Crimea route "Through the mountains to the sea" + tips and maps

I would like to tell at once about several tourist routes of Crimea, but so far we have passed only two. Therefore, the information will only be about them and about those points that should be taken into account when preparing for the trip. Hopefully, those who go for the first time will find this post useful. Experienced people are unlikely to find something interesting for themselves, especially since I do not pretend for anything, I prefer to go on light hikes and am not an avid hiker. If you have any questions, ask.

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Crimea route "Through the mountains to the sea" + tips and maps

Crimea route "Through the mountains to the sea" + tips and maps

Crimea route "Through the mountains to the sea" + tips and maps

Crimea route "Through the mountains to the sea" + tips and maps

Route through the mountains to the sea

So, we went in the summer of 2010 to hiking in Crimea (the link for a detailed report on the trip), in the so-called «across the mountains to the sea». Although, maybe its official name is different, we christened it that way, because it reflects its essence.

The only mistake was that we rode out there in one place, and spent the night on the Sualtan River, although we had to go further. The paths were clearly not traced there, but it is our own fault that we wanted to cut. It's better not to do this without GPS..

Path length: About 60 km, day trips - as you like. We passed it slowly in 7 days, you can go through it in 4-5.

The thread of the route: Tankovoye - Mangup (spring) - t / s Istoki (spring) - lane. Bechku - t / s Ai-Dimitriya (spring) - t / s Tea House - t / s Silver Streams (spring) - t / s Grand Canyon (river) - t / s B (river) - t / s Bash-Dere (river) - Ai-petri - by minibus to Yalta.

Map of the tourist route in Crimea

Route through Tyrke Yayla and Karabi Yayla

In the summer of 2012, we also went hiking in the mountains of Crimea. This time it ran along the Black Sea coast and we periodically saw the sea in the open area. In the end, we still, of course, went to sea, so it can be called the same way - across the mountains to the sea. Moreover, we literally reached the sea on foot and without transport. But the last 5 km, this is just a gentle dirt road, which is not of particular interest, well, maybe except that there are vine plantations everywhere.

This route is also good because it has a minimal likelihood of meeting with foresters, since these places are not very popular.

Route thread: with. Perevalnoe (Kurlyuk Su river) - motor vehicle Kurlyuk Bash - motor vehicle Vostochny Suat - motor vehicle Ai Aleksiy - motor vehicle Chigenitra - Rybachye.

Length of the path: About 35 km, day trips are optional, but it is easier to focus on the tourist camps (t / s), because there are springs there. Although they meet a couple of times on their own. We passed in 5 days with a radial exit, but it is really possible to pass in 2-3 days.

Map of the tourist route Kurluk Su - Tyrke - Karabi - Rybachye

Map of the tourist route Kurluk Su - Tyrke - Karabi - Rybachye

What to consider when going on a hike in Crimea

There are many more moments, but this is what is our personal experience. Read first, how to get to the Crimean peninsula, described all the ways.

  • Officially, before hiking in Crimea, you must register with the KSS (Control and Rescue Service), provide them with a route thread and pay for all overnight stays, as well as transitions between them, if required. You can find out about which parking lots and transitions are paid on the site of laziness. In fact - it is not necessary to register and pay too.
  • Also, before the hike, it makes sense to find out what is the fire hazard situation in the region. Firstly, you will not be registered if you want to do this, and secondly, in the areas marked by the red ones, you can run into foresters and get fined. And from a purely human point of view, it is better to refrain from visiting the Crimean forests at this time..
  • Please note that a large number of «Ostapov Benderov», who can try to cheat you for money. Therefore, from the link above, read exactly where and what you have to pay for..
  • To reduce the risk of hitting the money, it is best to go through the payable spots either early in the morning or in the evening. It is also better to shoot early in the morning from the places of the overnight stay, in order to avoid unnecessary questions. For example, you cannot officially spend the night on Mangup-kala, so it is better not to intersect with those who take tourists there in UAZs..
  • Officially, overnight stays can be carried out only at tourist camps (there is a list), in fact - almost everywhere. And if anyone asks, say that we spent the night on a t / s such and such. If they demand money, then you can pay for one day, saying that it is the last. But it is better not to spend the night outside the tourist camps on the territory of the reserve..
  • Tourist parking (t / s) are trampled glades with bonfires. This I mean that there, as a rule, there are no shops, accommodation and other services. An exception is parking near the tracks, or next to the houses of the foresters, where there is something edible. There is often a spring in the parking lot.
  • Do not try to make a fire on the territory of the reserve outside the tourist camps, not only because of the large fine, but also because of the frequent fires in Crimea. The best option is to use a gas burner. And in a fire-hazardous season, it's better to do without a fire at all..
  • There are few rivers in the Crimea and they often dry up. In addition, hiking trails rarely run along them, and therefore it is necessary to have an adequate supply of water until the next spring. And also plan the route of the hike so that it ends at the tourist parking where there is a spring.
  • In order to go on a hike, it is enough to have a map of the area on a scale of 1 cm - 500 m with the marked tourist routes of the Crimea and a compass. If possible, then you can grab the GPS. It should be noted that the map of Crimea was made on the basis of a 30-year-old military map, therefore, some dirt roads may no longer exist, so it is best to plot your route along tourist trails that are highlighted in color on the map, and not along dirt roads..
  • If you forgot something for the hike (list of things for the hike), then there is a good tourist shop Vertical (Lenin Blvd, 14/2) next to the railway station in Simferopol. There you can buy a mountain atlas for the Crimea, gas cylinders, and, in principle, any equipment. Walk literally 5 minutes.
  • Regular buses in Crimea are quite budgetary, and they run quite often, so you can use it in the main directions. And in those directions where trolleybuses go (Yalta-Simferopol, Alushta-Simferopol), it is better to ride them, they are often air-conditioned and at the same time even cheaper than buses.

P.S. Good hikes in the mountains along any routes of the Crimea! And please take the trash with you if possible.!