Attractions in Riga: photo, entertainment. Riga amusement parks

Attractions in Riga

Attractions in Riga

The capital of Latvia - Riga has always been one of the most famous and popular tourist cities in the entire Baltic region. Riga, perhaps, has managed to preserve the spirit of medieval Europe best of all, though? that this city may well be called a metropolis. As for entertainment, there are just a lot of them here. Numerous recreation parks, shopping and entertainment centers, playgrounds, water parks and attractions in Riga lure tourists, and any attempt to compile a clear list of the best places to visit is doomed to failure. After all, there is a possibility that there is simply not enough space to list all the interesting places..


As the name suggests, this place is best for families. On the territory of this amusement park there are more than 40 modern attractions designed for toddlers and older teens. In addition, theatrical performances, games, contests and other entertainment events are regularly held here. Open all year round, admission is free.

Adventure park «Forest cat»

A giant rope town, consisting of many trails of the most varied levels of difficulty. Initially, it was a training complex for physically strong people who are professionally interested in hiking and rock climbing, however, due to its popularity, this place was very quickly adapted to the needs of the general public..

Aquapark «Livu»

This water park is the real pride of the country, since it is the largest not only in the Baltics, but throughout Eastern Europe. Consists of indoor and outdoor areas. The latter works from June to August. Total water park «Livu» offers visitors: slides; water attractions; artificial beaches and swimming pools; reservoirs with artificial currents and waves; jacuzzi; playgrounds.

The main feature of this water park is a unique attraction, the island of fountains Chupa Chups. So it will be a real crime to visit Riga and not look into this water park. It also differs from the number of others in that, if you wish, you can even spend the night here. One berth will cost about 10-15 euros.

The ticket price for both adults and children ranges from 15 to 65 euros, depending on the season and length of stay in the water park. On weekdays it works from 12 to 22 hours, on Saturday from 11 to 22, and on Sunday from 11 to 21. More information can be found on the official website You can also book tickets there..

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  • Attractions in Riga
  • Attractions in Riga