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Belgium Railways

Belgium Railways

Belgium is covered by a dense and extensive rail network. The railway service is operated by SNCB, which maintains an intense pace of passenger traffic.

Belgian railways converge at the main point of the country - Brussels. This city is considered the main railway junction of the state. The entire Belgian territory can be crossed in three hours. Brussels has three main stations through which almost all trains go: Brussel Zuid or the main station, Brussel Nord and Brussel Centraal.

What trains run in Belgium

Fast trains of the IR and IC type perform the lion's share of intercity flights. R-type trains are engaged in regional services. They also run between major settlements, making many stops. Night trains do not run inside Belgium. The country's railways stretch for 3233 km. Trains are considered the most comfortable way to travel across its territory. Having spent only 40 minutes, passengers get to Brussels from Antwerp, in 30 minutes - to Ghent. Trains run on schedule and are quiet and comfortable. All big cities are approached by fast electric trains, which are very cheap to travel..

Belgium plays the role of an important European transport interchange. From the capital of the country you can get by train to the Netherlands, France, Great Britain and Germany. The main hub between other states and cities is Brussels South Station. It is a small train station with excellent infrastructure..


Railway ticket prices in Belgium are considered moderate when Western European standards are taken into account. You can get from Brussels to Antwerp in 48 minutes, paying 7.5 euros (second class) and 11.5 euros (first class). Buying a ticket in advance does not affect its cost. Tourists who are going to travel around the country are recommended to use EuroDomino tickets. Its cost is 46 euros, and the validity period is three days. Discounts on train travel are available for seniors and students. To increase the popularity of Belgian railways, the government sponsors the rail sector.

The trains of local routes are regular, intercity and interregional. Ticket prices depend on the length of the journey. Passengers are offered discounted fares. The cost of the ticket can be calculated in advance by referring to the website of the National Railways Company of Belgium - www.b-rail.be. To travel to another country, it is recommended to book train tickets in advance to save money.


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