Prices in Qatar - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Qatar

Prices in Qatar

Compared to other Middle Eastern countries, prices in Qatar are quite high: milk costs $ 1.6 / 1 l, apples - $ 2/1 kg, mineral water - $ 0.6 / 1.5 l, and lunch at a mid-level restaurant will cost you $ 22.

Shopping and souvenirs

In Qatar, you will find high-quality and inexpensive shopping: you can bargain in private stores and markets, and even in large stores where prices for goods are fixed, you can get a small discount..

In Doha stores, you can buy anything you want, except for alcoholic drinks and pork (such products can be bought in hotel stores or with a special permit in hand). For shopping, you can go to the Doha market, which is a collection of markets and shops. Advice: it is worth making friends with one of the merchants, then he will gladly tell you where to go to make a profitable trade deal. And for clothes of famous brands, you can go to the shopping mall “Landmark” or “Hyatt Plaza”.

As a souvenir of your vacation in Qatar, it is worth bringing:

  • carpets, tapestries, gold jewelry, embossed products, daggers, wooden boxes, bronze figurines, rosary, scrolls with Arabic script, hookahs, Arabic lamps, coffee pot “dal la”;
  • spices, herbs, dried fish, coffee, sweets.

In Qatar, you can buy spices from $ 3, jewelry - from $ 50, carpets - from $ 80.

Excursions and entertainment

On a tour of Doha, you will walk along the Corniche and also visit the equestrian club where you can admire the magnificent racehorses. On average, a tour costs about $ 30.

You should definitely visit the Sheikh Faisal Museum (here you will see over 3000 antiques collected since 1960). You will pay about $ 10 to enter the museum.

If you wish, you should go on a jeep safari in the Qatar desert. This excursion involves a stop at a Bedouin camp in the middle of the desert, in a tent with pillows, carpets and real Arab hospitality. If you are a fan of extreme sports, then after lunch you can go skiing or boarding on the sand. Alternatively, you will be taken to the Inland Sea for swimming and snorkeling. This full-day excursion will cost you $ 200 (with meals).


For travel by public transport, you will pay $ 1-1.2. If you decide to use a taxi, the trip within the city will cost you $ 0.1 / 200 m of the way, and outside the city - $ 0.2 / 200 m.

If you consider yourself to be an economical tourist, then on vacation in Qatar you will need $ 25 per day for 1 person. But if you are going to live in a more or less comfortable hotel, eat in good cafes and use taxi services, your expenses in Qatar will be about $ 65 per day for 1 person..