Holidays in Poland in May: prices and weather. Where to relax in Poland in May

Holidays in Poland in May

Holidays in Poland in May

A country that has found a place in the center of Europe with access to the sea, its own mountains and a rich past can surprise any visitor. He may be confused by the wealth of offers..

Holidays in Poland in May may coincide with a rich excursion and educational program, outdoor recreation in the most beautiful places of the country.

Weather in May in Poland

The final spring month eloquently testifies to the imminent onset of warm days and the opening prospects for a beach holiday in Poland..

The average temperature background in Poland in May, according to long-term observations of local meteorologists, is + 15 ° C. It is clear that in the north and south of Poland, on the Baltic coast and in the Zakopane Tatras, the temperature can vary significantly.

Masurian Lake District

Millions of years ago, retreating glaciers left many of their tear-lakes on the territories of modern Poland. Ecological tourists will find a lot of interesting things in the region of the Masurian Lakes.

2000 lakes surrounded by protected forests, landscape parks leave impressions, breathtaking, and quivering memories. Supporters of loneliness and calm contemplation will find something to their liking. Active tourists-fidgets will also have a place to put their energy.

In the park «Belovezhskaya Pushcha», having a national status and covering the territory of several countries, you can see real relict forests and the most forest king of these places - a handsome bison.

May Day

Poles are not very fond of coming up with names for any holidays, they simply indicate the number when this or that event is celebrated. So the most important day in the life of the Polish state received the name, which can be translated as the National (or folk) holiday of the third of May.

On this day, in the most Catholic country of Europe, thanksgiving services are necessarily held. But besides this, a tourist can visit numerous concerts that take place not only in the halls, but also in the open air..

Liberation day

A tourist who arrived in Poland in early May will be lucky to take part in another important event - the celebration of the Liberation Day. The date of its holding is May 8. Features of the event - military parades, laying wreaths at memorials and military monuments.

Mothers Day

For a hundred years now, Poles have been celebrating Mother's Day on May 26. Family travel companies can join the celebration and present gifts and flowers to mothers traveling.

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  • Holidays in Poland in May
  • Holidays in Poland in May