Holidays in Turkey with children - photos, resorts

Holidays in Turkey with children

Holidays in Turkey with children

Turkey has been and remains one of the priority destinations for summer vacations for Russian travelers, and neither currency fluctuations, nor the fear of air travel, nor language barriers can shake its deservedly won place on the podium of tourist honor. However, the last problem of her resorts concerns even less than today's Moscow, and every self-respecting seller in the oriental bazaar can no longer just call out the blonde Natasha by name, but also maintain small talk with her. And Russians also have a popular holiday in Turkey with children, who are shown the sea, the sun and a lot of positive emotions after a difficult school year..

 "Per" ...

Holidays with children or vacations always have a goal not only to relax, but also to improve the health of the child to the maximum before the next difficult academic and labor year. In this sense, holidays with children in Turkey have important advantages:

  • The flight to the resorts of the Turkish Mediterranean does not take much time and in 3.5 hours the child does not have time to get tired and bored.
  • Correctly chosen season allows babies to gain strength and positive energy without long acclimatization and harm to health..
  • Trips to Turkish beaches are still one of the most budgetary for Russians, and therefore even a family vacation will not be too expensive here..

...or "Against"?

As an argument "against", some citizens put forward dishes of Turkish restaurants that are difficult for the child's body to perceive. To this, experienced travelers may argue that the right hotel with a special children's menu can help to avoid any mistakes in nutrition..

Preparing properly

When choosing a time to relax in Turkey with children, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the climate. The swimming season with comfortable water and air temperatures here lasts from mid-May to early July. Then it gets too hot, but at the end of September with the onset of velvet autumn weather, you can safely fly to the Turkish Riviera again.
Your vacation will not require any special vaccinations, you just have to grab a standard set of traveler's medicines, so as not to waste time looking for a pharmacy, if necessary, lubricate your knee scratched in games.
It is important to remember about protection from ultraviolet radiation, because the sun in Turkey, especially in the afternoon, is very active.

Passwords, appearances, addresses

Almost all recreational areas are suitable for holidays in Turkey with children, but the most popular are Tekerov's small-pebble beaches in Kemer, Belek's shallow shoals, marked for purity by European Blue Flag certificates, and hotels in Lara and Kundu in Alanya with a sandy surf.
Side hotels are more suitable for trips with schoolchildren. The ruins of majestic ancient Roman temples in the vicinity will appeal to young history buffs.


  • Holidays in Turkey with children
  • Holidays in Turkey with children
  • Holidays in Turkey with children