Airport in Luhansk: scheme, photo. How to get to Luhansk airport

Airport in Luhansk

Airport in Luhansk

The international airport in Lugansk is located 20 kilometers south of the city center, and 9 kilometers from the village of Vidnoye. The airport is mainly used by Luhansk Airlines.

The airline has two runways: unpaved - 1.9 km long, and artificial, reinforced with asphalt concrete and 2.8 km long.

Until recently, the air harbor served regular flights to Moscow and Kiev, as well as seasonal charter flights to popular tourist countries..

Ukrainian air carriers Utair-Ukraine, UIA and Utair, Greek Astra Airlines were permanent employees of the airline, carrying out regular charter flights.

The passenger traffic of the Luhansk airport amounted to almost 200 thousand passengers a year, not counting freight and postage. However, since April 2014, all air services have been closed on the territory of the Luhansk region..


The date of the creation of the Luhansk airport falls on 1946, when the 285th aviation detachment of the Ukrainian USSR was formed, serving mainly the aviation of the Voroshilovgrad region.

After a number of reorganizations and renaming of the aviation unit in Lugansk in 1964, it became known as the Lugansk United Detachment of the Ukrainian Civil Aviation Directorate of the USSR Ministry of Aviation..

In the same 64th year, the construction of a new airport began. The work was carried out in the literal sense of the Stakhanov way. In a short time, a new runway, technical structures and hangars for servicing and refueling aircraft, a new terminal building were erected. Construction was completed in six months.

The dawn and establishment of the enterprise fell on the years of the existence of the Soviet Union. In those days, flights from Luhansk airport departed daily in more than 70 directions, more than 100 flights were made every day, and more than a thousand passengers were transported to different points of the Soviet Union.

The airline's runway received and dispatched aircraft of the YAK-40, AN-24, TU-154, IL-18, and TU-134 types on a daily basis. After the end of the existence of the USSR, the turnover of the enterprise decreased significantly.

Service and services

To date, due to the hostilities in Ukraine, the airport has stopped civilian traffic. Airport services are completely stopped. Whether the airline will continue its activities, and in what form it will be, one can only guess.

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  • Airport in Luhansk
  • Airport in Luhansk