Provinces of Great Britain: photo, map. Areas of Great Britain

Provinces of Great Britain

Provinces of Great Britain

Many tourists who dream of getting to the homeland of Sherlock Holmes and Sean Connery are not stopped by the difficulty of obtaining a visa and the rather high cost of vouchers. After all «quantity and quality» impressions will exceed all costs by several times.

Acquaintance with the oldest European monarchy, the famous English traditions of hunting and tea drinking, visiting pubs and traveling around the capital on the legendary red double-decker bus - and this is only a small part of the entertainment that tourists who have chosen the provinces of Great Britain can get..

Northern province

Outwardly restrained and so passionate Scotland will not leave indifferent any guest from abroad. The land of high mountains and transparent lakes, the sounds of bagpipes and plaid kilts of local guys, the spirit of antiquity and modern life - all this can be found in Scottish territory..

The dream of many is a trip to Loch Ness, which has given shelter to an extraordinary animal that most visitors to Scotland now dream of seeing. In the meantime, local residents have prepared exhibitions for their attention, telling about the history of the lake and its inhabitants. A sculpture of an inhabitant of the lake depths named Nessie is installed on the shore. The surroundings of the lake are no less picturesque; nearby are the ruins of the Scottish castle of Urhard.

Exceptionally beautiful

This definition was given to three districts of Wales, another English province. The first of them stretches along the coast of the Isle of Anglesey, where secluded coves interspersed with limestone cliffs, which allows you to gather in one place lovers of water sports and mountaineering.

The Lynn Coast received the same high praise, the seaside expanses of which are enjoyed by fans of surfing and windsurfing. Closes the top three of the beautiful leaders of the Gower Peninsula, which also gathers under its banners fans of active tourism on water, on land and in the air.

Everyone in the garden!

The UK has several national parks to its credit, and one of them received the prefix seaside. This place is called the Pembrokeshire Coast, there are many paths along the coast, walking along which the tourist at every step discovers the amazing world of English nature.

In the national botanical gardens, which are also located in Wales, collections of various plant species are collected, exotic heat-loving plants have perfectly taken root in the greenhouse.

Pictures of UK provinces

  • Provinces of Great Britain
  • Provinces of Great Britain
  • Provinces of Great Britain