Flag of Malaysia: photo, history, meaning of colors of the national flag of Malaysia

Malaysia flag

Malaysia flag

Officially approved in 1963, the national flag of Malaysia is named in its homeland. «Glorious striped». It highlights the country's sovereignty along with the Malaysian anthem and coat of arms..

Description and proportions of the flag of Malaysia

The rectangular cloth of the Malaysian flag has sides proportional to each other as 2: 1. The main field of the flag consists of horizontal stripes of red and white colors of equal width. There are fourteen stripes in total, the topmost one is red and the bottom one is white. The stripes symbolize the 13 states that make up the country and the government of the state.
The upper part of the cloth, closest to the shaft, equal in width to eight stripes, contains a dark blue canopy, in the field of which a fourteen-rayed star and a crescent moon covering it on the left are applied. The star and its rays remind Malaysians of the unity of the federal authorities with the 13 states of the country, and the crescent moon serves as an Islamic symbol. Most Malaysians are Muslim.
The red, blue and white colors of the banner are a tribute to friendly relations with Great Britain and a reminder of the past of the state that was a colony of the United Kingdom.

History of the flag of Malaysia

The creation of the Malaysian flag began in 1949, when a federal competition was announced for the best design of the state symbol. The victory was won by the architect Johor Mohammed bin Hamza, who worked at that time in the government of the country. The flag was based on the banner adopted for installation at the stern of all ships of the British East India Company. The flag of Great Britain was placed in its roof against the background of a striped red and white cloth..
The design of the flag was approved by George VI, and the banner was first raised over the ruler's palace in Kuala Lumpur in 1950. At that time, the number of stripes and rays of the star was less than in the modern version. There were fourteen of them in 1963, when the Federation of Malay added some more territories to its membership. Then the final version of the national flag of Malaysia was officially approved..
Own name «Glorious striped» the banner was appropriated in 1997, when at the celebration of the anniversary of the country's independence, its Prime Minister solemnly announced that the state symbol of Malaysia had a name.
The flag of the Malaysian Navy contains an image of the state in the canopy at the top of the flagstaff. The rest of the field of the flag of the country's navy is white, with a blue anchor with two crossed sabers applied to it in the lower right part.

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