Streets of Marseille - photo, name. List of famous streets in Marseille

Streets of Marseille

Streets of Marseille

Marseille is one of the oldest and largest port cities in the entire Mediterranean. According to historical records, it was founded back in 600 BC. NS. Greeks from Asia Minor. Marseille has always been a wealthy and prosperous city that attracts travelers from all over the world. Even after the destruction by Caesar's troops, the city did not cease to exist and recovered quite quickly. The wars of the 20th century did not destroy it either, and now the streets of Marseille are still as attractive to travelers as they were centuries ago..

Rue Saint-Ferr ol

This street is perhaps the most interesting for those who love good shopping. The largest shopping centers of Marseille are located here, so it is better not to come here without a substantial amount of money, since the walk will turn into continuous torment. However, they don’t take money to just gaze, and a tour to the museum can be replaced by a walk here..

Avenue Saint Antoine

There are also large shopping centers here, only prices are slightly lower than on the main street. So knowledgeable tourists come here..

Les puces de marseille

This quarter is completely dedicated to one of the largest flea markets in the country. And although various trash is often sold here, very often there are rare antiques among it at ridiculous prices. So you also need to look here..

Le march aux poisson

A large quarter of the embankment, completely dedicated to the fish market. It opens at 7:30 and it is here that all nearby restaurants are purchased. The market is open literally 3-4 hours, so those who want to buy fresh seafood should get up early.

La Canebiere

It is useless to look for beautiful sights here, but after a leisurely stroll along La Canebiere you can contemplate almost all social strata of Marseille. On this crowded street you can meet workers, housewives, important gentlemen and ragged beggars. There are also shops for locals in abundance, where all goods are much cheaper than in tourist districts. Therefore, those who want to look at the true Marseille without any adornments, first of all, should hurry right here..

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  • Streets of Marseille
  • Streets of Marseille
  • Streets of Marseille