Prices in Venice - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Venice

Prices in Venice

Prices in Venice

Venice is considered the most beautiful and oldest city in Italy. It is located next to the Adriatic Sea and has preserved the architecture of the heyday of the Venetian Republic (XV-XVI centuries). Prices in Venice are high, so the rest there is associated with a lot of spending.


A weekly ticket to the famous Italian city with a flight from Moscow costs 38-60 thousand rubles (for two people). The tour price largely depends on the category of the hotel and on the set of additional services. Most hotels in Venice are close to attractions. Renting a room at the Olimpia Hotel, which is located in the historic center, costs from 6500 rubles per day. In Venice, housing, on average, costs 25-700 euros, depending on the location chosen. In hotels, tourists are offered free breakfasts.


It is best to book individual excursions. They provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the best sights of the city along a route that is convenient for a tourist. The cost of such excursions is high. Group excursions are cheaper. The sightseeing program includes a tour of St. Mark's Cathedral and the Doge's Palace. It lasts 2 hours and costs 30 euros.
In the summertime, the city is filled with a specific smell because of the buildings rotted from below. Tourists visit Venice to admire an unusual city and take a ride on gondolas. There is a well-maintained sandy beach, which is free of charge. It is located next to the Lido stop.

Transport in Venice

There are no buses, minibuses or trams in the city. Public transport is vaporettos, which run between the islands and move along the canals. You can also get to the opposite side of the canal by ferry. Such transport costs money, but walking in Venice is not very convenient..


There are not many good restaurants in Venice. In some places the prices are high and the dishes are second-rate. You can have a snack in a trattoria or cafe for 20-35 euros. It serves snacks, various salads, coffee and pizza. A lunch with traditional Italian dishes - pasta, polenta or risotto - costs at least 60 euros. In a restaurant in Venice, you will have to pay over 100 euros for lunch. The pastry shops sell ice cream at a cost of 5 euros or more. In all restaurants and cafes, tips should be left, the amount of which is 10% of the amount. In summer, the Venetian markets are overflowing with vegetables and fruits. Their prices are low. A full package of different fruits will cost 10 euros. The highest food prices were recorded in Piazza San Marco. A bottle of mineral water costs 3 euros there, while in other places in Venice it is offered for 25 cents..


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