The trip to Turkey took place. Flew away!

Now I'm in Turkey already ... I bask in the sun and climb around the neighborhood.

We do not want a banal rest at the resort absolutely, so we have planned a tourist trip to Turkey, namely a hitchhiking route across Turkey. Well, or partly by buses, wherever it goes. Accordingly, first, on a cheap tour to Turkey, we are on the coast for 3-4 days, and then we go through Cappadocia to Istanbul, from where we fly to Russia. Although everything may still change, anything can happen.

The idea of ​​a tourist trip to Turkey came up in April. Everything went well, there was an opportunity, a companion appeared, but they could not agree on the dates. So I then left for Caucasus. But the idea was not abandoned, and in May we finally managed to agree on everything, find a hot tour to Kemer, and get out of Moscow.

I swear on my oath upon arrival to please the readers of my blog with interesting stories about a tourist trip to Turkey and photos.

Here is an approximate route in Turkey:
Moscow-Antalya-Silifke-Tarsus-Cappadocia (Nevshikhir) -Ankara-Istanbul-Krasnodar-Moscow

Route in Turkey.

Route in Turkey.

And what came out of this venture, read the announcement: Independently to Turkey.