly consist of gray sand interspersed with dark pebbles.

Beaches in Divnomorsk

The central beach of Divnomorsk is covered with pebbles mixed with sand. This is the most popular and longest beach in the area, along with the main promenade. Along the almost kilometer long beach you can find changing rooms, equipment rental and entertainment, that is, all the standard tourist infrastructure is here. The peculiarity of the beach is the rapid increase in the depth of the sea.

On the beaches of the Black Sea Fleet, Energetik and Golubaya Dal sanatoriums there is also sand and pebbles, but the latter is even larger. Here you can see verandas with sunbeds hanging over the beach, however, they are primarily for guests of sanatoriums. Entrance to the beaches is free for everyone, there is infrastructure, but there are a lot of people during the season..

In Divnomorskoye, near the river bank, not far from its confluence with the sea, there is a new and modern hotel Komilfo. One of the largest boarding houses Divnomorskoye, Primorsky, is also located near the sea.

Beach in Krinitsa

The entry into the sea on coarse dense sand is at the beach of the children's sanatorium Krinitsa, which is located at the mouth of the Pshada River. The rest of the beach is covered with medium and small pebbles. The depth of the sea is growing rapidly, already at the coast it is quite deep. But the beach and water in the sea are very clean here. There is little entertainment for children and adults on the beach, there are cafes and small shops. There is also gray sand with pebbles on the Central Beach of Krinitsa. From housing - mainly the private sector. Not far from the beach of Krinitsa there is a nice and new guest house Lastochkino Gnezdo.

Beach in Krinitsa

Beach in Krinitsa

Beach in Arkhipo-Osipovka

The central beach of Arkhipo-Osipovka and the beach separated from it by the Vulan River are sandy and pebble, but the pebbles are not large. The entry into the sea is gentle and comfortable. This is a good place for a family beach holiday: there are awnings giving shade, sun loungers with umbrellas, showers and toilets and other beach tourist infrastructure. The water can be approached by wooden decks, and the bottom is gently sloping and sandy. One of the good hotels near the Central Beach of Arkhipo-Osipovka is Oasis. It has a large area, swimming pools and nice original interiors..

Inal Bay Beach

Behind the village of Inal, in the direction of Sochi, there are sections of the beach with rather light gray-yellow fine sand and with a sandy entry into the sea. This place is not crowded, there are almost wild sections of the beach, but at the same time closer to the village, near the recreation centers there is some beach infrastructure: umbrellas, sun awnings, sun loungers for rent, a cafe nearby. From the recreation centers to the beach you have to go down the mountain. The wilder part is located in the Inal Bay campsite area. Overall, it is a picturesque and quiet place to stay. In the area of ​​the bay there is an Autocamping on Pervom.

Beach in Novomikhaylovsky

There is sand mixed with small pebbles on the Central beach of Novomikhaislovsky and on the beach of the Primorskaya tourist center. The wide and long Central beach of Novomikhailovsky - with a convenient smooth entrance to the sea, well-developed infrastructure and an embankment. On the beach of the Primorskaya tourist center, sand is present in the form of islands, mostly covered with small pebbles. The entrance to the water is convenient, with a rapid increase in depth. There is an infrastructure necessary for a tourist. Popular hotels in Novomikhaylovsky: Hotel Del’ Mar in the village itself, Eko Dom in Plyakho and further north - Yug Alliance Hotel.

Tuapse beach

Gray-yellow sand with medium-sized pebbles can be seen on the Central Beach of Tuapse. Here entry into the sea is smooth. The beach has good infrastructure, all possible attractions and entertainment, there are many cafes and restaurants, shops and a market nearby. The beach is wide, quite spacious. The best rated hotels in Tuapse are the Kalinin 13 guest house, the Rus hotel and the Jennet mini-hotel complex. True, they are not all on the seashore.

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The bottom of the sea in the Shepsi area, near some of the beaches, is almost completely sandy. When entering the water, gray sand, interspersed with small pebbles, is found, for example, on the beach of the Shepsi boarding house and on the Shepsi Central Beach. But the beach itself is covered with small and medium pebbles. The entry into the water on these beaches is very gentle and even, the width of the beaches is not very large, and the infrastructure is quite standard: awnings for shade, cafes, beach activities for children, showers and beach equipment rental.

