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Treatment in Thailand

Treatment in Thailand

The Land of Smiles is increasingly attracting the attention of tourists not only with its beach hotels and the wealth of exotic excursions. Today, treatment in Thailand is an equally popular destination among travelers all over the world, because the level of Thai medicine is one of the most progressive in the world, and the cost of services is an order of magnitude lower than American or German rates..

Important rules

When choosing a clinic for treatment in Thailand, it is important to familiarize yourself with the internal rules and the procedure for applying for medical services. The initial electronic appeal to the hospital's website should contain scanned results of available examinations and diagnostic procedures. For those who are going to turn to the plastic surgeons of the kingdom, high-quality photographs of a potential patient will not be superfluous..

How do they help here?

The main principles of treatment in Thailand are an integrated approach and a combination of traditional clinical medicine with folk traditions. Each minute of a patient's stay in a Thai clinic is filled with meaning and is subordinated to the implementation of a wellness program, selected in conjunction with the attending physician.

Methods and achievements

The kingdom's doctors and hospitals are in good standing not only in the Asian region. The degree of training of local specialists is considered one of the best in the world, and several clinics are deservedly accredited according to the JCI system, which serves as an authoritative indicator of their level..

The special achievements of the doctors of the Kingdom of Thailand have put local medicine on a par with the world's most advanced clinics in such areas as:

  • Plastic surgery. Hundreds of operations are performed every day in the country, from eyelid lifting to gender reassignment, which allowed doctors, as they say, to fill their hands and get excellent results..
  • Dentistry. Dental prosthetics programs and developments during treatment in Thailand are one of the most promising in the world.
  • Ophthalmology. Laser vision correction and other eye surgeries are the undisputed leaders among all medical procedures in the country's clinics.

Issue price

An uncomplicated childbirth in Thailand with a three-day hospital stay will cost about $ 2000, a basic examination of the body from $ 100 to $ 1300, depending on the chosen diagnostic methods. Prices for plastic surgery for breast augmentation or facelift are from $ 3500 to $ 7000, liposuction - $ 2500, abdominoplasty - $ 4200. Each dental implant will cost $ 1,700, about the same will be asked for the correction of myopia and astigmatism. Famous weight loss programs in Thailand cost from $ 250 per day to $ 4000 for the whole course.


  • Treatment in Thailand
  • Treatment in Thailand
  • Treatment in Thailand