Prices in Kemer - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Kemer

Prices in Kemer

Prices in Kemer

Kemer is one of the resorts in Turkey, which is located in the province of Antalya. It offers a great beach holiday, like all resorts in Antalya. Kemer is located in the subtropical zone and has picturesque landscapes. In terms of size, this city is inferior to Antalya, but its infrastructure is well developed. Prices in Kemer are affordable for middle-income tourists. Vacationers are happy to use the services of local hotels, boarding houses, rented apartments, restaurants and shops.

The beach season at the resort lasts from mid-spring to October. In summer, precipitation is rare, and clear weather pleases tourists every day. There are few attractions in Kemer itself. Therefore, one cannot do without excursions in the surrounding area. In the city, you can visit the Moonlight Park, where there is a beach, a dolphinarium, bars, pools and cafes. If you decide to travel outside Kemer, be sure to take a walk in the Olympos National Park.

What can be bought in Kemer

The most popular item in this resort is fashionable clothes. The malls have a wide range of clothing for the whole family. Tourists buy jeans, T-shirts, fur coats, knitwear, sheepskin coats and leather accessories in Kemer. It is possible to buy gold jewelry and branded goods here..

Where is the best place to buy clothes

It is best to visit Ataturk Boulevard, where there are a lot of good shops. If you are interested in fur and leather goods, then they should be purchased in branded boutiques. Stores selling leather goods offer a variety of fashionable novelties. There you can buy beautiful bags, backpacks, belts, wallets and accessories. If shops are not enough for you, visit the Kemeri market, where it is customary to bargain..

What are the prices in Kemer

When purchasing goods at the resort, keep all receipts until your departure from Turkey. Tax will be deducted from the purchase amount. The prices for clothes are quite low. But in some stores they are fixed. Therefore, sellers do not make discounts there. You can buy cheap clothes at the market in Kemer. If you actively bargain, the price will be cut in half. The cost of goods largely depends on their quality. Don't buy things that are too cheap. They may turn out to be Chinese, which are sold under the guise of Turkish. A quality leather jacket or sheepskin coat costs at least $ 500. The fur coat can be purchased for $ 400. But most of the products in this category are priced around $ 1,500 or more..

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