Excursions in Lviv. Sightseeing tours in Lviv

Excursions in Lviv

Excursions in Lviv

Lviv is an ancient city, the history of which began thanks to Prince Danylo Galitsky. Currently, excursions in Lviv are popular, because they allow you to see the best sights and learn important events from a rich history..

Sightseeing tour

Lviv is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. Many sights are a real delight, despite the fact that the medieval city, built in the Gothic style, was completely destroyed in 1527. To date, an architectural complex dating back to the 16th century has been preserved in the old part. This ensemble is represented by buildings erected in the Renaissance style, and it is from it that all sightseeing tours in Lviv begin.

Attractions that can be seen during excursions

  1. Market Square.
    The main square of Lviv is Rynok Square, it is the complete opposite of Svoboda Avenue, Shevchenko Avenue, Mickiewicz Square, which was created in the 19th - early 19th centuries. Many tourists immediately go to the historical center of Lviv, because it has existed since the XIV - XIX centuries. Fires and builders changed the original appearance of the square, but its beauty is still admiring, allowing you to imagine what life was like several centuries ago..
  2. City hall.
    The Town Hall in Lviv is an administrative building located on Rynok Square. This landmark is recognized as one of the most important examples of Viennese classicism. The laying of the first stone of the town hall took place in 1827, and the construction lasted for five years (1830 - 1835). Since 1939, the building houses the Lviv City Council. Nowadays, from the observation deck of the tower, you can see a beautiful panorama of the city, but you will need to pay for the entrance..
  3. Black stone.
    The building was built in 1577 by the talented architect P. Krasovsky, trying to observe the best elements of the Renaissance style. In 1596, J. Lorentsovich became the owner of the house, who opened one of the first city pharmacies here and completed the third floor. The last, fourth, floor was built on in 1884. To decorate the facade and corner pilasters of the kamenitsa, hewn stone was used, which, due to the influence of time, turned black. This fact led to the fact that the building received its modern name. Many people admire the unusual color of the stone, the beautiful ornament and the unusual carving of the plot..
  4. Dominican monastery and cathedral.
    Among the sights of Lviv should be noted the Dominican monastery and the cathedral, built in the Baroque style. In the 1990s, the UGCC became the owner of the cathedral. The building houses the Museum of the History of Religion, whose activities began in 1972..
  5. Opera theatre.
    The construction of the opera house started in 1897. The building was erected according to the project developed by the talented architect Sigmund Gorgolevsky. The theater was opened in 1900. The building is distinguished by shapes and details that correspond to the Renaissance style, but also noticeable features of other styles. The theater is notable for its beautiful picturesque decor, numerous sculptures, stucco ornaments, gilding and marble. The decorative painting deserves attention, the forms of which correspond to the late classicism. The main façade is decorated with a figure of "Glory" with a palm branch, and on the sides there are figures symbolizing Tragedy and Comedy.

Lviv is a city that will change your idea of ​​ancient architecture!

Photos of excursions in Lviv

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