Airport in Algeria: scheme, photo. How to get to Algeria airport

Airport in Algeria

There are several airports in the country of Algeria, the main one being the capital airport located in the city of Algeria. The airport bears the name of the former president of the country, Huari Boumedienne. In addition, the airport is often referred to as the Dar el Beida airport - it is on the square with this name that the airport is located..
Algiers airport has two terminals - international and domestic. The terminal capacity is 6 and 2.5 million passengers per year, respectively. More than 4.3 million passengers are served here annually. Huari Boumedienne Airport has two runways, both 3500 meters long.
Flights are served by more than 25 airlines such as Air Algeria, Air France, Alitalia, Lufthansa, Tunisair and others.


The airport in Algeria is ready to provide its guests with all the necessary services that may be needed on the road. For hungry passengers, there are cafes on the territory of the terminals, which are always ready to feed their visitors.
There is also a small shopping area at the airport where you can buy various goods - souvenirs, gifts, groceries, etc. However, it should be said that the prices in stores are quite high compared to city ones, so the main purchases are best done in the city..
If necessary, passengers can seek medical help at the first-aid post or buy the necessary medicines at the pharmacy..
In addition, the airport offers business class tourists a separate waiting room with an increased level of comfort..
For passengers with children, there is a mother and child room in the terminal.
There are also companies that provide cars for rent at the airport, so those who like to travel on their own can easily rent a car..

How to get there

There are transport links from the airport to Algeria and other nearby cities. During the daytime, buses depart regularly from the airport to take passengers to the city center. The fare will be less than a dollar.
In addition, trains depart from the airport day and night: day trains go to Oran, Tlemcen and Esch-Shelif; and nightlife to Constantine and Annaba.
In addition, you can get to any point in the city by taxi, the fare will be about $ 10.

Algiers airport photos