Holidays in India in February: prices and weather. Where to relax in India in February

Holidays in India in February

Holidays in India in February

India is a real paradise for tourists and travelers, leaving a lot of double impressions. There is a clear line between rich and poor. Metropolises such as Mumbai, New Delhi and Bollywood are throwing the poor in rural areas into a stupor. Going on vacation to India, tourists will be able to appreciate the unusual local culture and religion and see the difference between segments of the population..
The cost of travel to India is relatively inexpensive. The largest amount you pay for the flight. The rest of the expenses, which include hotel, food, shopping, souvenirs, as well as sightseeing tours, will cost you a mere penny. Upon arrival in India, tourists will find a lot of discoveries, extravagant food, outlandish entertainment and much more..

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Holidays in India in February will be remembered if you book a tour of Goa and Rajasthan, because there are many festivals held there in winter. In addition, these provinces are some of the most beautiful parts of India. What are only the majestic temples and the famous Maharaj's Palace! Besides, Rajasthan has unusually interesting outfits. Connoisseurs of the art of clothing will be able to enjoy buying beautiful sarees and buying extravagant souvenirs for their relatives.
If you are a lover of outdoor activities, then by all means visit Jaisalmer - a fort city in the middle of the desert in February. It is notable for the fact that this month it hosts a three-day marathon of dance, music, competitions, exhibitions and all kinds of theatrical performances. In addition, tourists are encouraged to play polo and even compete in tug-of-war. Everything would be fine, but this entertainment is carried out here exclusively on camel riding.!
Another great place for outdoor activities will be a visit to the festival in Jaipur, where, during a procession of elephants, camels, dancers in bright Indian clothes, locals will greet the arrival of the monsoon. Praising the Indian goddess Parvati, women in this province don their finest outfits and liven up the streets with sonorous songs and energetic dances..
Going to Goa, you can enjoy the warm ocean to its fullest. Even in +30 heat it is comfortable here, because the sea breeze constantly blows. This place is a true paradise for yoga lovers. You can meditate right on the coast. In addition, Goa is famous for the frequent appearance of dolphins and huge turtles. Connoisseurs of architecture will be interested in ancient Portuguese castles from colonial India, and wildlife lovers will be interested in stunning waterfalls.
If you don't know where to spend a couple of weeks on your winter vacation, head to India. Here you can recharge yourself with positive emotions for the whole year, and also bring a lot of photos and souvenirs.

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