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Treatment in Italy

Treatment in Italy

Italy is one of the few countries in the world where almost everyone, without exception, likes it. Here you can enjoy a comfortable beach vacation, have fun with profitable shopping and significantly enrich your inner world with dates with timeless historical values. And they also go to the Apennine Peninsula to improve their health, and treatment in Italy is possible not only at thermal healing springs, but also in clinics in large and small cities..

Important rules

Having a traveller's medical insurance policy, you can be sure that in any emergency situation the traveler will be provided with the necessary medical assistance. And then they compensate material costs in amounts corresponding to the type of insurance chosen.

EU citizens receive treatment in Italy under mutual medical agreements between the countries, and Italians themselves have an insurance policy that covers most of their medical expenses.

How do they help here?

Doctors in Italy see patients on a first-come, first-served basis, and appointments at a specific time are usually not made here. When choosing a treatment in Italy that requires surgery or a detailed examination, it is best to agree in advance with the clinic directly or with the help of a tour operator, so as not to waste extra time and money while waiting for an appointment..

Methods and achievements

Fans of relaxation in thermal resorts choose treatment in Italy, as the most appropriate for the optimal combination of "price-quality". Popular thermal clinics are open in the most touristic regions of the country:

  • The Veneto region in northeastern Italy is famous for its hotels in Abano Terme. This resort existed in ancient times, and today it is famous for the unique possibilities of thermal water in the treatment of neurological, otolaryngological and orthopedic pathologies..
  • The Fiuggi health resort in the Lazio region is a panacea for ills for urological patients. Mineral water from local springs dissolves and removes kidney stones and relieves the manifestations of gout and neurodermatitis of various etiologies.
  • The resort towns of Tuscany are famous for both curative mud and curative mineral waters. Baths and wraps in local clinics promote post-traumatic rehabilitation, restore postoperative patients and help get rid of many dermatological diseases..

Issue price

Treatment in Italy in resorts and clinics does not seem too cheap. You can buy tours to Italy with discounts by booking a trip in advance or "catching" a last minute ticket. It is best to leave a request with a travel agency so that professionals can help you find the best prices, terms and conditions..


  • Treatment in Italy
  • Treatment in Italy
  • Treatment in Italy