Beaches between Tuapse and Lazarevsky

On the Magri beach there is a plot with a sandy entrance, a smooth and gentle entrance to the sea. The sea is shallow for quite a long time, so it is a very convenient place for swimming with children. Also sand near the water can be found on the Vishnevki beach. True, it will be interspersed with pebbles. The infrastructure on the beaches is quite standard. In the vicinity of Magri beach there is a budget option for recreation - the Lunnaya Polyana recreation center. In the Vishnevka area there is a good Pension «Lad». New and modern, impressive place.

Lazarevsky beaches

On the beaches of Lazarevskoye, there is quite a bit of sand; there are sandy islets and stripes in the area of ​​Flamingo, Svirsky beaches, and the Lazarevskoye and Odyssey sanatoriums. But here we can rather talk about strips of sand far from the water, and in the surf it will be small pebbles. And the sand, as in the whole area, is gray in color. This is how most of the beaches in the area look like. The most popular hotels in the area, close to the sea and beaches, are the Zarya Guest House, the very good Bristol Hotel and Villa More. The last two hotels are in my a selection of hotels in Lazarevskoye, there you can see other options for good places to stay.

Volkonka and Solonikov beaches

On the wide and long beaches of Volkonka and Solonikov, there are places with gray sand, otherwise they are covered with small pebbles. The Solonikov beach with a small promenade, a market and a cafe, there are also beach activities, from the attractions - a pool with natural blue clay right on the beach. An inexpensive guest house in Soloniki can be viewed here. Volkonka beach is wide and not crowded, rather deserted, there is not a lot of entertainment and infrastructure on it. Not a bad place to stay in Volkonka, with an intriguing name - Camping «Paradise corner».

Beach in Golovinka

The central beach is a mixture of sand and small pebbles, all gray. The beach of the Cote d'Azur resort looks about the same. To a lesser extent, the sandy component is expressed on the beaches of Rybalka in Yakornaya Shchel and Chemitokvadzha. The best rated hotel near the Central Beach - Guest Dvor Parus.

Vardane beach

There is also some sand on the Vardane Central Beach. However, in fairly homeopathic doses. But the beach is well equipped, with a lot of entertainment for children and adults, there are shops, cafes. Regular beach infrastructure such as umbrellas and sun loungers. Nearby there is a fairly budgetary recreation center Tour service, where you can stay.

Sochi beaches

Directly in the resort city of Sochi with sandy beaches is also not very abundant. Small strips and islets of sand can be found on the beach of the Oktyabrsky sanatorium, the beaches of Albatros, Riviera (closest to the beach and with a good rating - apartments on Nessebar) and on the city beach of Maly Akhun. But in all cases, the sand is quite small, it is often located not near the water, but behind a strip of pebbles, far from the sea and has a dark gray color, mixed with small pebbles.

I have a blog article with an overview of good and inexpensive hotels in Sochi, on it you can navigate what options there are with a high rating of guests and not far from the beach.

Central beach in Sochi

Central beach in Sochi

Beaches in the vicinity of Khosta and Kudepsta

Sand strips can be found on the Central City Beach of Khosta. The Khosta hotel is located next to it. There the sand even has some yellowish tint and there is quite a lot of it in relation to the pebbles. The beach of the Volna sanatorium is also partially covered with brownish sand. On the beach of the Kristall boarding house, sand is interspersed with large boulders and strips of small pebbles. The beach of the Khosta sanatorium and the Central beach of Kudepsta are also partially covered with sand. The Prestige Hotel is located near the Central Beach of Kudepsta.

Adler beaches

There are no completely sandy beaches in the Adler area. If sand is found here and there, it does not completely cover the beach, but forms stripes and islands. At the same time, the color of the sand is gray, rather dark, not yellow. Adler's beaches, where sand is more or less found, are primarily Prestige and South. It is also the beach of the Adler sanatorium, Ogonyok beach (next to it there is a hotel with good reviews - Lazur Beach Hotel), Chaika and Zhemchuzhina, on which the Adelphia hotel is located. All these beaches have sand strips not only a few meters from the sea, at some distance from the surf, but precisely when entering the water. Therefore, they can be called partially or conditionally sandy. Adler's beaches have a good and developed tourist infrastructure: sun loungers, beach umbrellas, changing cabins, cafes, attractions and entertainment, equipment rental, etc..

If you need to find your way around where it is better to live, you can look at my blog a selection of good and inexpensive hotels in Adler.

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Beaches map

Sandy beaches of the Black Sea

Sandy beaches of the Black Sea:

P.S. Some beaches may not be accurate. Therefore, we will be glad to receive your additions and corrections..