Capital of the Bahamas: map, photo. What is the capital of the Bahamas?

Nassau - the capital of the Bahamas

Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is not as well known to tourists from Russia as to their American «colleagues», for whom rest is as natural as washing and brushing their teeth. The capital is located on the island of New Providence, has a very convenient, beautiful harbor and seaport. Holidays in the Bahamas are beach relaxation against the backdrop of beautiful natural landscapes and sports entertainment, vibrant nightlife and gatherings in cozy restaurants.

A city with history

The capital of the Bahamas got its name in honor of William III, one of the representatives of the Orange branch of the House of Nassau (Netherlands). And this despite the fact that the settlement was founded by the British, and its first name had purely English roots - Charlestown. The year of foundation is unknown, historians are inclined to think that, most likely, this is the middle of the 17th century, but everyone knows the year of renaming - 1695.

An interesting fact, although the settlement was organized by British colonists, later immigrants from the Netherlands settled here. The city was opened to a wide variety of personalities, including pirates of the Caribbean, legends say that it was here that the famous corsair, nicknamed «Blackbeard».

In addition, the Spaniards repeatedly tried to take possession of such a beautiful place, then the American revolutionaries, the Spaniards again, followed by the British, who ruled the islands until 1973, until the long-awaited freedom was obtained. Since the same year, Nassau is a real capital.

Colonial monuments

It is clear that the influence of colonists from Europe was not without, to this day material traces of their stay, luxurious architectural structures, complexes, squares and parks remain in the city. The most popular among tourists are the following objects: Royal Gardens; Parliament Square; Royal staircase.

The very beautiful name of the Royal Gardens is associated with the name of the British Queen Victoria; it is nothing more than a botanical garden. It is clear that the chic mild climate, good weather conditions are fertile ground for abundant growth and flowering of numerous representatives of the flora, including roses.

Despite such a serious name, Parliament Square has become a meeting place for couples in love. This square houses the government offices of the Bahamas, so during the day there are many civil servants and clerks, but in the evenings the square is filled with crowds of tourists..