Children's camps in Svyatogorsk for the summer. Children's camps in Svyatogorsk 2015

Children's camps in Svyatogorsk

Children's camps in Svyatogorsk

Svyatogorsk is called “Switzerland in miniature”. This is an unusually beautiful corner of Donbass, where wonderful children's camps and health centers are located. Holidays there are accompanied by healthy procedures.

What are the advantages of rest in the camp

Children's camps in Svyatogorsk offer interesting programs designed for shifts lasting 21 days. During this period, each child is under the supervision of professional teachers..

Wellness and good rest at the same time is a great idea for a student who is tired after the school year. Svyatogorsk is perfect for this purpose. This is a picturesque place where there are all conditions for a good rest: a pleasant climate, excellent ecology, clean air, and a high level of service. Svyatogorsk is located between Donetsk and Kharkov regions. By its natural features, it surpasses other resorts in Ukraine.

There are many health resorts for children in the city and beyond. One of the best is considered the children's health center named after V.P. Chkalov. Children who have been there leave a lot of positive feedback. Every child receives attention and care. Along with wellness procedures, vacationers attend entertainment events. The wellness program usually lasts 21 days. Only qualified employees work in the camp, since the selection of personnel takes place on a competitive basis. On the territory of the children's health center there are sports grounds, football stadiums and a swimming pool. Much attention is paid to the active recreation of children. Specialists make up special programs that take into account the age characteristics of children.

Activities in the children's camp

Children can play football, volleyball, pioneer ball, aerobics, swimming, etc. Together with the teachers, they make excursions outside the camp. Counselors conduct contests, quizzes and other entertainment events. Proper nutrition is essential for the development of children. Children's camps in Svyatogorsk, as a rule, support five meals a day. Each child's diet contains fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products. Children have no time to get bored in health centers. Instructors and counselors offer fun programs that enable every child to discover their talents. Children attend hobby groups: dance, art, origami, theater, etc. In the camp, video and photo reports about interesting events are compiled. Thanks to this, parents always know how their children rest..

Photos of children's camps in Svyatogorsk

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