Cyprus airports - list of international airports in Cyprus

Airports of Cyprus

Airports of Cyprus

The beaches of the island of Aphrodite are loved by Russian tourists for their cleanliness, the cuisine for generous portions, and the weather for its particular softness and a huge number of sunny days. At the height of the season, Cyprus airports receive a large number of travelers arriving from Moscow on regular Aeroflot flights and charters. Travel time from the Russian capital to the Cypriot air harbors ranges from 3.5 to 4.5 hours, depending on the airline.

Cyprus International Airports

Divided into two parts, the island of Cyprus has three international airports to its credit, one of which is located on the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and the rest are operated by the Republic of Cyprus:

  • Ercan Airport, 13 km from Nicosia, is ready to share its schedule details and other important information with passengers on the website - The city where the airport is located is divided by a demarcation line and serves as the capital of both Cypriot republics.
  • The main airport of Cyprus in the southwest is the air harbor in Paphos. The airfield is only 6 km away from the city, however, and other Cypriot resorts are not too far from here - Limassol, for example, is located less than an hour's drive. Seasonal flights to Paphos are operated by S7 Airlines from Domodedovo, and regular flights from Vnukovo by Transaero. The list of services for passengers includes restaurants and banks, cafes and Duty Free shops, car rental and souvenir shops, currency exchange offices and lounges for parents with children. Transfer to the resorts is carried out by buses. The ticket price to Limassol is 10 euros for August 2015. It is easy to clarify the details on the website -
  • The most popular airport for Russian travelers is Cyprus, located 4 km southwest of Larnaca. The only terminal receives many flights from different countries, including Aeroflot planes. Additional information on the website -

Metropolitan direction

The capital's air harbor of the island is located on Turkish territory and is used by tourists who have come to rest in the resorts of Northern Cyprus. The airport appeared on the map of the island during the Second World War as a military airfield for the British army.
Air carriers from Turkey, Denmark, Belgium fly here, and the Turkish company Freebird Airlines flies to some European cities and capitals - Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Vienna and Zurich.

To beach resorts

Cyprus airport in Larnaca serves the eastern part of the republic and is the largest on the island. The only terminal has a departure area on the upper level and an arrivals hall on the lower.
For those wishing to rent a car, rental car offices are open in the passenger terminal. The cheapest transfer to the city is available on buses 417, 418, 419 and 425. Taxis are much more expensive. From Larnaca bus station you can get to the resorts of Limassol and Ayia Napa.


  • Airports of Cyprus
  • Airports of Cyprus