Video: about the heading 365 + how we live in BKK

After our article Toys in Thailand, more precisely, not even an article, but a video in it, we thought, why don't we try to continue making small videos with us. Moreover, many told us about it that, they say, we liked the video, we want more. It will even be easier for us, because we simply do not have time to write articles about our news: Daria is busy with Egor, and I am fully occupied with Thailand. Video takes up much less energy if we are talking about simple videos. Of course, we will not be able to master travel videos with timeleps or serious editing yet ...

So, we will try to return the 365 heading, where there will be some small news about us, or other sketches, including in video format. If the video format works, then it will be the main one. About this, and how we live, see below..

P.S. Perhaps something else will emerge from what has already happened. Now I'm digging video archives, and there are a couple of interesting videos.