Paris in 5 days: where to go in Paris

Paris in 5 days

Paris in 5 days

The French capital is one of those rare cities that everyone, without exception, likes. Paris in 5 days is an opportunity not only to have time to see the main sights, but also a chance to taste the best dishes of local cuisine, which is not for nothing called "high".

Through the pages of the guide

The most important architectural and cultural values ​​of the French capital are difficult to list in one article. And yet they are unconditionally recommended for an indispensable visit:

  • The Louvre Museum, which contains the most unique masterpieces of world sculpture and painting. Among other worthy ones are La Gioconda and Venus de Milo.
  • The Eiffel Tower, without the delicate silhouette of which the panorama of Paris is impossible. She is loved and hated, but the immortal creation of the Eiffel is invariably present in the city's photos in every Paris travel guide..
  • Arc de Triomphe on the Place de la Star, where the Champs Elysees leads from the Louvre - the most expensive and sophisticated street in the world.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral, the protagonist of Hugo's immortal novel. A striking example of Gothic medieval architecture, Notre Dame has been a symbol of the capital of France for many centuries..

On the market day

Gourmets prefer to spend 5 days in Paris with special benefits for themselves. The city is famous for its markets and restaurants located on them. There are always the freshest products here, and each dish is distinguished by constant good quality and perfect execution..
The oldest covered market in Paris is called Enfant Rouge. At the time of Margaret of Navarre, there was an orphanage on its territory, whose pupils wore red dresses. Hence the name of the market, the modern look of which is always a pleasure for both Parisian housewives and guests of the city. Small restaurants with hot bread, live music and the freshest game pâté are open in the bright pavilions. In the tavern on Anfan Rouge, culinary performances are held in front of amazed visitors. Live fire becomes the main participant in the show and croissants, paella or ratatouille are prepared right on it from the hands of skilled chefs.

See Versailles and stay

Arriving in Paris for 5 days, the traveler gets an excellent chance to get acquainted with the countryside sights. Among them is invariably Versailles, which celebrated its 400th anniversary quite recently. In addition to the magnificent palace, which has collected magnificent paintings and other works of art in its halls, Versailles offers magnificent natural views framed by fountains and sculptures for the viewer's judgment. Modern reconstruction made it possible to obtain lighting and musical accompaniment for all the palace's outdoor activities.


  • Paris in 5 days
  • Paris in 5 days