Entertainment in Hamburg - photo. Amusement parks in Hamburg.

Things to do in Hamburg

Things to do in Hamburg

Entertainment in Hamburg is aimed at shopaholics, nature lovers, foodies, fans of cultural and nightlife.

Amusement parks in Hamburg

  • “Hamburger Dom”: in this amusement park you will find both harmless children's carousels and dizzying attractions such as roller coasters (there are about 300 different attractions in the park in total). It is worth noting that on Fridays after 22:00 you can admire the fireworks.
  • “Heide park”: at the disposal of the guests of this amusement park - 50 attractions, among which deserve special attention “Wild stream”, “Limit”, “Colossus”, “Giant cuttlefish”. In addition, here you can admire fantastic shows, in which clowns, magicians and various trained animals take part, ride a paddle steamer on the lake, take a mini-excursion on the Heide express train, ride on water rafts, spend time in the playground. zone “Lucky land”.
  • “Hansa Park”: its visitors will be offered a ride on the rides “Super waterfall”, “Flying shark”, “Petrel”. And while walking through the thematic zones, your child will be able to sit by the fire in the company of Indians, get into the country of treasure hunters and cowboys, find himself in Mexico, and explore distant galaxies on the attraction “Space scooter”, see the circus on the water.

What entertainment in Hamburg?

From nightlife, you should pay attention to the club “Cotton” (the institution pleases lovers of jazz and interesting entertainment programs) and “GrosseFreiheit 36” (this club is famous for its daily indie rock discos and occasional theme parties).

Do you consider yourself an extreme traveler? At your service - a seaplane or a balloon (for example, a company “Clipper Aviation”).

An interesting entertainment for lovers of vintage cars can be a visit to the automobile museum “Prototyp” - here they will be able to admire post-war racing cars and more modern models. In addition, here those who wish will be offered to look into the store, where you can get miniature models of racing cars..

Fun for kids in Hamburg

  • Tierpark Hagenbeck: This zoo in Hamburg offers a variety of performances for young and old guests. For example, on “Jungle nights” you can see a show starring elephants, horses, birds, acrobats.
  • Museum “Miniature wonderland”: be sure to drop in here with your children - any child will be happy to see whole continents with tunnels, roads, trains, streets, parks, stadiums made in a miniature format.

Visiting noisy discos, museums, zoo and planetarium, walks on the lake ... All this awaits you on your vacation in Hamburg.


  • Things to do in Hamburg
  • Things to do in Hamburg
  • Things to do in Hamburg