Separation of email subscriptions and a group in VK about Egor

Remember, I once said that I want to divide my blog into two parts, personal or travel? So, for a long time I thought about it a lot, and in the end I came to a rather trivial option - to split the subscription first and see what comes of it. And then it's up to you to decide whether you need to make a separate site or not. And just if you split the subscription, that is, the readership base, then you can send a post announcement from any domain to the mailing list..

In addition, we made a separate group in Vkontakte Egor Life, dedicated to Egor and the topic «Special children». That is, this direction will also be separated there. Accordingly, all other posts (Tai, travel, blogging, all sorts of thoughts) will be broadcast to the old Blog group. In RSS, LJ, Facebook and Twitter everything will remain the same.

The content of the article

What for

In general, this idea has been hovering for a long time. Previously, we just traveled and lived for our own pleasure, what is there to share. But it all started with the appearance of Yegor. There are more topics that concern us more than others, and now these are by no means travel, they have faded into the background. And, if once I wanted to necessarily go around the whole of Asia and Europe, now I am more concerned about other things, including constantly looking for options for how to live on with our situation (occupations, countries, earnings, time, etc.).

Thus, as they say, everyone mixed up in a bunch, but I just don't have enough time for several sites on each topic 🙂 Therefore, I decided to separate the topic «Special children», so as not to bother those who are not particularly interested in it. In my opinion, it will be much more convenient. Whoever wanted to read everything - he will read everything, who did not want to - he now has a choice. Moreover, we are going to write about Egor more often, and this is somewhat inappropriate for general mailing..

The division does not mean at all that there will be no articles about travel (Thailand), no. Where am I without trips, it won't be me at all. Moreover, we are here, and we are going to go to China, and to Evpatoria, and we will visit Taia sometimes, and they invited us to visit Bali ... Yes, some of the trips are related to rehabilitation, but I will still (will) get out, as this time in Poland, went to Slovakia and in concentration camp Auschwitz, and Daria to the Majdanek concentration camp.

But of course, we were not like a travel blog with «daily round the world», so we will not. Maybe later 🙂 Especially if Daria will write about Yegor more often, then I will be doing more travel. In general, I would like her to lead this direction, but she has even less time than me, although I, too, will not post the entire article about credit cards and ladders of deposits, I have promised for a long time.

How to subscribe

So, we are talking about email newsletters. Anyone who is satisfied with the current mailing by mail can do nothing, it will work as before. For those who would like to receive letters only with announcements on selected topics, they need to re-subscribe..

First go to your inbox and find the latest announcement email (it comes from Click there at the very end on «unsubscribe now». This will unsubscribe from the old general mailing list..

Then you need to go to our blog, click on the red button «Subscribe to» on the top right, and in the window that opens, put a checkmark on the selected topics. Then enter your email and then follow the instructions. Do not forget to activate your subscription - you will receive an email with this request. After that you will be subscribed to selected topics.



Group in VK about Egor

Separately, they also created a group about Yegor, where posts about him and about everything related to special children will go. Since the most activity we got was on Vkontakte, there it was necessary to do it first of all. I want to say right away that in this group we will organize a collection for rehabilitation a little later (that is, there will be such a thing), so the group is formalized according to some rules (documents, photos from rehabilitation, etc.).

P.S. Something like this. All news for today. Soon to Moscow and there to think where we will move further.