Holidays in the Maldives in September: prices and weather. Where to relax in the Maldives in September

Holidays in the Maldives in September

Holidays in the Maldives in September

In the Maldives in September, you can enjoy a comfortable vacation, because the weather is favorable for this. You can enjoy warm and sunny days, gorgeous beaches, the ocean. However, be prepared for the fact that there may be a lot of tourists, because September is one of the best months to travel to the Maldives..

Weather in Maldives in September

During the day, the air warms up to +29 degrees, and the nights are also pleasing with warmth. The ocean temperature is +26 degrees. Be prepared for the fact that the southwest monsoons sometimes bring a little rain with them, which cannot be upsetting. Usually it rains at night, and the days are surprisingly warm. There can be about 120 millimeters of precipitation per month.

Weather conditions in the Maldives can be roughly divided into three periods: wagon (August 24 - September 6), utura (September 7 - 20), ata (September 21 - October 3). The former are characterized by weak wind and rare precipitation, and the latter period pleases with clean, clear weather. Based on this information, we can say that a vacation in the Maldives in September is best spent at the end of the month..

Holidays and festivals in the Maldives in September

In September, it is customary in the Maldives to celebrate Khuravi Day, which is a national holiday. Khuravi Day is celebrated in honor of Sultan Hassan, thanks to whom the liberation from South India took place. Sultan Hassan became one of the best Maldivian warriors, thanks to whom the state received a chance for its independent development. Khuravi Day is celebrated with a magnificent celebration, which includes folk songs and dances, the opportunity to taste national dishes.

How to spend time in the Maldives in September?

Holidays in the Maldives in September can really please, because the pastime will be interesting and rich.

  • You can visit the Khuravi Day holiday and get to know the local culture better, which will surely seem interesting.
  • You can enjoy long walks. While walking, there is an opportunity to discover the best sights of the Maldives.
  • A beach holiday is able to please with a stay on gorgeous sandy beaches and swimming in the warm ocean.

Do you want to enjoy your trip to the Maldives? So you should take the chance to go on vacation in September!

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  • Holidays in the Maldives in September
  • Holidays in the Maldives in September