Indian cuisine: photos, dishes and recipes of Indian national cuisine

Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine is a variety of culinary traditions, recipes and dishes that differ from region to region.

National cuisine of India

Despite the fact that vegetarian dishes have become widespread in the country, poultry and lamb are used for the preparation of many traditional dishes. Wheat, rice, vegetables and legumes are equally important ingredients in Indian cuisine. Spices are the hallmark of Indian chefs: cooking is not complete without the use of cloves, saffron, ginger, nutmeg, asafoetida and others..

In North India, dishes are prepared mainly in a tandoor (clay oven): in this way, for example, lamb kebabs, lamb leg, and chicken pieces are prepared. Vegetable dishes are popular in Central India (lentil dumplings, vegetables in batter); in Western India - seafood in the form of lobsters, crabs, squid, which are fried or grilled (try “mailai” - shrimp curry with coconut). As for the cuisine of South India, for example, in Bengal, legumes are common (mung beans, chick peas, red lentils), and almost no meal is complete without chutney (a sauce made from fruits and vegetables with spices and sugar).

Popular Indian dishes:

  • “biryani” (Indian pilaf based on rice, chicken or lamb, in orange sauce);
  • “mahanwala” (chicken dish with butter sauce);
  • “dahi maach” (fish dish with curry, ginger and yogurt);
  • “dhal” (puree soup with coconut milk with curry, legumes and lemon juice).
  • “firni” (is a rice casserole with pistachios, raisins and almonds).

Where to taste the national cuisine?

Visitors to Indian restaurants should be aware that local dishes are divided into medium-hot, mild and spicy (if you are not interested in eating spicy dishes, please tell me when ordering “know spice”).

Delhi is worth a visit “Naivedyam” (the restaurant specializes in vegetarian Indian cuisine, where the meal usually starts with a traditional soup with pepper and other spices) or “Kandahar” (in this institution they offer to try real lamb samosa and attend concerts of traditional Indian music), and in Mumbai - “Leopold Cafe” (order here a stew of stews with seasonings served with rice; average bill is under $ 20) or “Trishna” (restaurant specializes in South Indian cuisine).

Cooking courses in India

In Delhi, you can learn how to cook lamb in a thick hot sauce while attending a cooking class at a restaurant “Chor Bizzare Restaurant” (before starting the meal, you will be offered to perform the ritual of washing your hands in a jug, and upon its completion - to thank Allah for the food).

Gourmets are encouraged to come to India during the International Food Festival “IFOWS” (Delhi, January).


  • Indian cuisine
  • Indian cuisine
  • Indian cuisine