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Egyptian traditions

Egyptian traditions

Almost every Russian traveler has visited the ancient land of the pharaohs today. The purpose of the trip is usually the sea, the sun and a luxurious beach holiday, but the traditions of Egypt and the national customs of its inhabitants are of no less interest to the curious tourist..

Antiquity and modernity

The main religion of Egypt is Islam and it is the traditions of Islam that are fundamental for its inhabitants. Packing suitcases in the land of the pharaohs, it is important to remember the most important rules, the observance of which will help to spend your vacation in comfort and good mood:

  • Going on a city tour, you should choose closed clothes. It will help protect yourself from the scorching sun and not offend the feelings of believers if you need to appear in a mosque or any public place..
  • Do not take pictures of people without their consent. The traditions of Egypt and the entire Muslim world do not welcome photo shoots, especially for women.
  • Don't ask the Egyptians a lot of questions about loved ones or income. In a conversation, it is enough to wish the family of the interlocutor health.
  • Bargaining in Egypt is possible, but this rarely leads to a significant reduction in price. You can get a discount, but purely symbolic. It is important to observe politeness and dignity when dealing with a merchant.
  • Despite the fact that the country of the pharaohs is a fairly secular state, the traditions of Egypt do not welcome the use of alcoholic beverages in public places. A restaurant or cafe, but not a park bench or beach, are the areas allowed for moderate libations..

Best season

You can have a rest in Egypt at any time of the year, but when choosing a time for a trip, it is better to avoid the month of Ramadan. At this sacred time for all Muslims, most of even the official institutions are closed, some restaurants do not work, and the servants in hotels may not be too zealous to carry out their duties. Egyptian traditions prescribe to observe a strict fast at this time, and therefore the appearance in public places with food or drinks will seem disrespectful to the locals..
Some inconveniences can also be caused by daily prayers, which the faithful perform several times a day. At such moments, tourists run the risk of being left without the usual service, and therefore, when choosing a country for recreation, it is important to study its traditions and customs so as not to experience discomfort..
If such trifles are not too important for the traveler, then the traditions of Egypt and relaxation on its wonderful beaches will give an unforgettable experience for many years..


  • Egyptian traditions
  • Egyptian traditions