Things steal our time - how to be saved?

For me, any New Year or Birthday is like another milestone in life, when I want to rethink something, put things in order in my head, and the most important thing at home is to thin things out and get rid of unnecessary things. After all, if a person has order at home, then he has order in his head, and vice versa. I don't know which comes first, a chicken or an egg, but it starts to weigh me down, if things are not in their place, or there are too many of them and I lose control over them, it is psychologically difficult. Similar desires with thinning arise after trips, because you come back from them a little differently, and the space just needs some adjustment for a new self..

I wanted to ask everyone if things are stealing your time? In theory, they should release it to us, but not take it away, yes?

The content of the article

Things are stealing time

The more I live, the more I notice that things sometimes complicate my life, although they were originally intended only to make it easier. This is mainly a waste of my time. Look at the layout.

Before you buy something, you need to read about it on the Internet, this is especially true of technology, because so much rubbish is sold, and without reading reviews, you can't. Moreover, buying a well-known brand and top model, you are not insured against anything at all. Then you need to go and buy, and if everything is simple with the equipment, you order in the online store and they will bring you, then in the case of clothes you have to go to several shopping centers and spend several hours looking for the right one, because you find a combination of functionality and external view is quite difficult, often there is only one thing, or appearance or functionality. And sometimes there is nothing at all 🙂

After the purchase, unfortunately, the waste of time does not end. For purchased clothes, you need a new wardrobe, because the old one is already full, and the wardrobe also requires a long time chain: reading reviews - finding what you need - buying - assembling. If the wardrobes do not fit into the housing, then buying a larger apartment is required. And the technique requires maintenance, because it has become too smart. I have to maintain 3 laptops, 3 smartphones, and 1 tablet (3 people: me, Daria and grandmother), besides all the other devices that require less attention. That is, 7 devices where periodically something glitches, freezes, or new applications need to be installed. Even vaunted macbook did not save me 100% of the hassle (from time to time I have to do something).

Things take up not only space, but ultimately time.

Things take up not only space, but ultimately time.

It seems that this is all. But no! Things go out of order, fashion changes, or something new appears and is now necessary, and as a result, the endless circle goes on and on, because it is human nature to constantly improve his comfort and equip his home. We all constantly change wardrobes, cars, equipment, make repairs in the apartment, build and rebuild a summer cottage. That is, the meaning of life is obtained in comfort and in the accumulation of things (economy), because it is for this that we work 8 hours a day, and for this we spend most of our life.

How to save your time

Saving money and things

The sadness is that I personally do not like this alignment. Looking back at my life, I just feel sorry for my wasted time. If once upon a time I could sit for hours and put various applications on my phone, or rearrange Windu, now it seems to me some kind of outrage against myself 🙂 Well, by God, it's boring. In the same way, I do not want to deal with a car (maintenance, oil, washing), arrangement of an apartment (new household items, repairs), and most of all I do not digest walking around shopping centers in search of clothes, this is the most trash. If it was my will, I would make clothes / shoes eternal, so that I never look for them and walk in the same for years.

Do you think the price decides? Also no. For a long time I have not set myself an obstacle in the form of price, and I prefer to buy things of higher quality (such as more expensive), but this does not help at all. Only occasionally, having bought something more expensive, you can only save time for searching, that's all. Anything takes time, anything at all. Only the rejection of something, as a rule, imposed, helps radically. No things = no problems = there is time = profit!

The most striking example is getting ready for the trip. I need about 15 minutes to get ready for a regular trip, and maybe 30 minutes to get ready for the winter in Thailand. I keep all my things in my head (I mean, I remember), and each thing performs a certain function, so I don't need to think about what to take, I always know this, even if you wake up at night. And since there are not many things, then it will not take long to collect them, I left them in a city backpack and it was ready. While Daria can get together for several days, thinking over some combinations, remembering what is in her closet, trying on clothes and thinking about what to choose.

I will share the simplest life hack related to clothes - to buy several identical sets of clothes / shoes at once. This simple idea has proven to be very effective! For example, you first buy some pants, wear them a little, and if everything suits you, then you need to immediately run to the store and buy 2-3 more exactly the same ones while this model is still on sale (usually it changes once a year or more often ). Thus, you can free yourself up time for several years in advance, and in the case of shoes in general, for 10 years, if you buy several pairs at once. Well, I think everyone knows about the fact that you can buy tourist clothes as more durable and functional. By the way, the Decathlon store is a good option, you can dress up very quickly and practically, inexpensive and functional things are sold there..

Life hack - when ordering online on the Decathlon website, but through the Letyshop cashback service, there will be a return of 2.5-5% for all goods. If you are not yet in the know, then they have delivery, so you can order everything for yourself at home. By the way, cashback can be returned in several hundred more stores, look through their catalog on the website.

Save time

Do not forget that the money spent on purchases is also time. Worked for a month = bought a MacBook, worked another = bought an iPhone, worked for a year = bought a car, worked for another year = made repairs. The chain can be continued, as I said, it is endless, it is worth completing one circle, the next begins. Identifying the purchase with the time spent, sometimes it is easier to decide whether it is needed, there may still be where to spend time, because time is a more valuable resource, since it is irreplaceable.

Therefore, you can save not only money, but also the time spent on uninteresting and essentially useless activities. I doubt that someone really likes to go for groceries, or hang around in a car service, going through MOT. On the other hand, it is not so easy to get rid of these activities, they have become an integral part of life, a part of the daily routine and everyday life. If this does not soar you at all, then this, of course, is great, I can only envy.

I want to find some balance! A balance, where even a part of life does not go to things and everyday life. So that I do not become a slave to things, serving them, and do not push my dreams or interesting things aside for later. So that looking back, it does not become insulting over the years. So that there is always a pleasant feeling inside that life is flowing correctly and I have nothing to regret at all. So that, asking myself every day what I would do if I have only a year of life left, I could answer myself that I would do everything the same as what I am doing now.

But no one says that there is no need to buy or spend money at all. Sometimes, on the contrary, it is even better to spend money and save time, although this concerns more services: let the car be repaired in a car service, the phone and the computer are set up by the computer specialists, the webmaster serves the sites, the housekeeper does the cleaning ... But again, the question is in the balance, because to pay for third-party services people need money, which is also earned at the expense of time.

P.S. How do you fight this whirlwind? And are you struggling? 🙂