Belgium airports - list of Belgium international airports

Airports in Belgium

Airports in Belgium

Visiting Belgium and tasting its famous chocolate is a great idea for a short getaway or vacation. Usually this country goes "in conjunction" with others on sightseeing tours in Europe, but Belgium airports allow you to take a solo voyage here..

Belgium international airports

Among the airports with such a status, the capital city is popular among the Russian tourists. In addition, you can get to the country by landing in other air ports:

  • The airport in Liege receives mainly cargo planes, but tourist charters often land on its field. TunisAir, Pegasus Airlines, Beiie Air, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium fly from this airport in Belgium. All details on the website -
  • Tourist charters are received and dispatched by the international air port of Ostend-Bruges. The city where the airport is located is located in the west of the country. Freebird Airlines, Jetairfly and Tunisair land in Bruges, flying to Antalya, Barcelona and Tunisia, respectively. The distance from the city center to the airport is just over 20 km. The official website of Ostend-Bruges Airport -
  • Kortrijk-Wevelgem Airport in the west receives aircraft from private companies. You can find out the possibilities of this air harbor on the website -
  • Belgium's international airport in Antwerp is the seat of CityJet and is used for some of Jetairfly's charter and regular flights to Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Rome, Alicante. While waiting for your flight at Antwerp Airport, you can visit the Aviation Museum, and transfers to the city are available by taxi or bus. Official site -

Metropolitan direction

Belgium's airport in the capital of the country is the most popular among travelers. It is located 8 km from the city center and is connected to it by an electric train and fixed-route taxis. Trains leave every 20 minutes and after a quarter of an hour, tourists arrive at Brussels Central Station.
You can fly to Belgium from Moscow every day from Sheremetyevo using the services of Aeroflot or Brussels Airlines. Travel time will be less than 4 hours.
The small town in which the capital's airport is located is called Zaventem. This country air gate was awarded the title of the best in Europe in 2005.
All airport facilities are located in a single terminal. There is a railway station on the ground floor, arrivals are on the second level, and departures are from the third floor of the terminal. Two piers in the departure hall separate the main passenger flows:

  • Planes depart from the gates of pier A to the countries of the European Union.
  • Pier B serves to send aircraft outside the Schengen area.

Wireless Internet is available free of charge for half an hour, after which you will have to buy the right to enter. Duty-free shops are located in various areas of the terminal, and those who wish to wait for a long connection are comfortably provided by a modern hotel opposite the entrance to the terminal building..
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  • Airports in Belgium
  • Airports in Belgium
  • Airports in Belgium