Catania metro: diagram, description, photo. Catania metro maps

Catania metro: diagram, photo, description

Catania metro mapCatania metro map

One of the types of public transport in the Sicilian city is the Catania metro. It was opened in June 1999. This is one of the smallest metro in Europe and the world. Its only route is only 3.8 kilometers long. There are six stations on the line for the entry and exit of passengers, and about 1,600 people use the Catania metro services per day..
At the entrance to the Catania metro station, there is a corporate logo - a white letter "M" on a bright red background. Trains in the Catania metro system are coupled carriages. Four metro stations of the Italian city are underground, shallow, two more are built on the surface of the earth.
The existing metro stations in Catania are Borgo, Giuffrida, Italy, Galatea, the city's main station and Porto.
Borgo's terminus is named similarly to the commuter train station, which can be reached by metro. It is equipped with lifts for disabled passengers. Giuffrida station was named after Vincenzo Giuffrida and, like the others, is equipped with escalators and elevators. After reaching the Italia station, passengers can go to the city to the administrative buildings and the University of Catania. This station is located in the very center of the city, and therefore it is a destination for those who follow the court, the Ministry of Education or the Department of Health..
In the future, the second Catania metro line will depart from Galatea station, and therefore it will become a junction. The station at which the station is located is ground-based, and Porto has been reorganized from a commuter rail station. Today Porto is the terminus of Catania's only metro line, which is a ground-based station..

Catania metro opening hours

Catania Metro opens at 6 am and ends at 23.30.

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  • Catania metro mapCatania metro map
  • Catania metro: diagram, photo, description